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East of Fresno, near the little town of Three Rivers, CA you’ll find the amazing Sequoia National Park. This park is home to the world’s largest trees (by volume): the giant sequoias, which sit near the chilly tops of the majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Because of its mountainous terrain, Sequoia is full of breathtaking views, gorgeous green valleys, and lovely, snowy white peaks. It’s also located just south of Kings Canyon National Park, making it easy to hit two incredible parks in one trip.

The weather in Sequoia National Park varies a lot by season and elevation, the latter of which changes dramatically throughout the park. The lower parts of the park are dry and hot in summer and mild in winter. Meanwhile, summers at high elevations are generally a lot cooler, with average high temperatures of around 75 degrees (F). In winter, the mid- and high-elevation areas are quite cold and receive a lot of snowfall, often causing certain areas of the park to be closed. These snows can actually happen well into March and sometimes even April.

There are plenty of scenic stops, gift shops, and small stores for essentials throughout the park. You’ll also find campgrounds and even some lodges and cabins scattered throughout the area. As far as visitor centers go, the park is home to a number of fabulous and educational stops that can really enhance the experience.

Those looking for in-park activities will be happy to learn that there is plenty to do in Sequoia National Park. As is the case with most national parks, hiking is probably the most popular activity. However, visitors can also choose to take part in skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, or horseback riding.

Scheduled hikes and talks with rangers are often on the schedule during the warmer months, and special events and festivals are held occasionally throughout the year. Finally, many also enjoy exploring the awesome Crystal Cave, which is open for tours from late May through late September.

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  • Spring 50s F
  • Summer 75 F
  • Fall 40-66 F
  • Winter 17-37 F
Location & Hours
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Park Info
  • Sequoia National Park Private Vehicle: $35
  • Sequoia National Park Motorcycle: $30
  • Sequoia National Park Per Person: $20
Sequoia National Park Hiking Trails

Sequoia National Park Hiking Trails

There are over 800 miles of hiking trails in Sequoia National Park. That’s a lot of walking! Of course, with that many miles to hike, there are plenty of scenery/terrain options to choose from. Additionally, it means you’ll easily be able to find a trail that suits your skill level just fine.

Since there are so many trails in this park, we decided to point out a few of our favorites for you below. (Want even more choices? Click here.)

Giant Forest and Lodgepole Area Trails

Grant Grove Area Trails

Foothills Area Trails

Things to do Outside Sequoia National Park

Things to do Outside Sequoia National Park

There’s no denying the fact that Sequoia National Park has a lot to do and see. That said, sometimes it’s nice to head back into town and enjoy a day of shopping or dining. You may even want to squeeze in a museum or some other sort of attraction.

Wondering where to go for such things? Below are some of our favorite things to do in the areas surrounding Sequoia National Park.




RV Resorts & Campsites near Sequoia National Park

There are plenty of lodging options for those who are planning a visit to Sequoia National Park. Whether you prefer to stay in the park itself or in the surrounding areas, there is something for you.

It is important to note that many of the campgrounds in the park cannot accommodate RVs. Additionally, not all of the Sequoia National Park campgrounds are open year-round, and none have full hookups.

Therefore, those who prefer to have water, electric, and sewer will need to look at private campgrounds outside of the park.

RV Resorts & Campsites near Sequoia National Park

Campgrounds Near Sequoia National Park

Find the Best Dumpstations Near Sequoia National Park

Find the Best Dumpstations Near Sequoia National Park

An unglamorous but necessary aspect of RVing? Dump stations. Knowing where the best dump stations are near you will allow for more ease and less stress in your travels. Dump stations are an easy and convenient way to clear waste from your RV. Use our guides to find dump stations on your route, so you can get back to the good stuff – exploring, relaxing, and making memories on the road.

Dumpstations Near Sequoia National Park

How to get to Sequoia National Park

How to get to Sequoia National Park

Of course, one of the best ways to visit Sequoia National Park is in an RV. Choosing this method of travel means seeing all the sights along the way and traveling at a much more leisurely pace. Additionally, it makes staying in the park easier and much more comfortable. Don’t have an RV of your own? You can always rent one. RV rentals are available all over the country, meaning finding one shouldn’t be difficult at all.

All that said, when planning, you will want to keep in mind that while this park does allow RVs, many of the in-park campgrounds restrict RVs to a certain length. Additionally, there are some areas of the park that are not RV-friendly, especially during the snowy winter months.

There’s only one entrance to Sequoia National Park. Luckily, getting to it is fairly straightforward, meaning you should have no trouble at all getting into the park. No matter where you’re coming from, you’ll want to make your way to CA-198 E. For most, this will mean first hopping onto CA-99 and taking exit 96. Once on CA-198 E, sit back and enjoy the drive. This road will lead you directly to the park gate to begin your adventure.

For those who must fly in, the Fresno Yosemite International Airport is usually the best bet. That said, Visalia Municipal Airport is actually closer, so depending on ticket prices and where you’re coming from, this airport could also make sense. It is also good to note that there are many other airports within a few hours’ drive of Sequoia National Park.