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Congratulations on making the decision to travel via RV! Few things in life can be as rewarding as hitting the open road and getting up close and personal with some of the biggest attractions and most beautiful scenery all across North America.

With that great decision comes the burden of choosing the best possible accommodations for your family while on the road. Thankfully, there’s a somewhat easy answer. If you rent a motor coach, you won’t have to sacrifice style, comfort, luxury, or technology.

If you want to know what the advantages of renting a motor coach are, and then find the best possible rates for one, read on!

Advantages of Renting a Motor Coach

First and foremost, let’s talk about what a motorcoach really is. They’re the big, tour bus looking RVs, with flat fronts. They’re typically used to carry a larger amount of passengers, and of course, usually run on diesel fuel. It’s normal to see slideout features, and they’re the exact models that many people think of when they hear the word “motorhome.”

Other names you may hear for these include things like diesel pusher, Prevost (like the brand), and of course, class A RVs which all run in the family. The point is that these are all very large units that have some very clear advantage over other RV units.

The most obvious benefit of renting a motor coach type RV is the living space. Motor coaches have been known to reach lengths of over 45 feet, and slide outs can expand to up to 14 feet in width! These are by far the largest motorhomes available.

Living spaces in A class motorhomes practically feel like modest-sized houses. As far as amenities, the standard coaches include things like a full bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink. On top of that, they’ll have a master bedroom, kitchen, dining area, living area, and anything else you’d normally have in your home (or hotel).

Large class A’s can sometimes sleep up to eight people comfortably and they come with tons of storage space, inside the unit and out.

The A class types are also known to be a smooth drive and because of their designs, they allow the driver to have optimal visibility at all times.

Motor coaches aren’t only known for being the biggest units in the RV family, though. They’re also known for being some of the most luxurious. If you wanted to vacation like a camper, yet still feel like you’re in a hotel, these are the perfect options.

For example, many of these give you the choice of having more home-like features like different styles of flooring (like wood or ceramic). Some come with granite counter tops, very large TVs, patio hammocks, and more!

The technology built in them is even more impressive with their state of the art safety features, hydraulic leveling jacks, and entrances with automatic steps.

Whereas many RVs either need a vehicle to tow them or aren’t powerful enough to tow, motor coaches can actually tow most consumer vehicles 5,000-7,500lbs with no problems!

Renting a Motor Coach

With all of the comfort and luxury, a motor coach rental isn’t usually the cheapest. In fact, renting one of these can start from around a few hundred bucks a night to over $600 a night on average. So what if a coach is the only thing that can work for your friends and family, but you don’t want to pay typical motor coach rental price?

We have good news! RVshare has hundreds of options for families of any size and budget. We’re the largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, and the number of different motor coaches for rent is growing by the day. You can rent from the most basic to the most luxurious for the lowest prices in the market.

All you have to do is scroll down the page and enter in the location you want to pick up and your available dates, and you’ll be directed to a page with a seemingly endless amount of options.

Let’s use California as an example of how the process works, and how much money you can save with RVshare:

If you type in “Los Angeles, CA” into the search box, it pulls up over 500 different RV styles for rent, all right in the area. Likewise, you’d do the same thing, just with whichever area is convenient for you.

Next, let’s say we want to be more specific and filter results for the motor coach type unit you’re interested in looking for. You simply go over to the panel on the left and click the box that says “Class A.” After filtering it more, it still leaves 125 options available right in the area. You can do the same on your end.

Finally, to view the best possible price, go to the top, on the right hand of the results and click “RVshare Sort.” There, you can set the results to show you them from “low to high.” Prices available in LA start from as little as $125 per night! That’s already about half of what the average rental price is for the area.

If you want to find the most luxurious and technological models for your vacation, maybe set the price the opposite way. In the case of Los Angeles, the most luxurious models available run for about $500 on average. Not bad at all when you consider the craftsmanship and features put into them. Not to mention the fact that you can bring it anywhere you want to go tow your own vehicle!

Try it out yourself for whatever location you want, and you’ll be impressed with the price differences compared to what’s average in your area, and the sheer amount of choices.

Luxury Motor Coach Rental Wrap Up

With RVshare, getting the entire family out on the road for vacation has never been easier! Motor coaches come with everything you’ll need, whether you’re going camping for a couple of days, a few miles from home, or you’re planning a long trek down route 66 to experience all of the country’s most famous views. It’s the one stop shop for all your RVing needs!