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Renting a Popup Camper

If you’re looking to rent an RV for an upcoming trip, but want to avoid towing a large, difficult-to-maneuver trailer, you should give some serious consideration to renting a popup camper. Popup campers are a non-motorized RV category that offers RVers the greatest level of versatility when it comes to maneuverability, comfort, amenities, and price.

What is a popup camper, exactly?

A popup camper is a lightweight trailer RV that folds down into a smaller size profile for driving. When you’re ready to park and set up for the evening, you can unfold and expand the camper. Some popup campers are quite large when expanded, and have plenty of room to sleep a large group (with space for additional equipment, furnishings, and facilities, depending on the model).

Renting a popup camper can be a bit overwhelming at first since you’ll have to weigh a wide variety of configuration options. On the RVshare peer-to-peer platform, you’re likely to find many different popup camper models, with substantially different interiors and size profiles.

Before you move forward with an RV rental decision, let’s break down the unique advantages of a popup camper.

What are the Advantages of a Popup Camper?

Maneuverability and Small Collapsed Size

Popup camper trailers tend to be lightweight and small when collapsed. Thanks to their miniaturized profile, they are quite maneuverable on the road when compared to other towable RV trailers. You can therefore take popup campers on roads that would otherwise be difficult for a large RV, such as city streets and tight mountain roads.

Do bear in mind that the stark contrast between the collapsed size and the expanded size can create space planning issues. Though your popup camper may sleep 6-8 persons, you cannot have them sit in the popup camper trailer while in motion (as it must be collapsed). As such, your tow vehicle must be able to seat your entire group.

Large Interior When Expanded

Popup campers expand when set up, offering a spacious, comfortable living area that is a boon for large RVing groups. Most popup campers can sleep at least 4 people comfortably, though some premium models are designed to sleep 6-8 people.

If you are planning on utilizing the full space with a large group, however, you may find that the facilities are limited. Make sure that you rent a popup camper that has sufficient facilities (i.e., toilet, shower, etc.) to suit the size of your group. It may be possible to sleep 8 people in your popup camper, but if you’re sharing one toilet, your stay is unlikely to be comfortable!

Configuration Diversity

Popup camper offerings come in a wide range to suit almost any RVer’s configuration preference.

The standard popup camper is low cost and rather basic. When expanded, there is enough space to comfortably seat or sleep 6 or more people, but the facilities may be a bit limited compared to more premium RVs. You’ll find some foldable furnishings, kitchen equipment (such as a stove and fridge), heaters, air conditioning, and sleeping berths, along with adequate storage.

Higher-end models are more costly, of course, but have a raised height-profile to allow for a premium interior equipment/facilities offering. With these models, you’ll have full toilet and shower facilities, as well as additional kitchen equipment, and slideouts to make the expandable living area even more spacious.

Regardless of their configuration, popup camper models tend to be cheaper to rent than other similarly-outfitted RVs. This makes them an excellent choice for the budget-oriented RVer that would still like to enjoy a large, comfortable interior space.

What are Popup Camper Rental Prices?

There are no set-in-stone prices for popup campers on the RVshare platform, though you’ll find that – as you browse the listings – most popup campers for rent are posted within a certain range. Do keep in mind that you may encounter significant variation. Owners are free to price their RV listing at whatever rate they like, which may be much lower than the expected market range.

Generally, you’ll find that the rental rate for popup campers ranges from $40-$175+ per day. If you rent for a longer period of time (a week or more), many owners will apply a significant discount on the daily rate.

Where to Find Popup Camper Rentals Near Me

The best place to find a competitive rate for your popup camper rental is on the RVshare platform. RVshare is the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental platform and fundamentally changes how renters secure an RV rental for their upcoming trips.

Before peer-to-peer RV platforms like RVshare, prospective renters would have to go to a dealership or specialized rental service in their area. These services did not have to price their rentals competitively because there was not much competition, and further, it was not easy for RVers to compare rates.

With RVshare, prospective renters can easily compare listings, and powerful filters and search functionality means that renters can ensure that they will only be shown listings that fit their budget and particular RV requirements.

On RVshare, it’s much more likely that you’ll find a low rate for your RV rental. As it’s so easy to compare listings, owners are incentivized to price their rentals more competitively. Owners are also not necessarily profit-oriented. Some owners will price their RV at a significant discount just so that others have the opportunity to enjoy the RVing lifestyle!

If you can’t find a popup camper at the right price, keep looking. The RVshare platform is constantly updated as owners post new listings. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions About Popup Camper Rental

How much are Popup Camper Rentals?

Generally, you’ll find that the rental rate for popup campers ranges from $40-$175+ per day. If you rent for a longer period of time (a week or more), many owners will apply a significant discount on the daily rate.

Are Popup Campers worth it?

Yes! As for rentals, they are probably one of the most wallet-friendly options on the market.

Is a Popup Camper Rental right for me?

Do you like to save money? Do you like going on shorter trips? You don't mind small space? Then YES!