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A month spent seeing the country in an RV is a month spent in wonderment — and monthly RV rentals can save you a pretty penny, too. If you’re going to take to the road for a full month, you’ll have lots of time to enjoy every aspect of your journey, and you’ll also benefit from flat-rate pricing that can make your adventure much more affordable.

Traveling using RVs has become a very popular trend among vacationers of all ages and backgrounds. Families love RVs because they offer the roominess and flexibility parents and kids need to be content. Couples enjoy RVs because they provide environments perfect for exploring romantic country roads.

RVing isn’t just for families, though. Groups of friends look forward to road trips in RVs because this type of travel method turns the open road into a place of fun and adventure. Older travelers enjoy taking long road trips in RVs because they offer a nice balance between being able to enjoy privacy and comfort while truly enjoying the great outdoors.

Looking for the Best Deals on Monthly RV Rentals?

So, why is it less expensive to rent an RV for a month? Well, think about it from the owner’s perspective: a monthly RV rental means a full month of not having to worry about finding more renters. That kind of security is worth quite a bit of cash, which is why many owners offer by-the-month RV rentals to incentivize renters to consider taking on such a long trip.

Monthly RV rentals are also a great option for people who are in between living situations or perhaps moving across the country; you can relax and enjoy the transitional time without having to worry about finding an Airbnb or sleeping on an air mattress at your friend’s house.

But when looking for the best deal on a long-term RV rental, it’s important to keep in mind that there are way more options out there than the big box stores you might be most familiar with.

How to Find the Best Deals on Monthly RV Rentals

Big, nationwide franchises do often offer cheap monthly RV rentals — or, at least, they’re cheaper than they would be if you were renting per night. Monthly camper rentals often come at lower prices to incentivize renters to keep the equipment for longer periods of time.

That said, there’s another great option… and you may have guessed what we’re about to say! It’s renting from the peer-to-peer network here at RVshare, where you can find rigs of every shape, size, footprint, and style available for both short- and long-term rentals.

If you’re looking for a monthly camper rental, you may be wondering, how much does it cost to rent an RV for 3 months? What about 6? With per-night prices hovering at around $200 or more on average, it may sound overwhelming to keep yourself in four walls — and on four wheels — for more than a couple of nights.

But the peer-to-peer network already offers savings to the average renter. After all, private owners don’t have to foot the expensive overhead costs of running a business, which represents a cost savings they can afford to pass on to you, the renter.

And just like at the big box stores, campers for rent monthly at RVshare are often offered at lower prices to help encourage renters to take on a longer-term rental.

Should You Get a Monthly RV Rental?

It can be hard to pull the trigger to make your dreams come true. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it!

There are many things that stand in the way of enjoying a fun, carefree vacation full of amazing adventures. Some of the most common reasons why Americans famously don't take vacations include:

  • Airplane tickets cost too much

  • Hotel rooms are too expensive

  • Traveling in a cramped car is uncomfortable

  • Camping overnight is difficult during cold or rainy weather

  • Flying to destinations limits the places you can see and visit

And make no mistake about it, those vacations are worth taking. Maybe you want to explore America’s national parks… or even just get familiar with that state park just a few miles away from home.

An RV will quickly eliminate so many of the obstacles that have stopped you from feeling free to see and do all that you desire during a vacation to any and every destination you want to visit in the country.

What are Monthly RV Rental Prices? 

Aside from providing travelers with more freedom, monthly RV rentals actually make it much more affordable to enjoy an epic vacation. The cost of even a very modest motel room is $100 or more in just about every state, and it can cost much more depending on the destination. If you have several people traveling with you, that cost can easily double or triple. It is unsustainable for the average family to pay several hundred dollars per night just to sleep during a vacation that will last a month or more.

The good news is that the cost of renting an RV for a month is a fraction of what you would pay for hotel rooms in the same span of time. In fact, many RVs can be rented for rates as low as $50 per night. Even very large and high-end models, when rented for a month, rarely go for more than $130 to $150 per night. This can save you a lot of money if you consider that hotel rooms are very restrictive about how many people can sleep in one room. A family could need to pay for two or three hotel rooms each night.

However, monthly RV rental rates make it easy to enjoy an affordable way to give every member of your family a comfortable place to sleep and wind down. To find the best deal on a monthly RV rental, renters should be flexible with dates. While you may not want to travel in the snow, you can still find plenty of deals year-round if you are willing to do a little searching.

How to Find Monthly RV Rentals Near Me

The RVshare rental network is always available to you, no matter where in the U.S. you hang your hat! Just enter your travel dates and information, and you’ll see listings of every RV style and price point available near you.

Class A Monthly RV Rental

There are several different kinds of RVs to choose from, and Class A rigs are one of the most popular. A Class A RV makes a great monthly RV rental because it offers a ton of space and luxury, so you’ll feel at home on the road even for long stretches of time.

However, keep in mind that Class A RVs are some of the least fuel-efficient, and their rental costs can be higher than those of their counterparts. But they’re a great option for those traveling in a large party, especially if you’re not going very far (and thus won’t have to worry about the gas so much!).

Class B Monthly RV Rental

Looking for a small and scrappy RV experience? Class B RVs are perfect for the rugged outdoors lovers who don’t really care so much about interior living space. If you’re planning on spending the majority of your time adventuring, a Class B RV makes for a great way to take your bed and kitchen along with you, ensuring your basic needs are met no matter where the road winds.

Class C Monthly RV Rental

Class C rigs offer the best of both worlds: slightly lower costs and smaller sizes with many of the same luxuries and amenities their Class A cousins provide. With their over-cockpit “attic” sleeping space, Class Cs are also a great option for families traveling with older children who could benefit from a little bit of privacy… especially when we’re talking about monthly RV rentals!

Monthly RV Rental FAQs

Let’s close out this page about monthly RV rentals with answers to some of your most frequently-asked questions about them!

Can you rent an RV for a month?

Yes, you absolutely can! From both traditional rental dealerships and through the peer-to-peer network at RVshare, monthly RV rentals are available and can be an incredible deal for you and your family.

How much is it to rent an RV monthly?

Prices on your monthly RV rental will vary depending on what kind of rig you opt for and where you rent from. That said, prices are generally much better on a per-month basis than they are on a per-night basis, and it’s common to find lower, incentivized prices to encourage RVers to keep their rental for longer.

How much does it cost to rent an RV for a week?

Just like per-month rates, per-week rates for rental RVs are usually better than nightly costs. In many cases, the owner will offer a single night free or some other percentage of savings in exchange for the renter keeping the equipment for longer.

Is renting an RV cheaper than a hotel?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question, since so many factors come into play. A hotel room might cost $100 per night or $400 or more per night, depending on how fancy you want to get about it.

But one thing’s for sure: RVing certainly can be cheaper than hotel stays! With per-night prices starting as low as $50 through the peer-to-peer market — and free and cheap camping available in more places than you might expect — traveling in a motorhome or trailer gives you much more control over your bottom line.

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