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CrossRoads RV Zinger Lite ZR270BH

CrossRoads RV Zinger Lite ZR270BH

2021 / Travel Trailer
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Sleeps 10
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12.3 miles from Wisconsin
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Palomino Puma Unleashed 25-TFS

Palomino Puma Unleashed 25-TFS

2014 / Toy Hauler
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Sleeps 8
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76.4 miles from Wisconsin
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Winnebago Intent 26M

Winnebago Intent 26M

2018 / Class A Motor Home
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Sleeps 5
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39.8 miles from Wisconsin
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Palomino Puma 289BHS

Palomino Puma 289BHS

2021 / Fifth Wheel
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Sleeps 9
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47.5 miles from Wisconsin
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Palomino Puma 27RBQC

Palomino Puma 27RBQC

2021 / Travel Trailer
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40.3 miles from Wisconsin
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Top Three Rental Locations in Wisconsin

Each of the three largest communities in Wisconsin has a unique beginning that served as a foundation for its people, history, and purpose. Milwaukee is the largest urban area with a population of nearly 600,000. Madison, the state's capital, is home to more than 258,000 people, and Green Bay serves 105,000. Each city has a personality that RV travelers find intriguing.

Class A and Class C motorhomes are the most popular RVs to rent in Wisconsin. These units are easy to drive, filled with every amenity you need for a successful camping trip, and gain rave reviews from renters. The difference between the Class A and Class C motorhome is found in the engine's power, the quality of appliances, and the luxury of the rooms. The Class A is the most expensive to rent, with the lowest price at $199 per day. The Class C is cheaper, with some models renting for as little as $175 per night.

The towed travel trailer is the second most popular RV rented in Wisconsin. Some units are deliverable to the RV campground or RV park the renter is using. These units have excellent reviews, great appliances, and are easy to tow. They come in multiple sizes, from the teardrop models that sleep two to the 40-foot trailers that may sleep 10. The lowest prices start at $65 for the teardrop and $115 for the longer rigs.

Wisconsin RV Rentals by City

Milwaukee is a port city on Lake Michigan that grew from a minor blip to a shipping and industrial powerhouse influenced by immigrants. They came in waves bringing with them exciting energy. Today, Milwaukee is considered the most diverse city in the Midwestern United States with a plethora of cultures supporting:

  • 500+ Restaurants
  • 300+ Gas Stations
  • 45+ Campgrounds
  • 5 Nearby State Parks
  • 6 Nearby Dump Stations

Madison developed from a swampy area crouched amongst four lakes to become the state's capital. It was designated the capital in 1836 after the landowner, Judge James Duane Doty, offered freezing representatives at the Wisconsin Territorial Convention buffalo robes if they complied. As the capital, Madison grew to include the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a mix of technological industries. A population of immigrants brought many small businesses and amenities, including:

  • 300+ Restaurants
  • 140+ Gas Stations
  • 16 Campgrounds
  • 3 Nearby State Parks

Green Bay, founded by the French in 1634, is one of the oldest continuously operating European established communities in North America. Early on, its influence as a trading port on the northern section of Lake Michigan brought many settlers. The city welcomed European immigrants and developed into a significant packing center for shipping. Its docks were celebrated as the most practical way to get products to the East Coast from the Midwest. Small businesses created a demand for amenities such as:

  • 300+ Restaurants
  • 100+ Gas Stations
  • 10 Campgrounds
  • 1 Nearby State Park
  • 7 Nearby Dump Stations

Best National Parks Near Wisconsin

While there are no national parks inside Wisconsin, there are two within driving distance of the state. Indiana Sand Dunes National Park is at the southern tip of Lake Michigan, about 140 miles east of Milwaukee. Sands dredged from the bottom of Lake Michigan by currents running southward along the bottom of the lake are thrown onto land by storm-generated waves. The dunes grow each year, creating a unique landscape that Native Americans worshiped long before the United States set the land aside as a natural preserve. Though the views of the lake from the sandy shores are magnificent, the park offers much more, including wetlands, forests, prairies, and rivers. Visitors enjoy fishing the lake from the beach, and the rivers from their banks or from boats. Hiking trails run throughout the park, with boardwalks bridging wetland areas. Wildlife of all sorts, including deer, badgers, and coyotes, call this park home.

Located on the Canadian border with Minnesota, the Voyageurs National Park is a four-hour drive from Hayward, WI. With 40% of its 200,000 acres being water, this park is an angler's dream. Visitors are greeted with four large lakes, 26 small lakes, and a steady stream of waterways that run through forests and swathes of tall grass. Hiking trails run around lakes and alongside streams, ducking in and out of the woods. Stargazing is magnificent in this park as few communities are interrupting the night sky with their light systems.

Popular State Parks in Wisconsin

Situated 55 miles north of Madison, Rocky Arbor State Park is a 244-acre site protecting ancient sandstone outcrops carved into distinctive shapes over centuries of erosion from the Wisconsin River before it changed its course. Alongside the views of eroded rock, visitors enjoy moss, lichen, undergrowth, and huge trees. Hikers find a one-mile trail that wanders through the park.

