RV Sharing - What You Need To Know

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RV Sharing - What You Need To Know

Most of us have heard of popular home-sharing platforms and ride-booking apps. Not everyone has heard of the popular sharing platforms that are now available for RVs. Ordinary travelers can actually rent RVs from owners using simple peer-to-peer platforms. So many travelers are jumping on this trend because it makes it so easy to cover more beautiful miles for less money during trips and vacations. In addition, RVs offer so much more comfort, room, and flexibility than the standard methods of travel that so many of us have dealt with for far too long.

The truth is that there are many reasons why participating in RV sharing is beneficial. Whether you're looking to enjoy a vacation on a budget or do away with the restrictions of dealing with rigid reservations, RV sharing is definitely worth researching.

RV Sharing and the RV Sharing Economy by RVshare

RVshareis an easy-to-use RV sharing app that's really changing how people explore the open road and get to visit exciting destinations. Why is a rental RV an attractive option for today's travelers? The reality is that most people just don't have the money, space or time to purchase, store and care for a large RV. This has caused many people to simply give up on their dreams of planning epic road trips.

Of course, there are some traditional RV rental agencies that operate the same way rental car agencies do. Many people are turned off by these rental agencies because using them often entails dealing with complicated contracts, high prices, pushy salespeople and date restrictions. RV sharing takes these hassles away for travelers. People looking for RVs can source them directly from owners who are looking to make some extra cash when they're not using their vehicles. Renters and owners are able to negotiate prices, travel dates, and other details directly. You can think of the process of booking your RV like renting a vacation home that just happens to have wheels.

List of RV Sharing Sites

Are you looking for a reliable RV sharing service? You may have had a hard time finding even one service to use just a few years ago. Times sure have changed. You can now find many online peer-to-peer websites that can facilitate your desire for RV fractional ownership. Of course, you'll want to make sure the platform you choose is compatible with your needs and desires as a renter. What are some questions you should ask before committing to one platform? Your checklist of questions should include:

  • Does this platform offer secure payment?

  • Can I browse many listings anonymously?

  • Do owners provide photos?

  • Can I ask questions to owners?

  • Are dates flexible?

  • Does this platform offer a large selection?

RV Timeshares: Here's What They Are All About

What's truly at the root of the surge in interest in RV timeshares? The same factors that are driving a rise in vacation home sharing are also behind the growing popularity of peer-to-peer platforms for RV rentals. Most people are tired of dealing with complicated contracts and reservations when trying to get somewhere. Booking flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars can be a tedious process for travelers. What's more, all the traditional methods of getting to a vacation destination cost a lot of money. The price tag goes up for every traveler that's added to a group. RV rentals are different because the price stays the same regardless of how many people are coming along for a journey. This makes a rental RV a very economical choice for a family or group of friends.

What Can You Do With Your Rental RV?

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to where you can go and what you can do with a terrific RV. One important thing to remember about a sharing platform for RVs is that renters are able to browse a wide variety of listings. This means you can search for RVs of all sizes, styles and driving types. The options you'll find in the region you're searching in are almost certain to range from compact RV models to large and luxurious RVs.

A shared RV can be used for honeymoons, solo trips, family vacations, group tours and amazing road trips. Imagine how much cheaper it is to simply pay one flat rate per day for your RV than it would be to pay for individual flights and hotel rooms for all of your passengers. RV sharing platforms are finally making it affordable for the average person to plan an amazing vacation without making sacrifices.

More Flexibility Than Ever Before

The big problem with renting RVs in the past was that renters were stuck entering agreements with very little flexibility. The obvious problem with traditional rental agencies is that prices are pretty much set in stone. It's very hard to find a gem when going with that route. Peer-to-peer platforms are completely different because prices are set by owners instead of being dictated by corporate entities. This means that renters frequently find incredible bargains on shared RVs.

Why Using a Respected Platform Matters

Some people might think that browsing message boards and forums to find RVs is the same as using a sharing platform to find RVs. The reality is that simply trying to locate an available RV and negotiating payments on your own can be risky. While online sharing platforms allow you to deal directly with owners, they also provide protective buffers that cut down on the chances of fraud. A platform like RVshare provides users with the ability to make secure payments.

There are also perks like roadside assistance and rewards included in every transaction. You simply won't get these benefits if you attempt to rent your RV directly from an owner by replying to online listings. In addition, it would take a lot of work to locate even a fraction of the RVs available on a platform like RVshare by simply browsing local listings. The beauty of using a sharing platform is that photos and vehicle details are already provided and available to browse without the need to reach out to individual owners or wait around for replies to inquiries.