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Forest River RV Salem 29VBUD

Forest River RV Salem 29VBUD

2021 / Travel Trailer
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Sleeps 10
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53.8 miles from New Jersey
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Jayco Redhawk 25R

Jayco Redhawk 25R

2019 / Class C Motor Home
Sleeps 6
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15.2 miles from New Jersey
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Heartland Mallard 260

Heartland Mallard 260

2020 / Travel Trailer
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Sleeps 4
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3.2 miles from New Jersey
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Keystone RV Hideout 175bh

Keystone RV Hideout 175bh

2021 / Travel Trailer
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Sleeps 5
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15.9 miles from New Jersey
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Shasta RVs Shasta 18BH

Shasta RVs Shasta 18BH

2021 / Travel Trailer
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10.1 miles from New Jersey
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Top Three RV Rental Locations in New Jersey

Before you plan your trip through New Jersey, you will want to have a sense of the available RVs. What's available, the price range and the types of RVs you can rent will depend heavily on the areas you are looking at. The three most populated cities in New Jersey are Newark, Jersey City, and Paterson.

In Newark, available RV rentals have a starting price between $90 and $100 per night for campervans and travel trailers. The average price for rentals sits at around $250, as most of the available RVs are Class A and Class B motorhomes.

In Jersey City, most RV rentals have a starting price between $80 and $90 per night for campervans and travel trailers. Generally, the average price for rentals in this city is about $200. Available rentals are mostly campervans, although there are a handful of Class A and Class C motorhomes available as well.

In Paterson, RV rentals have a lower starting price range of $60 to $80 per night for travel trailers and campervans. The average price of the city's rentals tends to hover around $180, and the most common vehicles available are travel trailers, campervans, and Class C motorhomes.

New Jersey RV Rentals by City

Within the state of New Jersey, there are quite a few places that are worth exploring. There is Jersey City, which sits the width of the Hudson River away from New York City. With such proximity to one of the largest cities in the country, you will easily be able to find activities to enjoy and attractions to visit. Some of the most popular places to go within this city include Liberty State Park, Newport Centre, and the Liberty Science Center.

Sitting a short distance from Newark Bay on the other side of Jersey City, Newark is another city to consider. This city has a large focus on creative arts, as can be seen when visiting the Newark Museum of Art. Other attractions in this city include Branch Brook Park, the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and the Grammy Museum Experience Prudential Center.

Paterson, the third-largest city in New Jersey, has a different vibe than the others and offers a more nature-focused experience for those who choose to explore. Paterson is home to Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, the Lambert Castle, and the Paterson Museum. If you are interested in learning about history and seeing some of the greatest natural formations, Paterson should be on your list of places to visit while you are in this state.

Last, but most certainly not least, is Elizabeth. This city sits in the same area as Jersey City and Newark but is far enough away that it can offer a more relaxing experience for people who do not always enjoy the bustling city environment that the others have. Additionally, Elizabeth has attractions that can satisfy anyone's interests. Some of these places include Warinanco Park, the Liberty Hall Museum, and Boxwood Hall.

Best National Parks in New Jersey

Although New Jersey is home to quite a few state parks, it is not home to many national parks. Thankfully, there are still some parks that you can visit that aren't too far away from this state's biggest cities. For example, you can visit Morristown National Historic Park or the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve.

In Morristown National Historic Park, located in Morristown just over 20 miles west of Newark, any history buff will find quite a few areas to explore. From the Ford Mansion where George Washington lived to the Wick House where Major General Arthur St. Clair commanded Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War, there are numerous places in this park that hold historical importance to the country.

At the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve, you can focus more on nature. In 1978, U.S. Congress established this place as the country's very first National Reserve. It is home to over 1 million acres of forests, wetlands, and farmland. There are waterfront views, comfortable forest hikes, and exhibits to help people of all ages understand just how important this land is for protecting the ecosystem and how it set the precedent of national reserves for the rest of the country.

Popular State Parks in New Jersey

New Jersey has a considerable number of state parks. A handful of New Jersey State Parks includes Parvin State Park, Stephens State Park, Jenny Jump State Forest, Spruce Run Recreation Area, and Allaire State Park.

Another park to consider is Bass River State Park. The land that this park sits on was bought in 1905 by the state for public recreation. By 1930, a 67-acre lake had been finished and would be known as Lake Absegami, going on to become the center focus of the park. Nowadays, this protected area is a great place to enjoy water-based activities, find plants that you may not find elsewhere in the country, and discover numerous moth species that are considered rare and/or endangered.

Cheesequake State Park is one of the best parks to visit if you are interested in nature, ecosystems, and witnessing a transitional zone where two different ecosystems collide. Located near the middle of the state, this park is home to the ecosystem transition from the bustling urban northern portion of the state to the calmer, suburban southern end of the state. Some of the natural features of this park include both saltwater and freshwater marshes, white cedar swamps, and fishing lakes.

