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Renting an RV for 7 Days

If you’re ready to take on the world in a rental RV, you want the time you need to actually explore. After all, a weekend away is great -- but a whole week is better!

There are so many trips you can take in a week’s time. Cruise up the California coast and back down again, taking extra time to stop and soak in Big Sur’s majesty. Tour Florida’s gulf beaches, or drive through the Appalachian mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway. You could see two or three states in a week-long trip, staying at a different destination every other night, or even nightly. On the other hand, you could spend a day or two getting to your favorite destination and back, and spend the rest of your luxurious week simply camped there, soaking in all the fun stuff to do and see in the area. Spending a week in your destination, as opposed to running around and touring a bunch of different spots, means you’ll really get a feel for the place. You can talk with locals, take time to see a movie or spend a lazy day inside without feeling like you’re wasting time -- heck, you could even eat at the same restaurant twice if you wanted to!

If you’re looking for a 7 day RV vacation, you probably want to find the best rental deals, prices, and rates you can. Luckily, RVShare offers some of the best 7 day RV rentals, whether you’re looking for trailers, campervans or motorhomes.

7 Day RV Rental Rates

If you’ve done any shopping around in your area for an RV rental, you probably found out that renting a rig isn’t cheap! RV rental coupons and deals can cut the price to a certain extent, but many big dealerships want as much as $200 per night for a rental RV, even if you’re planning to keep it for a week or longer.

If you’re willing to try out something new, consider searching for your RV rental online through a peer-to-peer marketplace like RVShare. RVShare is kind of like Airbnb for RVs and motorhomes. Private owners, whose rigs are sitting unused, can list their vehicles online to be rented directly by adventurous travelers like you. Since they don’t have any big business expenses to cover, like an RV rental dealership, private owners can afford to rent you their vehicles at a much better rate. And since they’re used and loved by regular people, rentals on RVShare are usually more comfortable, better stocked and generally more homey, too!

Best of all, you can find a rental vehicle through RVShare no matter where in the USA you live. Many owners have their rigs available for 7 days or even longer -- and since the prices are so much more affordable, you might even be able to extend your vacation to two weeks or a month.

What do I mean when I say the rigs on RVShare are affordable? Here’s an example, prices for a 7-day RV rental near me, in northern Florida, start at only $65 per night. I can even get a fancy, all-inclusive Class A motorhome for only $100 a night. That RV’s owners have listed a special deal for a week-long rental, knocking off one day’s worth of the total price for a weekly rate of $600.

Compare that to my local big box store in town, which has a $1,145.00 minimum on 7-day RV rentals! RVShare is, obviously, a way better deal.

7 Day RV Rental Reviews

But if you’re going to keep your rental RV for a whole week, you want to make sure it’s actually the perfect vehicle for your trip -- and that the renting facility’s customer service will be available should anything go wrong.

No matter where you end up finding your 7-day RV rental, it’s important to check the company’s reviews online before you commit to renting from them. After all, even the best rental deal in the world is a total waste of money if shoddy service or a broken-down vehicle ruin your trip and leave you unhappy.

The easiest way to find reviews for any local company is to Google its name, and to check what other customers have said about their experience on the company’s Facebook page or review-specific websites like Yelp. You can also reach out to any camping friends you know who have used a specific company’s rental service before or ask for rental company recommendations from the RV and camping communities online.

If you do decide to rent your RV through RVShare, you’ll find reviews by previous renters on each rig’s individual page. Better yet, you’ll be able to talk to the owner one-on-one, both via email and in person, before you commit to the rental vehicle and drive off onto the trip of a lifetime. Since you’re creating a personal bond with the rv’s actual owners, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any trouble getting in contact with them or getting them to care about any problems that might arise -- it’s their personal RV, after all! Unreliable customer service is one of the easiest and most common ways for an RV rental trip to get ruined, so by circumventing big dealerships, you’re giving yourself a much better chance at having an enjoyable trip.

And after all, a week is quite a long time. It’s worthwhile to make sure your RV, as well as the people behind it, are safe and trustworthy. Who knows? With the personal aspect of the peer-to-peer marketplace, you may find the “friendly customer service” of private ownership is closer to actual friendship.