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One Day RV Rental

Maybe you’re hosting a big event and just need some extra room. Maybe you want the comfort of a couch and kitchen for the music festival -- even if you can’t stay for the whole weekend.

Or maybe you just want to take a mini-vacation for a Saturday. No matter your reason, yes, you can rent an RV for one day only.

Can You Rent an RV for a Day?

While RV travel might automatically make you think of epic road trips and grand landscapes, there are many situations in which you might want to rent an RV for just one day. The mobile comfort and convenience a motorhome or trailer can provide have many applications outside of lengthy travels!

But if you’re not driving very far, you might be worried about how much it will cost to rent an RV for a day. After all, you won’t be responsible for putting much of the normal travel wear and tear onto the vehicle, so it makes sense that you should get a pretty awesome deal.

The first place you might turn to is your local RV dealership or rental facility, or a nationwide RV rental chain. But many of these big dealerships charge well over $100, or even over $200, per night for rental rigs, and that’s before including the variety of “extra” fees they charge for unavoidable necessities like vehicle preparation and insurance. Plus, some of those base prices are high because they include a built-in charge for base mileage -- a cost that might not apply to you if you’re only doing a one-day RV rental.

Furthermore, rental facilities and dealerships are often more expensive for short-term renters, since they incentivize longer rentals by offering discounts to renters who agree to keep the vehicle for longer (like a full week). In those cases, it proportionately costs a lot more to rent a RV for the day -- if they even let you do it. Maybe RV rental facilities impose rental period minimums of two nights, which would mean you’d be paying double the cost or more for time you wouldn’t even need to use the rental.

The good thing is, no matter how much you spend on your 1-day RV rental, you don’t have to worry about pouring money into the gas tank! But if want to spend as little time as possible worrying about how much it costs to rent a RV for a day, renting by owner might be your best option.

How to Get a One-Day RV Rental for the Best Price

When you rent directly from a private RV owner, you skip paying a big dealership business the high base prices it charges to compensate for its overhead cost of maintenance -- and often, you circumvent all those pesky additional fees, too. Since you’re dealing with a real person (and one who has a lot to gain and nothing to lose, since their RV would otherwise simply be sitting vacant and collecting dust), you have a lot more room to navigate the deal and make sure it makes sense for both parties.

RVshare is a great way to set up this kind of rental agreement. It’s a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, sort of like Airbnb for RVs. Private RV owners all over the country place their RVs for rent when they’d otherwise be unused (i.e, 90% of the time). RVshare helps match them to trustworthy renters, like you, who benefit from lower per-night rental costs while also helping support a private individual or family as opposed to a big, commercial rental dealership.

And when we say “lower per-night rental costs,” we’re not kidding. Depending on what kind of vehicle you’re after and your individual rental market, RVshare has rigs available as low as $9.47 a day. That’s less than 10% of the most of the lowest per-night prices at big rental chains!

And since you’ll be dealing with a real person and not a pre-built contract, you can talk with them about your specific RV rental needs, especially if you only need the vehicle for one day. Your potential lessor can hear out your specific circumstance, and possibly adjust pricing or other fees based on your needs. Better yet, since these RVs are actually sometimes used as vacation vehicles, they’re likely already equipped and outfitted with anything you might need, whereas some dealerships charge hundreds of dollars in fees for add-ons like kitchenware and sheets.

No matter where you are in America, it’s super-easy to find an appropriate and affordable RV rental through RVshare, even if you just need the rig for one day. As a potential renter, you simply search your area (or the area where you need the vehicle) and enter the date you need the RV. You’ll find an assortment of informative listings for different available rigs in your vicinity, which you can further filter down by factors like model type and cost. When you click on an individual listing, you’ll find lots of information about what the owner expects of an approved renter -- details like minimum age requirements and whether or not pets are allowed onboard. Although some private owners impose minimum rental times just like dealerships, you’ll find that, in general, prices are lower and terms are more negotiable since you’re dealing with real, live people.

Although a one-day RV rental might not be typical, it’s still a major comfort and a convenience to have a home on wheels… even if you don’t need it for very long! By renting your rig through RVshare, you’ll find a more flexible, affordable rental experience, and you’ll put money into the pockets of members of the camping community -- adventurous, family-oriented folks just like you.

Enjoy your day-cation!