Top Three RV Rental Locations in Iowa

Whether you are looking to spend your time in Des Moines, Davenport, or Cedar Rapids, it always helps to know what you can expect when you begin the search for an RV rental. 

Beginning in Iowa's largest city of Des Moines, you will be able to find RVs starting around $115. You can expect to find fifth-wheels, travel trailers, and a handful of Class A and C motorhomes in your search, all of which are well-reviewed by people who have used them. 

In Cedar Rapids, you will find more budget-friendly options with starting prices down to $90. You will mostly find travel-trailer RVs in this part of the state, though there are several Class C motorhomes that you can choose from as well that are highly reviewed and enjoyed by customers. 

If you are looking at Davenport, you will find that they are slightly more affordable with starting prices around $75. As for the types of RVs that you will be able to find, the majority will be Class C motorhomes, with travel trailers and toy haulers with good reviews being easy to find as well. 

Iowa RV Rentals By City

There are plenty of reasons why you may find yourself looking for an RV to take you around Iowa. In Des Moines, you may find that you want to stay at the Iowa State Fair campgrounds so that you can make the most out of the attractions there, or you may be more interested in some of the state park campgrounds. 

If you prefer to spend your time surrounded by nature and wildlife, you may want to think about taking your RV trip toward Cedar Rapids where there are numerous park campgrounds. These range from the Wanatee Park to the Scales Pointe area to visiting Lazy Acres if you have youngsters in the family. 

Another option to consider is Davenport, which sits on the river border of Iowa and Illinois. With a riverfront area, not only will there be attractions to visit, but there will also be campgrounds that have a focus on the quaint atmosphere of relaxing by a river. 

While smaller than Davenport, another place where you could relax is Sioux City. Located on the border of Iowa and Nebraska, this town has its roots in the cultural history of the area, meaning that there will be many places to visit during your stay. Additionally, its location means that there will also be many nature-focused areas where you can stay. 

Best National Parks Near Iowa

While Iowa itself doesn’t have any national parks, there are quite a few just outside the state that are well worth a day trip. 

If there’s one thing that Missouri is known for, it is the Gateway Arch that towers over St. Louis. Located approximately five and a half hours outside of Des Moines, this park achieved the national park designation in early 2018. The park is home to mostly indoor exhibits, so no matter how the weather is outside, you will be able to enjoy learning about the Lewis and Clark expedition while getting a scenic view of the arch. 

Another site that's not to be missed is Indiana Sand Dunes National Park. Located on the southern tip of Lake Michigan in Indiana and about five and a half hours outside of Des Moines, this park is home to sand dunes, wetlands, and prairies that are uncommon on beachfronts. What makes this park unique is that you can enjoy the tranquility of the lakeside beach while still being close to the city.

While Voyageurs National Park is a fair bit out of the way compared to the other two parks, it is certainly worth the trip. Located a stone’s throw from the Canadian border, this park is around eight hours away from major Iowa cities. However, it is home to lush forests that overflow from the neighboring Kabetogama State Forest, the Kabetogama Lake, and countless rivers, streams, and waterfalls. Its scenic properties make it worth the journey. 

Popular State Parks in Iowa

From the famous Lewis and Clark State Park, Pikes Peak State Park, and Nine Eagles State Park to Rock Creek State Park, Prairie Ridge State Park, and Prairie Rose State Park, there are countless parks to visit depending on what you are interested in. 

Lake Keomah State Park is a great park for those who enjoy the waterfront. Its 83-acre man-made lake offers a variety of activities. In the summer, you can relax on the beach. In the winter, you can try your hand at ice fishing. It offers two areas for RVs, both fully equipped for most motorhomes.

Another waterfront park is the Ledges State Park. This park is nestled along the Des Moines River and is one of the state's most scenic areas. There are hiking trails, designated fishing areas, and places where you could take a canoe onto the river. The RV areas offer a comfortable stay with a focus on enjoying nature. 

If you prefer caves, you may want to stay at Maquoketa Caves State Park. There are 13 naturally formed caves that are linked by hiking trails and are thought to be home to native tribes. The campgrounds have features for the whole family as well as sites that are close to stores, restaurants, and other parts of the surrounding town. 

Stone State Park is known for its ravines and cliffsides. It is one of the best places to go hiking or even horseback riding. With nature centers and state preserves on the location, the flora and fauna are unique to this location. Given how spectacular of a destination it is, there are numerous campsites on the park that are RV-friendly. 