Located 72 miles north of Green Bay, Penninsula State Park perches on the edge of the outcrop that separates Lake Michigan and Green Bay harbor. At 3,776 acres, this park is the third-largest in Wisconsin and one of the favorites to visit. The incredible views of Lake Michigan as it dips toward the south are spectacular, drawing over one million visitors each year. Hiking and biking trails run everywhere, including the two-mile Eagle Trail that slips across the craggy heights 150 feet above the water. The state park includes the scenic Peninsula Golf Course and over eight miles of lake shoreline.

Sitting in the center of the peninsula 44 miles northeast of Green Bay, the Potawatomi State Park features the rugged hills, deep valleys, and rivers that make up the peninsula's backbone. The park lies next to splendid Sturgeon Bay and climbs up the steep slopes to reach the high hovering hills. This park is open year-round, with its eight miles of trails filled with wanderers seeking spectacular views during the summer and snowmobilers in the winter. A swimming beach and a fishing pier make the water ADA accessible.

Must-See Monuments and Landmarks in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Art Museum is foremost on Wisconsin’s list of landmarks. This uniquely designed museum features over 25,000 exhibits, including paintings, sculptures, decorative art, drawings, and photography. The structure sits on the banks of Lake Michigan with a bird wing design that spans 217 feet, making it one of Milwaukee's most distinctive features.

Any list of Wisconsin landmarks must include Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers. Besides the beloved field where the Packers won national acclaim, the structure contains exhibits and the Packers Hall of Fame. Trails outside the building run through Green Bay with displays of players, the team, and their effect on the community.

Just 39 miles west of Madison, in Spring Green, Taliesin, often referred to as Taliesin East, is an architectural wonder. This area was the home of Frank Lloyd Wright, who infused conventional architecture with new ideas and structures during the early 20th Century. Many of his experimental designs built on this site remain.

Popular RV Parks and Campgrounds in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has many fine options for camping! Mont du Lac Resort is in the northwest corner of Wisconsin at the tip of Lake Superior. The resort is open year-round with 37 RV campsites, 29 of which offer full hookups. Every site has access to an incredible Wi-Fi system that supports the streaming of up to six mobile devices. During the winter months, visitors come to this park to ski, snowboard, and tube on its many slopes. In the summer months, families enjoy fishing, boating, hiking, and mountain biking.

Just 57 miles north of Madison, Sherwood Forest and Camping RV Park, one of Wisconsin's favorite places to stay, provides an exciting retreat for vacationing families. Their Tudor-style structures take guests back to the days of old England. Their 201 modern RV campsites are spacious. A heated swimming pool, splash pad, bounce pillow, and playground provide fun for every family member.

One of the favorite campgrounds enjoyed by Wisconsin families is Bailey's Grove Campground. Located on the east side of the peninsula 66 miles north of Green Bay, this park is famous for its spectacular views of Lake Michigan, the ships that ply the lake, and the fishing this section of the lake provides. With 117 RV campsites to choose from, every guest wakes up with a splendid view of the lake. The campground features a heated swimming pool, an exercise room, and a fantastic playground.

RV Dump Stations in Wisconsin

Those planning an RV visit to Wisconsin must consider where they are traveling and the location of accessible dump stations. These facilities are essential to a successful RV trip as they accept the contents of waste tanks and provide water for every rig. Among the most popular dump stations is one in Appleton, 33 miles southwest of Green Bay, at the Northsider VP Racing Fuels C-Store. It is open year-round, from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. To find more facilities, try this list of dump stations in Wisconsin.

Upcoming Events in Wisconsin

  • The Wisconsin Highland Games. Join the fun at this upcoming celebration of Scottish Highland life. The event includes Scottish dancing, music, battle-ax and knife-throw competitions, longbow target contests, herding dogs, and plenty of food fresh from the campfire.
  • A Walk Through Women's History. Enjoy an educational hike through Madison at the upcoming Walk Through Women's History. The hike takes visitors through the heart of Madison, explaining the influence women had on the development of Wisconsin's social, educational, and political structure.
  • Antigo Wisconsin Flea Market. Get to know the past, present, and future of Green Bay by visiting this annual event. Here, families see antique farm tools, new and imaginative crops and learn about forthcoming farming techniques.

National Parks Near Wisconsin

State Parks Near Wisconsin

RV Parks and Campgrounds Near Wisconsin

RV Storage Near Wisconsin
Should you decide to take a road trip in the state of Wisconsin, you’ll have plenty of fun and exciting places to visit. If you’re planning on taking a trailer with you on the open road, then you’ll have a wide variety of great RV campgrounds at your disposal in the Appleton area. High-quality RV storage in Appleton can help protect your camper from the cold weather the city can get in the winter. In no specific order, here are eight great RV storage facilities in Appleton, Wisconsin.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Renting an RV Near Wisconsin

How much does it cost to rent an RV in Wisconsin?

Motorhomes are divided into Class A, B, and C vehicles. On average expect to pay $185 per night for Class A, $149 per night for Class B and $179 per night for Class C.

Do you need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Wisconsin?

Yes. The minimum age is 25 to be eligible to get an RV Rental in Wisconsin from RVshare.

Does RVshare have emergency roadside assistance?

Yes. Every RV rental booked through RVshare receives 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

Does RVshare offer one way RV rentals in Wisconsin?

Yes. Prior to renting any RV, check with the owner since not all will offer this particular option.