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If you’re planning on doing any kind of traveling by RV, you probably already know that a Winnebago hire is one of the most popular ways to do so in the USA. Instead of paying separately for accommodations, food, and transportation, RV motorhome rentals could be the most cost-effective way to vacation.

In this article, we’re going to learn about the history of Winnebago, the different kinds of models they make, and which model is best for your family. We’re also going to take a look at how you can access a great rental no matter where you live, and how you can find the best deals possible on one! Let’s dive right in.

About Winnebago

First things first. Winnebago is synonymous with the word “motorhome,” even though that’s not what it means. What exactly is Winnebago, anyway?

Well, Winnebago isn’t just a fancy word for RV. It’s an RV manufacturer that was actually founded back in 1958 in a county of the same name in Iowa. Winnebago was built in an attempt to save the poor economy of the area. After a rough beginning, the company was able to innovate on many things that were lacking in motorhomes back in the early days of recreational vehicles. For starters, Winnebago began to not only manufacture the RVs themselves, they also made better quality furniture that went inside them.

One of the main reasons they got so popular was because Winnebagos were sold for around half the price that competitors were selling their motorhomes for. They were able to sell more models than their competitors, of course, which is why their ubiquitousness caused the name “Winnebago” to be so synonymous with the word “motorhome,” whether a particular model was built by Winnebago or not.

So there’s a little history lesson that explains why many people instantly think of Winnebago Industries when they hear the world “motorhome,” or vice versa. But does Winnebago only have one style of RV, or do they have choices?

Well, the truth is that there’s not actually one “Winnebago.” The brand has all sorts of different models and classes of RV, ranging from campervans and class B motorhomes to class C, class A, and even fifth wheels!

Which Style of Winnebago Should You Rent?

Since Winnebago manufactures a bunch of different models, there’s plenty of options for renters who are looking for a specific Winnebago hire in the USA, whether you need the most basic RV or a luxury ride. But which style is best for your family? Let’s see what the differences are to make it a much easier choice.

Class C - These models are some of the most popular. They’re built from the chassis of trucks and the smaller models only take up one large parking space. They’re fairly easy to drive and have connected live-in compartments, making it simple to access everything you need while on the go. Because of their design, they’re easier to keep cool than larger models, and they have everything you need to have a comfortable trip.

Class B - These are a little smaller than class C RVs and also really popular. Class B motorhomes are built on the chassis of vans, so they’re considered to be very safe and fuel-efficient compared to other RVs. They too have connected living and driving compartments, but unlike other RV styles, they only have the most basic of amenities. The shower and toilet are usually in one space. Class B motorhomes are good for travelers who only need a Winnebago hire in the USA for a short trip, or maybe one way.

Class A - These are some of the largest and most luxurious types of RVs. They’re made from the chassis of busses, so you can imagine how much space they have inside of them! Class A RVs are great if you’re planning on taking a long or far trip. They’ve got all the storage space you can possibly need, and are considered to be one of the most comfortable units. Because of the size and luxuriousness, however, these are the most expensive units to rent.

Winnebago Hire East Coast USA to West Coast USA

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Winnebago Hire USA Prices 

So we’ve learned what Winnebagos are and why they’re so popular. We’ve even learned that they don’t only have one kind of unit, but manufacture all sorts of RVs. Now, let’s learn about how much they’ll cost you to rent and how to make sure to get the best prices.

Prices vary depending on a few factors. First, try to be flexible with your dates. Avoiding high seasons or holidays can save you a ton of money. Second, renting longer gets you better nightly rates, so feel free to enjoy your trip as long as you need. Finally, talk to owners to find out if they’ve got any sort of deals going on.

Of course, rates also vary on the type of unit you’re looking to rent, but here are some basic numbers you can expect.

Class A - $175 to $250 per night

Class B - $75 to $150 per night

Class C - $100 to $200 per night

You’ll also be made aware of taxes and any deposits or fees that come with some rentals

Winnebago Hire in the USA

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article. We talked about what Winnebagos were, where you can rent them, how to get better prices, and how much you can expect to spend per night on rentals. Hopefully, you’re closer to finally being able to take the RV trip you’ve been waiting for with a Winnebago Hire!