How To Get The Best Deal On A Minnie Winnie RV Rental

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How to Get the Best Deal on a Minnie Winnie RV Rental

If you’re planning on renting a mid-sized motorhome for your next trip, you may have heard about – or are considering – the Winnebago Minnie Winnie RV, a popular and versatile choice for RVers looking for a comfortable experience with few compromises.

What is a Minnie Winnie?

The Minnie Winnie RV is a well-regarded Class C motorized RV series designed and built by Winnebago, the world’s largest RV manufacturer. As a Class C motorhome, the Minnie Winnie enjoys a mid-sized classification. It is not as large and unwieldy as a Class A motorhome (which is akin to a bus), nor is it as compact as a Class B motorhome (which is akin to a van).

There are 5 different Minnie Winnie RV models available, each with modified floor-plans to take advantage of the size differences (Minnie Winnie RVs vary in size from 23’10” at the low end, to 32’9” at the high end).

All models come well-equipped, however, with a wide range of facilities and luxury amenities, even without the premium package upgrades. All Minnie Winnie RVs feature a convertible sofa, dinette, a private bedroom, wardrobe and closet space, toilet and shower facilities (with a skylight!), flat-screen televisions, fully-equipped kitchen with microwave, burner range, fridge/freezer, and spacious countertop, a standard rear trunk with plenty of storage space, stylish interior LED lighting, exterior storage, and a “superstructure” frame that is designed to improve the safety and durability of the cabin and the contents therein. Most – though not all – Minnie Winnie RV models also feature slide-out sections to further expand the interior space and provide a more comfortable experience.

Renting from a Dealership vs. RVshare

Despite the fact that selection was limited, rental prices were excessive, and the customer service experience was often inconsistent, renting from a local RV dealership or from the local outlet of a national/global RV rental brand used to be the accepted method for renting an RV in the past.

Fortunately, RVshare – a peer-to-peer online RV rental platform – provides a superior alternative to the standard dealership model. With RVshare, prospective renters are connected directly to individual RV owners. Owners post their RVs for rent on the platform, and prospective renters are free to browse and compare the rental listings at their leisure. Because listings are so easy to compare, owners must price their rentals more competitively on RVshare. As such, rental rates tend to be quite a bit lower than those offered by competitors (such as dealerships).

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on RVshare

Owners on the RVshare platform are given full discretion with regard to their rental listings. As such, you are likely to find some listings at a significant discount, and other listings priced at a premium. Some listings may include free extras, while others may charge fees for core benefits (i.e., generator fees, excess daily mileage fees, etc.). Of course, finding a great deal on RVshare is not limited to the listing itself. If you find an ideal listing, but the rental rate is beyond your budget (or the extras are too limited), you can get in contact with the owner and attempt to negotiate a better deal.

The following are some tried and tested tips for scoring the best deal on RVshare, Minnie Winnie RVs included.

Go for a Lengthier Trip

RV owners often provide tiered rental pricing if you rent for a longer period of time. For example, you might have to pay $200 per night to rent an RV for 3 nights, and only $150 per night to rent the same RV for 7 nights. Such rental discounts are common because long-term rentals reduce the risk and administrative costs for the owner (a long-term rental saves the owner from having to spend time and effort on re-renting an RV).

Negotiate with the Owner

Owners on the RVshare platform are a diverse lot. Some are more business-oriented, while others are using the platform to rent their RV more casually (for a bit of side income). As RV owners have such unique personal situations, negotiating with an owner may be extremely beneficial towards scoring a better deal for your rental. For example, an owner struggling to rent out their RV might offer you a significant discount after a short phone negotiation. If you’re a newcomer to the RVing world, some owners may be willing to offer discounts if only to provide you with a “guilt-free” first trip.

Plan Around Your Fees

Your Minnie Winnie RV rental may come saddled with some fees that can add up over the course of your trip if you’re not careful. It is not wholly uncommon to be charged generator fees, or fees for miles traveled in excess of the daily mileage limit imposed by the owner. If your rental charges these fees, make sure to plan your trip accordingly. Try to minimize the amount of time you use your generator – when you arrive at a campground, connect to campground power as soon as possible. Further, plan your route so as to limit the possibility of traveling in excess of the daily mileage limit.

Bring Along Your Own Equipment

Rentals may charge extra for starter kits or convenience kits, which can include any number of useful RVing items, such as camping or kitchen equipment, bedding, dishware, tools, first aid, and pop-up furniture, among other things. Instead of paying extra for the inclusion of a starter/convenience kit, bring along your own “kit” of items, if possible. At the very least, bring along what items you do have available at home, as the owner may reduce the price of the kit if certain items can be excluded (for example, the owner might reduce the price of the starter kit if you bring along your own bedding and dishware, since the owner can remove those items from the starter kit).