Swartswood State Park is another park that you may want to consider visiting. This park is on the site where glaciers would form during the prehistoric ice ages. It is home to countless fish species that career anglers and hobbyists alike enjoy trying to catch. During the winter months, other activities such as ice skating, sledding, and ice fishing are available.

Must-See Monuments and Landmarks in New Jersey

As one of the 13 original colonies that laid the foundation for what would become the United States, New Jersey is home to numerous historical monuments. This includes Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, which is often referred to as just The Hermitage. Additionally, the unique geographical features of New Jersey make it home to several natural landmarks that are worth visiting, including Palisades Interstate Park.

Another good example of a landmark that just about everyone near Jersey City would know is The Holland Tunnel. This tunnel runs underneath the famous Hudson River, connecting Jersey City to New York City. Both states' Port Authorities work together to maintain and manage the tunnel.

One monument that you will want to visit while in New Jersey is the High Point Monument. This monument is a tall pillar that stands on the very highest point of High Point State Park in the northernmost part of the state. As the name implies, it is the highest point of elevation within New Jersey, sitting at about 1,803 feet above sea level.

One final spot to consider is Great Falls of the Passaic, located near Paterson. This is a natural landmark that is home to waterfalls and the historical roots of Paterson itself. The falls are about 77 feet high and run off the Passaic River that passes through Paterson. These waterfalls are some of the largest in the entire country.

Popular RV Parks and Campgrounds in New Jersey

When visiting Jersey City, consider staying at Liberty Harbor RV Park, where you can relax in the comfort of your RV while also enjoying an urban atmosphere 15 minutes away from New York City. The park is close to public transportation, including the local light rail, trains, and ferries, and it's just beside the Liberty Harbor Marina in case you want to go boating during your stay. Amenities at this park include 50 RV sites with both water and electric hookups, dump stations, fully serviced restrooms with heated showers, and easy access to restaurants.

For those looking for a resort experience, Long Beach RV Resort may be the option for you. This RV park is home to over 225 RV sites. Amenities include both 30- and 50-amp hookups, water hookups, and sites that can accommodate 45-foot RVs. They are also a pet-friendly RV resort on a gated property with recycling, dump stations, full restrooms, showers and laundry facilities, a swimming pool, miniature golf, and sports areas.

RV Dump Stations in New Jersey

Other things to pay attention to when traveling through New Jersey are the locations of local dump stations. Because this state sees a lot of travel, there are quite a few dump stations that you will be able to rely on.

In Bloomsbury, just outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania, there is a dump station at TA-Petro Stopping Center, which also offers a horseshoe pit, pet area, RV servicing, overnight parking, food, and other amenities that can help you prepare for your long trip. It is located just off I-78 on Exit 7.

There is another TA-Petro Stopping Center located in Paulsboro, just south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This area has Amazon lockers, pet areas, service stations, food, and overnight parking, in addition to the dumping areas. Off I-295 at the Mt. Royal exit, you will be able to see the signs for this stop.

Upcoming Events in New Jersey

  • Warren County Hot Air Balloon Festival: For many people, hot air balloons are something they enjoy watching but haven't experienced up close. At the Warren County Hot Air Balloon Festival in Washington, New Jersey, you can play family-friendly games, take one-of-a-kind photo opportunities, and ride in a hot air balloon.
  • Leonia Oktoberfest: As with any classic Oktoberfest, this one features food trucks, beers, and live music and entertainment. Held in Leonia, this event celebrates the joys that come with Oktoberfest while also supporting New Jersey communities.
  • New Jersey State Fair: Hundreds of thousands of people look forward to state fairs, and the one hosted in Augusta, New Jersey, is no exception to this. Features of this state fair include various outdoor entertainment options for all members of the family, horse shows, petting zoos, cooking contests, and locally sourced fair foods.

State Parks Near New Jersey

RV Parks and Campgrounds Near New Jersey

Road Trips Starting from New Jersey

RV Storage Near New Jersey
North Jersey is an area that is very close to NYC, so many people like to travel to this part of the country and stay in a campground outside of the city. The weather in this region can get hot in the summer and cold in the winter, so if you don’t want to camp in the heat or cold, finding covered RV storage in North Jersey will be important. RV storage costs in North Jersey, NJ, are all reasonable, but you are going to need to find a location that accommodates the size of your RV. This list is designed to give you some options to consider in the area, and since storage needs differ for each individual, this list is not in a specific order.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Renting an RV Near New Jersey

How much does it cost to rent an RV in New Jersey?

Motorhomes are divided into Class A, B, and C vehicles. On average expect to pay $185 per night for Class A, $149 per night for Class B and $179 per night for Class C.

Do you need to be a certain age to rent an RV in New Jersey?

Yes. The minimum age is 25 to be eligible to get an RV Rental in New Jersey from RVshare.

Does RVshare have emergency roadside assistance?

Yes. Every RV rental booked through RVshare receives 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

Does RVshare offer one way RV rentals in New Jersey?

Yes. Prior to renting any RV, check with the owner since not all will offer this particular option.