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Can You Rent An RV?

Few things in life feel better than packing up a suitcase and hitting the open road. That’s why it comes as no surprise so many travelers enjoy the RV lifestyle. Forget stressful flights and long airport layovers. Experience the world with more comfort and convenience on an RV adventure.

If you're looking for the most flexible way to vacation, RV travel is one of your best options. No need to stick to a strict schedule. No extra money spent on booking hotel rooms. No worrying about where to leave your big bulky luggage. And, let's not forget the ability to get up close and personal with nature.

America's national parks offer stunning scenery and RV travel lets you enjoy a front-row view.

From Mount Rushmore to the forests of California and Oregon, there is almost nowhere you can’t explore on an RV getaway. Spend time outdoors. Take in the fresh air. Marvel at the flora and fauna. Enjoy fishing, biking, and hiking among nature's beauty. Embrace a slower pace.

Don't own an RV? No problem.

You don’t have to have your own RV to enjoy an exciting trip with all the perks that come with RV travel. When you rent an RV, you can embrace the RV life without having to embrace the price of an expensive trailer. Renting a camper can also be a great introduction to the RV lifestyle. Who knows, you may just fall in love.

Afraid you don’t know enough about how to rent an RV? Fear not. Whether you’re looking to rent an RV for a week, a month or a year, websites like RVshare.com make it simple, safe, and most of all, fun to rent an RV camper.

How to Rent an RV

The RV rental process may seem confusing and expensive. Many travelers may envision plenty of paperwork before they can even see their RV. Plus, what if something happened to you and your crew while you were out on the road? The whole thing might seem just a little too scary.

The good news is, it’s never been easier to rent an RV. In fact, the entire process isn’t any more complicated than renting a car.

RVshare gives customers access to the best RVs across the country. You can search through thousands of options until you find the perfect camper. Plus, 24-hour roadside assistance is offered with every rental. That way, even first-time RVers can feel safe and secure on the road.

On RVshare.com, browse by location, features, and RV type to ensure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Then select your dates and book online, never paying any booking fees. Communicate directly with the RV owner to arrange your trip. He or she will make sure you get familiarized with the RV during pick-up. You’ll be ready to hit the open road in your new home away from home in no time.

When you’re ready to head back home after your trip, just gas up and return the RV to its home. No need to worry about the long-term maintenance or monthly payments. And when you’re ready for another trip, just log on and find yourself another RV rental. Keep reaping the benefits of RV travel without having to actually own an RV.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An RV?

One of the best parts about an RV for rent is that campers come in all shapes and sizes. This means it's easy to go as frugal or luxurious as your heart desires. When you book through a reputable company like RVshare, you access thousands of RVs available for as little as $99 a day.

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to go with a smaller camper. These tend to be on the lower end as far as cost, and also need less fuel.

Class B motorhomes provide all the basics: Easy to drive, park, and maneuver. Class B motorhomes are a desirable option for shorter trips. Home-like conveniences come standard, and usually include a bathroom, as well as a small kitchen, and areas for dining and sleeping. Raised roofs and dropped floors can also provide extra indoor headroom.

A Class B motorhome like this 2007 Safari Damara, for example, will run you $99 per night. It sleeps three passengers and includes dash and roof air conditioning, hot and cold water, a bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet, as well as a kitchen stocked with a microwave, refrigerator and stove. There’s also a small living space with a TV.

This 2013 Mercedes Winnebago, meanwhile, rents for $190 per night. It comfortably sleeps two passengers and includes all the basics, as well as two slideouts, which provide added living space.

If an extended trip is what you have in mind, then you’ll definitely want to look into a bigger RV.

For instance, you may find a Class C motorhome is just your style. With a wider body and an over-the-cab area that doubles as sleeping space, these RVs offer many of the same comforts as a standard motorhome. Most come with a kitchen, bathroom, and dining and living spaces with entertainment systems.

This 2011 Keystone Outback 295re, for example, rents for $130 per night. It sleeps six passengers and includes a full bathroom, kitchen with microwave, a three-burner stove, and oven range. Two electric slides open up with a touch of a button for a living space that expands to 14ft wide.

Class C motorhomes also make it easy to tow smaller vehicles (like a car or a couple of ATVs) for side trips.

Not ready to give up the luxuries of home? Go all out with a Class A motorhome. With more living space, plus ducted heating and air-conditioning in many cases, even the smaller Class A models feel roomy. This 2011 Allegro Breeze is ideal for families, sleeping up to five passengers comfortably. It runs for $175 per night and includes features like air leveling, power awnings, privacy shades, three TVs, full queen size bed, full power front captain’s chairs, and rear and side cameras.

Larger Class A models come with even more bells and whistles. Basement storage space and many slideouts provide loads of extra space. This 32-ft. 2014 Thor Windsport 32N rents for $275 per night, and sleeps up to eight passengers. There’s a private suite with flat screen TV, a fold-out sofa-bed with 68-inch inflatable mattress, drop down dinette for additional sleeping accommodations, and a large living space to entertain.

In the end, the cost to rent an RV trailer will be different for each traveler. But with RVshare, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

RVshare gives you all the conveniences of owning an RV, without the hassle or big price tag.

So what are you waiting for? Trust us, the hardest part of your RVshare experience will be coming back home.