Must-See Monuments and Landmarks in Iowa

With the state being as full of history and natural landmarks as it is, you can expect that there are quite a few landmarks that you will want to add to your plans. Some of these include national monuments, such as the Effigy Mounds, or natural features of the land, such as the Maquoketa Caves State Park or Pikes Peak State Park. All of these areas are worth a visit during your time in Iowa. 

Some of the best monuments Iowa has to offer come in the form of historical buildings. For instance, consider the Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and Museum. The author of the esteemed "Little House on the Prairie" books would move to Burr Oak in 1876 when she was just 9 years old, and many people consider this event to be “The Missing Link” of her series. Visiting this museum offers a view into the lifestyle that would soon become one of the most well-known books in the country. 

The other historical monument that is worth a visit is the Old Capitol Building located on the state university’s campus. This building is the only National Historic Landmark located in Iowa City, and it is a sight to see. It is also a building that has become the face of the state. You will likely be able to see its trademark golden dome well before you see the entrance. 

Popular RV Parks and Campgrounds in Iowa

Of course, you can’t plan an RV trip through Iowa without marking some of the best RV parks in the state. 

One campground of note where you may want to stop is Kellogg RV Park. It is the only solar-powered RV park in Iowa, so for those who want to be environmentally conscious, this would be a great place to stay. It offers amenities such as convenience stores, restaurants, and fishing supplies. It also offers RV services on site, and it has full restrooms and showers, and WiFi connections. 

If you are traveling with younger children as part of your family vacation, a more family-oriented RV park may be of interest. Lazy Acres RV Park offers amenities that can keep children happy and entertained when you are not on the road. Some of these features include mini-golf, a children’s playground, other outdoor games, and paddle boats. There are also restrooms and showers, self-service washes, and laundry rooms. 

Another RV park to consider is Timberline Campground. This campsite’s main feature is the fact that it is close to Des Moines and all of the attractions, destinations, and stores that it offers. With 153 spaces available and amenities including dump stations, WiFi at all sites, laundry rooms, full hookups, and full restrooms and showers, you can feel right at home. Some of the best features include their pools, game room, recreation hall, and picnic areas. 

RV Dump Stations in Iowa

Iowa is a state that has plenty to offer for people who are interested in traveling, so there are quite a few dump stations scattered across the land. There is the Rest Stop I-80EB in Underwood, which is about 23 miles from Council Bluffs. It offers basic amenities including WiFi and vending machines. Approximately one hour away from the heart of Des Moines is Rest Stop I-80EB Adair Mile Marker 81. It also offers WiFi and vending machines. Closer to Sioux City, there is the Rest Area at Onawa going Southbound, located at I-29 Mile Marker 110.

Aside from interstate dump stations, there are also dump stations at many of the city and state parks. Walnut Woods State Park in West Des Moines has a dump station. Hawarden City Park, located in Hawarden, has a dump station among other amenities including camping spots and a pool.

Upcoming Events in Iowa

There are plenty of upcoming Iowa events going on that you can schedule your trip around. 

  • The Iowa State Fair is one of the largest fairs within the entire state. With activities ranging from a hands-on exhibit of a farm for young children to exciting rides for thrill-seekers, everyone can find their place at the fair. 
  • Celebrating the harvest of roses in the "Rose Capital of the World" in State Center, Iowa, the Rose Festival is host to a variety of rose-themed activities and events such as the grand rose parade, vendors, and crafts. 
  • Held in Woodbine on an annual basis, Applefest is centered around the harvest of apples and the dishes and drinks that can be made with them. It is also home to one of the state's largest car shows.

State Parks Near Iowa

RV Parks and Campgrounds Near Iowa

Road Trips Starting from Iowa

RV Storage Near Iowa
Traveling through Iowa in an RV is a great way to see some of the state’s top destinations. If you’re going to be spending some time in Ames, then you’ll have your pick of top-notch RV campgrounds in the Ames area. Iowa can have some extreme weather, so finding the right RV storage facility in Ames, IA, is essential to protect your vehicle when you’re not out on the road. In no particular order, here are eight excellent providers of RV storage in Ames.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Renting an RV Near Iowa

How much does it cost to rent an RV in Iowa?

Motorhomes are divided into Class A, B, and C vehicles. On average expect to pay $185 per night for Class A, $149 per night for Class B and $179 per night for Class C.

Do you need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Iowa?

Yes. The minimum age is 25 to be eligible to get an RV Rental in Iowa from RVshare.

Does RVshare have emergency roadside assistance?

Yes. Every RV rental booked through RVshare receives 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

Does RVshare offer one way RV rentals in Iowa?

Yes. Prior to renting any RV, check with the owner since not all will offer this particular option.