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RV dump stations offer an easy and convenient way to get rid of waste while on the open road. You can pull in, connect a hose and empty your tank in a relatively short time. RVshare makes it easy to find an RV rental that has the necessary waste tanks and disposal options to meet your requirements. Once you get on the road, you'll periodically need to find information on the closest RV dump station.

This includes knowing the hours of operation at each station and how much they charge. To help you get all this info, we've provided this helpful guide of dump stations. Simply click on the state below you are currently in to view all the available RV Dump Stations in that state.

Explore Dump Stations by State


Most of the dump stations in Alabama are either in or near state or federal parks. There are also many options at colleges and universities, which makes it easier for fans to empty their tanks before or after tailgating.


When looking for dump stations in Alaska, choose facilities that have pay phones or cell service. Many of the campgrounds in this state are remote and far from people.


The dump stations in Arizona are in major cities and remote locations. Phoenix, Tucson and other big cities have dump stations attached to stores and campgrounds.


When you're in Little Rock or other parts of Arkansas, you'll find dump stations close to the top state parks. Some of the parks have dump stations that are free for overnight guests.


As you search for locations in California, narrow down your search with RV dump stations within the state. Since the state is so large, this will help you find one close to your current location.


Whether you want to enjoy the skiing and nightlife in Aspen or head to the Mile High City of Denver, you'll find dump stations. There are plenty of options that let you empty your tank into main city sewer lines.


Known for the city of Hartford and its million-dollar homes, Connecticut doesn't offer as many dump stations as other larger states. Many are in campgrounds that only serve guests.


As the second smallest state in the country, it's understandable that Delaware has the fewest number of dump stations. You may find it easier to dump your tank at a campground when you arrive.


Home to major amusement parks and attractions such as the Everglades, Florida offers dump stations all across the state. Many options are within driving distance of the Disney parks.


Both the northern and central regions of Georgia offer free and pair dump stations. Make sure that you choose one with rinse water to reduce the bad odors in your tank.


The heat in Hawaii can be unbearable at times, which is why many dump stations offer portable water. You can fill your water bottles after emptying your tank.


Mainly known for its outdoor attractions, Idaho is home to dump stations that offer either rinse water only or both rinse and portable water. Portable water sources let you fill up before hiking.


Whether you want to spend some time in the Windy City or roll through the University of Illinois, you can find nearby dump stations. Some of the city's rest areas have dump stations with specially marked signs that direct you to them.


Indiana has plenty of dump stations conveniently located in parks such as Indiana Dunes. You can empty your tank into the Indianapolis sewer lines or a holding/reserve tank.


As the largest city in Iowa, Des Moines is one of the top Midwest destinations for campers. Most options in this area; however, you can always find the nearest RV dump station on RVshare if you're traveling in other parts of the state.


Known for its flat plains and farmlands, Kansas also has some nice campgrounds with on-site dump stations. You'll find lots of excellent dumping facilities in and around Fort Leavenworth and Fort Riley.


Jenny Wiley State Park offers one of the top dump station facilities in eastern Kentucky. If you're traveling through the urban areas, you'll find options close to Louisville, Lexington and other major cities.


When searching for a dump station in Louisiana, you'll find many in and around New Orleans. It's helpful to look for those close to the Gulf of Mexico if you head south to the beach too.


Maine gets rough winters but still sees quite a few visitors during the warmer seasons. If you're traveling during the colder months, you may want to look at when the dump stations are open.


Between the gorgeous ocean and the delicious crabs, there are dozens of reasons to visit Maryland. When you search, you can find stations located right next to the beach.


It's easy to find dump stations in Boston and major parts of the Cape Cod area. As the state gets some rough weather in the winter though, some stations aren't open year-round.


The Upper Peninsula is very popular for campers and thus features lots of dump stations. Of course, there are many facilities in the main part of the state, especially options close to the University of Michigan that are available for tailgating guests.


If your trip takes you to the Twin Cities or farther north, look for dump stations in gas stations and travel plazas. When the temperature drops, you'll like having a warm place to relax nearby.


Jackson, Gulfport and Bixoli are just a few of the places where you'll find dump stations in Mississippi. You can look for one close to Tupelo if you want to visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley or check out the casinos.


Finding "RV dump stations near me" is easy when you're in the Show-Me State. There are many in and around the Ozarks, and these stations often offer water for drinking and rinsing your tank.


If your journey takes you off the beaten path, consider dump stations in Billings and Helena. You can empty your tank, get gas and source any supplies that you need in the state's parks.


Though it's easy to find dump stations in Omaha and Lincoln, you can use the state parks to empty your tank too. You can search for dump stations in and around Columbus and other small towns.


Nevada offers more to do than just the gambling in Las Vegas. If you want to save money, look for dump stations outside of the city limits because they usually charge less; however, they may still have some slot machines.

