How to Use an Instapot and Why you Need One in your RV

RV Owners

You may have noticed how often we here at RVshare rave about one of our very favorite RV kitchen accessories: the Instant Pot.

And depending on your camping lifestyle, our obsession may have bewildered you. I mean, part of the appeal of an RV is camping with a full-on kitchen, right? Why purchase extra gadgets when you’ve got a perfectly good microwave, stove, and possibly even an oven and portable grill on board?

But if you find yourself in a gathering of veteran and full-time campers, chances are the Instant Pot will come up in conversation — and quickly. No doubt about it, this all-in-one cooking device is a slam-dunk RVing favorite.

Ready to learn why so many other campers adore their Instant Pot pressure cooker… and then ogle some delicious-looking recipes to make when you inevitably cave and buy your own?

You’ve come to the right place.

RV Cooking

If you’ve taken even a single RV trip, you probably already know that cooking in a camper can be a challenge. That stove and oven are likely smaller than the ones you have at home, thanks to an RV’s abbreviated footprint; in smaller travel trailers and motorhomes, you might not have much more than a mini-fridge and a microwave.

Even with a fully functional, tricked-out kitchen, maneuvering in such a small space can be frustrating, especially if you’re camping with a big family. And while everyone loves to bring their gourmet skills outdoors, sometimes, weather precludes the campsite classic of grilling.

And hey, you’re on vacation — maybe you don’t want to slave away over an open fire every night.

Enter Instant Pot: The teensy-tiny, super-simple, affordable kitchen gadget that’ll have you and your family eating delicious, healthy meals with very little effort, and in no time flat, to boot.

How Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Works

Now, all but our youngest readers probably know that this ain’t the first rodeo when it comes to pressure cookers. I know my mother, for one, has horror stories of an explosive device that sloshed spaghetti sauce all over her ceiling.

Luckily, technology has come a long way in the 30 years since that mess. The electric Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, yes, but it’s also so much more: you can easily and quickly cook perfectly fluffy rice, steam vegetables, and even sautee, all with the assurance of modern safety upgrades.

Depending on the model you choose, the Instant Pot has between six and ten functions, and will help you make any dish you can dream of easily, quickly, and on the cheap. And if you’re wondering how to clean it, good news there, too: the Instant Pot pressure cooker is made up of several components, all of which can be easily handwashed or placed in a dishwasher.

Sold yet? If not, check out these amazing meals you can make in a flash with the help of your new-found Instant Pot friend.

An Instant Pot with sauce

Instant Pot Recipes

No matter what meal of the day you’re after or your specific dietary preferences and restrictions, there are plenty of easy, healthy recipes for you to make in your electric pressure cooker or Instant Pot. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Kalua Pig – Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo‘s Michelle Tam teaches us how to whip up this Hawaiian classic in no time flat. It’s paleo-friendly, mind-bogglingly delicious, and way cheaper than airfare to Maui!

2. Honey Garlic Chicken – Diethood

I mean, just look at this sweet and savory, Chinese-inspired chicken dish by Diethood‘s Katerina.

Your Instant Pot can also cook up the rice to go on the side, although with a main course this delicious, you probably won’t even need it!

3. Beefless Stew – Straight Up Food

No meat? No problem. There are tons of amazing vegetarian and vegan recipes for the Instant Pot, and this beefless stew by Straight Up Food‘s Cathy Fisher is one of our very favorites.

4. Faux-tisserie Chicken – Cooking with Curls

That’s right — you can “roast” up a whole chicken even if your rig doesn’t have an oven. (Or if you just don’t feel like turning it on!)

A big thanks to Lisa at Cooking with Curls for showing us how to fake out our fowl.

5. Quinoa Blueberry Breakfast Bowl – Sidewalk Shoes

Think the Instant Pot just does lunch and dinner? Think again.

We love this healthy breakfast bowl idea from Pam at Sidewalk Shoes, who transforms the trendiest healthy grain into a delicious day-starter.

6. Paleo Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – Recipes to Nourish

That’s right, you can make fresh, delicious bread in your Instant Pot. We can’t wait to give this banana chocolate chip loaf we saw at Recipes to Nourish a try — thanks, Emily!

7. Pressure Cooker Triple Chocolate Layered Cheesecake – Pressure Cooking Today

Even the most decadent of desserts are doable in the Instant Pot.

This insane-looking cheesecake comes to us from Pressure Cooking Today, courtesy of Marci from the food side of TIDBITS. With those sugared berries and distinct layers, almost looks too elegant to eat. Almost.

Looking for even more instant-spiration? There are tons of Instant Pot cookbooks for every conceivable way of eating. Here are a few to get you started:

There are bound to be even more selections in your local bookstore, not to mention around the web. And don’t forget to get creative with your own homespun recipes!

Instant Pot with chicken

Best Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Wondering where to buy your Instant Pot now that you’re salivating all over yourself? Want to compare tons of different Instant Pot pressure cooker models?

Although you can find the device at local home goods and department stores, we recommend taking the high-tech route and ordering on Amazon — and no, not just because we’re their affiliate! You’ll be able to see all the different options to choose from and easily compare prices.

Besides, the whole point of an Instant Pot is making this cooking thing easy, right? Nothing’s easier than having your new toy delivered directly to your door.

Happy cooking!

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