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Renting an RV for a road trip is – to some degree – a true folk Americana experience, in part because RVs are representative of the expansionary spirit that has become so intertwined with American society. When you rent an RV for a trip, you are engaging with a piece of history, interacting with the storied culture of the RV rental America experience.

In the USA, the modern RV was popularized by the late 1920s. In the early days of RVing, well-to-do families with an interest in seeing the diverse natural wonders of the country would pile into their RVs and explore the open road. The RV (recreational vehicle) made travel accessible for many groups that would have otherwise not considered making the trip cross country. Fundamentally, RVs epitomize comfort, even those low-cost RVs that are worlds away from the premium models offered at the high-end of the market.

Despite their premium beginnings, RVing has become affordable for everyone nowadays!

No matter the available facilities, the experience of setting up and staying overnight in an RV is typically more comfortable than using a tent. As such, travelers looking to enjoy the US outdoors (while maintaining a certain basic level of daily comfort) are often drawn to the RV lifestyle.

USA RV Rental Prices

On the RVshare platform, owners are empowered to post their RVs for rent at whatever price they choose. As a result, prospective renters may find that RV rentals to drive cross country vary in price quite substantially, depending on the listing. Of course, there are rate ranges that renters should come to expect as “typical” for certain RV models.

Generally, you should expect the daily rate for the following models to be…

  • Class A motorhome: $150-$450+
  • Class B motorhome: $80-$350+
  • Class C motorhome: $125-$450+
  • Travel trailer: $80-$200+
  • Fifth wheel trailer: $125-$250+
  • Truck camper: $50-$250+
  • Pop-up camper: $40-$175+

Again, it is worth noting that the above are just expected ranges for the daily rental rate. On RVshare, you may come across rental rates that are significantly lower. If you would like to further reduce the rental cost, you should also consider renting an RV for a lengthier period of time, as owners usually offer discounts (10-30%) for longer rentals.

Exploring the USA in an RV

The USA is a massive, diverse country with the most extensive highway system in the world, and with a vibrant national and state park system. As such, America is a perfect fit for RVing. The versatility of an RV – which enables you to experience the open road (and the outdoors) in comfort and relative luxury – is particularly well-suited to the expansive nature of an American trip.

US infrastructure for RVing is second to none. There are numerous campgrounds and RV parking lots, some of which are free, but most of which are paid. Each has their own rules, and are generally staffed with knowledgeable people who are willing to help newcomers set up.

The cost of staying overnight in a campground or RV lot is substantial when added up over the course of a trip. If you intend to RV regularly, consider joining an RV member club that offers discounts for qualifying campgrounds/parking lots.

If you are interested in renting an RV for a trip across the USA, don’t be afraid to consider nontraditional RVing trips. Consider staying for a few days at a music festival, or park your RV near a big city and explore the city. RVing the USA does not mean that you have to stick to the great outdoors – you should experience the full range of sights, sounds, and culture that America has to offer!

Where to Rent a Luxury RV in the USA

The best place in the USA to rent a luxury RV is RVshare.

RVshare is the USA’s – and the world’s – largest and most popular peer-to-peer RV rental platform. At any moment, there are thousands of RV rental listings available in the USA alone. Thus, if you’re looking for a more premium, luxury-outfitted RV, your best bet is to browse the listings on RVshare. You’re not only likely to find an RV that is uniquely configured to suit your specific needs, but you’re also more likely to get a competitive rental rate.

RVshare directly connects owners with renters. As such, if you cannot find a luxury RV for a price that makes sense for your budget, consider sending a message to the owner and having a conversation about price. Negotiation may lead to a discount!

The nature of the RVshare platform not only allows prospective renters to easily browse and compare rental listings but also saves renters time with powerful search filters. If you’re only looking for premium RVs, setup the correct filters and you won’t have to sift through pages of irrelevant listings.

To get started, enter your location and start browsing RVshare today!

Looking for a One Way RV Rental to Drive Across the USA

Renting an RV can be a significant time and financial investment. When you rent an RV, you are not only agreeing to take the RV from the owner as you start your trip, but you are actually agreeing to return the RV to the owner at the original location. This return requirement can complicate RVer plans quite a bit. Your plans might be improved if instead of having to turn around and return to the owner, you were simply allowed to drop the RV off at a secondary location (or with a subsequent renter). This type of RV pick-up/drop-off is known as a one-way RV rental.

If you’re interested in doing a one way RV rental in the USA, speak with the owner that you’re renting from in advance. Depending on the circumstances, a one-way RV rental may be a workable solution. For example, if the owner can find a second renter willing to begin their RV rental from a location later on in your trip, it may be possible to drop off the RV with the second renter.