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If you’re interested in RVing but would have no need for a large living area, consider renting a campervan instead of a motorhome or trailer.

Campervans are an excellent choice for RVers who would like to enjoy the various benefits inherent to a vehicle with a smaller size profile (and one that is less complicated overall). A campervan is – as its name suggests – built on a van chassis and has no divide between the driving cab and the living area, but generally have several useful facilities built-in, such as kitchen equipment, a sleeping berth or two, and an area for washing up.

Advantages of a Campervan


As campervans are built on a van chassis and have a smaller size profile than most motorhomes overall, they are well-suited for situations that demand a more maneuverable vehicle. Campervans are therefore excellent if you’re looking to rent a vehicle that can take you along rough country roads (or even narrow urban streets!) with minimal fuss.

Hire Campervans: Cheap to Rent

Campervans are typically cheaper to rent than other, larger motorhome and trailer types, in part because they tend to be built with fewer and less luxurious living facilities. As an additional benefit to the cost-conscious RVer, campervans boast a better fuel economy than competitor categories.

More Intimate Experience

Because the driving cab is not separated from the living area, the experience of RVing in a campervan is a bit more intimate. As drivers are less separated from passengers, it is easier to engage in casual conversation and enjoy group company while driving. This is a great advantage for those looking to enjoy a “classic” road trip experience, where the driving itself is half the fun.

Can Carry Equipment

Campervans can be fitted with equipment on the roof of the vehicle, which not all motorhomes are suited for. As such, campervans are an excellent choice for those interested in bringing along recreational equipment like bikes and kayaks, among other things. In larger motorhomes, many RVers simply store their recreational equipment inside the motorhome itself, which may present new space concerns. Campervans, by contrast, need not use up valuable living area space.

Disadvantages of a Campervan

Living Space Limitations

Most campervans can seat up to 6 or 7 passengers, but can only sleep 2 or 3 at maximum capacity. This living space limitation means that campervans are not usually the ideal option for larger groups of RVers (unless the plan is to camp overnight for most of your trip, or unless you are willing to split the group for hotel overnight stays). Even if you limit your passenger count, campervans may be a bit uncomfortable for those who are used to going on trips in larger RVs.

Minimal Facilities

Campervan facilities have improved in recent times, with the baseline standard typically including some kitchen equipment (with sink), a washroom area, and a small living and sleeping area. These facilities can vary quite substantially, with many campervans lacking a toilet, and others lacking high-quality fittings. Campervans for rent featuring a complete set of facilities are likely to be cramped as well. If you are willing to go RVing with a less complete set of facilities, however, then a campervan may be the right choice!

Looking to Rent a VW Campervan?

The VW campervan is a classic with retro good looks and a long history of excellent service. Over the decades, VW campervans have become so popular that there are even unique festivals and magazines targeting RVers who love them!

In recent times, several different types of VW campervans have been introduced alongside the split screen camper, with various extras – some with more luxurious interiors, others with a pop-up top to allow for additional living space, and others with bay view window modifications – but they build on the core VW van chassis and design sensibility.

Though VW campervans tend to be somewhat more expensive than other campervan brands (since they are a classic that has been in-demand for decades, they tend to hold value well), RVing in one is a unique pleasure. Further, they are famously easy to find parts for and to repair, making them an excellent choice for a longer trip where mechanical issues are more likely.

Escape Campervans is a Popular Company

Escape is one of the most popular campervan brands in the United States, offering several models to suit a variety of RVers, with each sleeping at least 2 and up to 3 adults. Escape campervans each feature unique hand-painted artwork – no one campervan is the same as any other! Further, Escape caravans are consistently well-furnished, with all models featuring (at baseline) comfortable bedding, a stove, a sink, a fridge, and additional cooking equipment.

How to Find the Cheapest Campervan Rentals

To find the cheapest campervan rental listings, you should use the RVshare peer-to-peer rental platform. As prospective renters can browse and compare thousands of RV listings at any time, it is a much more efficient process for finding the cheapest deal on a campervan rental.

On RVshare, owners are connected directly with prospective renters, which offers great benefits to prospective renters on the platform. Being able to connect with an owner means that your rental can be further negotiated through direct communication if the price is a bit beyond your current budget – the owner may be willing to lower the price! Some owners may even be willing to throw in additional recreational equipment they have lying around, for a low additional rental price.

As RVshare owner listings are not business listings, you may also be able to find significantly discounted rates if you look hard enough. Some owners are not particularly interested in turning a profit and simply want to share their RV – at a low cost – with the world of interested RVers. If you haven’t found a campervan that fits within your budget, keep looking!