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Caravan Rental Near Me

Looking to rent a caravan, camper, motorhome or van to tour the country the easy way?

If you’ve never taken a road trip in a travel trailer or other recreational vehicle, you’re in for a treat. You’ll experience all the freedom and exhilaration of the road without any of the concern about finding a place to stay each night. You can even save money and customize your menu by cooking your own meals. (That’s right: No more horrific gas station food!)

But when it comes time to book your caravan rental, you might find yourself a little bit overwhelmed. First of all, what type of RV should you be looking for? How do you know if a price is fair? Most importantly, how can you be certain you can trust your RV rental dealership?

Finding a caravan rental or a caravan for hire doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here’s how to find one in your area today.

Caravan Rental Near Me Now

Although you’ve probably already furiously Googled “caravan hire near me” or “caravan rental ,” there’s another option for finding affordably-priced and well-outfitted campers in your area.

RVshare is a platform that will allow you to arrange a caravan rental by owner. Basically, instead of renting from a big agency or dealership with a dedicated rental fleet, you’ll tour the country in a privately owned rig -- which will likely be in good shape and well-appointed, since it’s actually used by its owners for family vacations. Plus, since private owners don’t have to worry about employing a customer service team or keeping the lights on in a big dealership floor environment, they can generally afford to rent their vehicles for a fraction of big dealership prices.

If you’re worried about finding a caravan rental facility that’s open now, RVshare is a great option -- after all, the vehicles are privately owned. And while you can’t expect that the owners will respond to your questions or requests immediately every time, they’ll most likely have much more flexibility than traditional business hours!

Caravan Rental Near Me Prices

The price of renting a caravan will vary greatly depending on a variety of factors.

First of all, certain markets are simply more expensive than others. There are few ways around that complication if you’re taking off from an expensive destination town.

Furthermore, the type of caravan or RV you’re renting will heavily impact your final price. If you need a large, all-inclusive Class A motorhome that’ll house and sleep your big family, you’ll pay more than you would for a tiny campervan or a modest tow-behind trailer. Here are a few different types of caravans you might be considering for your trip:

  • Class A Motorhomes are the largest self-contained motorized RVs on the market, up to 45 feet in length (and in rare cases even longer)! This is the type of RV you see celebrities being bussed around in, which should tell you something about what you might expect to pay to rent one. They can sleep up to 8 passengers and may include luxurious amenities, slide outs for extra living space, and beautiful furnishings.

  • Class C Motorhomes are a great compromise for a family who wants to rent an RV but doesn’t have (and doesn’t want to bother with renting) a tow vehicle. While Class C motorhomes are still self-contained and motorized, they’re smaller and more modest, making them more affordable. However, they can still usually sleep up to 6 people, and sometimes even more. Plus, their classic over-cockpit sleeping compartment is perfect for kids -- it’s just like a secret hiding place!

  • Sleeper vans, campervans and Class B motorhomes are smaller self-inclusive recreational vehicles that may or may not include toilet facilities. Since they’re tiny, they’re also relatively inexpensive to rent. However, although you’ll sacrifice living space, you’ll more than make up for that in flexibility and affordability. These caravans have some of the best fuel efficiency available in the world of RVing, and they can fit into almost any campsite, even if it’s down a treacherous, narrow road. You might steer clear of this type of RV if you have several children, however -- there’s not much privacy to be had when you’re living in a van!

  • Travel trailers , including pop-up campers, fifth wheel trailers and other tow-behind vehicles, are not motorized and will require a tow vehicle. However, many small trailers can be towed even with a mid-sized SUV, and some of the smallest may even be towable with a regular sedan. Depending on the size and type of trailer you look at, your price -- and the amenities and comforts -- will vary widely. For instance, some fifth wheel trailers boast upwards of 500 square feet and even two separate bedrooms, while tiny teardrop trailers include little more than a single bed. No matter what, though, trailers have a great added bonus in that you’ll always have a separate vehicle available to explore your destination once you arrive.

Depending on the size and type of caravan you want to rent, you might pay as much as $250 per night or as little as $60, although these prices don’t include additional fees for insurance, extra mileage, or fuel. Of course, it’s usually cheaper to find a caravan for hire by owner -- in some markets, travel trailers and other caravans are available through RVshare for as little as $10 per night!

Caravan Rental Near Me Cheap

If you want to find the cheapest caravans for hire near you today, your best bet is to commit to doing thorough research and price comparison. Check out all the rental dealerships in your area (or the origin point for your road trip if you’re traveling in from afar), and call each to find out if there are any hidden fees or other costs beyond the advertised nightly rate. You might even describe your trip’s length and mileage and ask for a final, all-inclusive quote.

It’s also important to check out online reviews from previous customers, which might alert you to bad customer service, poor vehicle construction, and other issues before it’s too late. After all, even the cheapest option is, in reality, quite expensive if it ends up costing you the enjoyment of your trip!

You might also be able to score a discount by renting the caravan for a longer period of time, like a full week or a month. Many dealerships -- and even RVshare owners -- offer discounts to renters looking for a long term caravan rental.

Keep in mind that RVshare offers listings for caravans of all shapes, types, and sizes across the entire country. That means that no matter where you’re starting from, you’ll likely find a vehicle that will fit your needs and your budget. To factor in additional costs, simply click on an individual listing, and you’ll see a total breakdown of any fees the owners will assess beyond the daily rental rate. You’ll also find details about the RV’s amenities, as well as its owners’ expectations of renters (minimum age requirements, whether or not pets are allowed onboard, etc).

Good luck with finding your perfect caravan for hire -- we know you’ll enjoy this one-of-a-kind travel experience and have the trip of a lifetime!