New Hampshire

As New Hampshire is quite small, dump stations are few and far between. It's helpful to look up stations near where you'll visit and write or print the directions before you leave.

New Jersey

Whether you head into Newark to see all the attractions or visit Princeton for a game, you can still find plenty of dump stations. Look for one that offers water to rinse out your tank.

New Mexico

After a day of hiking and playing in the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, you can check into a campground and empty your tank. You might consider dump stations with fresh water that you can use on your next hike.

New York

New York offers both green spaces in state parks and near bustling cities such as NYC. While you won't find many dump stations in NYC proper, there are plenty outside of the city and up north.

North Carolina

Campgrounds in Charlotte offer dump stations for visitors who are camping or tailgating before NASCAR races. You might consider looking for and using facilities in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park too.

North Dakota

The Peace Garden State is quite rural and spread out, so most dump station facilities are pretty far apart. You'll find most of the state's facilities near the Minnesota border or capital city of Bismarck.


Major cities such as Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland offer dump stations in local campgrounds. You'll find lots of dump stations with clean drinking and rinsing water in Chillicothe, Dayton and other towns too.


Before hitting an Oklahoma State University football game, search for an "RV tank dump station near me" in Stillwater. If you're more of a University of Oklahoma fan, you'll find lots of options in Norman.


The winds coming off the ocean in Oregon make the temperature drop, which is why you should look for covered dump stations. Those coverings offer some good protection from the wind.


Finding a dump station in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia a breeze. You can narrow down your choice to those closest to the Liberty Bell and your other favorite attractions.

Rhode Island

You can easily find dump stations close to the major homes in Newport Beach and your favorite campgrounds around Providence. It's helpful to look for those closest to your destination because the state is so small.

South Carolina

After a relaxing trip to Myrtle Beach, you can empty your tank at a local dump station and before you head home. Charleston, Columbia and Hilton Head also offer dump stations for visitors.

South Dakota

Before you drive through the Badlands, look for a dump station so you can empty your tank. You'll find stations close to Mitchell and the Corn Palace too.


Memphis and Nashville might be the two biggest cities in Tennessee, but they aren't the only places where you can find dump stations. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park extends over several states and offers dump station access in Tennessee.


As the nation's second-largest state, Texas has more than its fair share of dumping facilities. These stations are often located at camping stores and gas stations, but you may prefer one attached to a campground.


Salt Lake City is home to dozens of tourist attractions as well as dump stations and campgrounds. Be sure to search for dump stations near the Great Salt Lake that have fresh water for rinsing off.


It's helpful to look for dump stations in Vermont cities such as Burlington and Montpelier because you can fill up and get any supplies that you need at the same time. Stowe has a few dump stations too.


Finding a "camper dump station near me" when you're in Virginia is easy. You'll find multiple stations in Shenandoah National Park as well as Virginia Beach, which lets you empty the tank before visiting the ocean.


Though you probably don't want to navigate a huge RV through the crowded city streets of Seattle, you'll find dump stations just a short drive from that city. There are also a few in the rural western areas of the state.

West Virginia

When searching for stations in West Virginia, stick to those close to the highways and major roads. You don't want to find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere without cell reception.


You can use RVshare to search for dump stations near the Wisconsin Dells when you're on a vacation with your family. Eau Claire and other cities have dump stations attached to truck stops and gas stations.


Since there are so many remote areas of Wyoming, it can sometimes be difficult to find dump stations. However, there are many options near attractions such as the Grand Teton National Park.

RV Dump Station Tips

  • Keep a pair of rubber gloves stored in the same plastic box that you store the tank hose. This will help you keep your hands clean as you work.

  • Always check the hose for leaks and cracks before you set off on a trip.

  • Check the signs at the dump station to see which hoses allow you to rinse the tank.

  • Keep a slope between the hose and sewer to make sure everything empties out of your tank.

  • Use a clear connector attached to the hose to see when the tank is empty.

Why spend most of your trip looking up a motorhome dump station near me? With RVshare, you can get helpful information on all the dump stations available in your area and search by state. Once you find the closest dump station, you can take care of business and get right back on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a RV dump station?

A RV dump station is a facility that lets you empty your holding tanks without getting your hands dirty. It also uses sanitary methods to dispose of the waste.

Do RV dump stations charge?

Dump stations generally charge users for their services. Some campground stations offer this service for free if you spend the night there.

How often should you empty the tank?

You should empty the tank when it reaches 2/3 capacity. If it goes any higher, it can overflow.

How do dump stations work?

Dump stations have a drain cap that covers the sewer and drain outlet. You need to close the valve on the tank, take the cap off the sewer and push the hose from your tank into the outlet. Once you turn the valve, the tank will empty the blackwater.

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