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Can you Rent an RV in the USA?

There’s no better way to experience the great outdoors than by a thrilling journey behind the wheel of a Recreational Vehicle. Getting the family together, traveling on your own terms, all while having the same comforts that you’d have if you slept at home. There’s really nothing quite like it.

RVs are convenient, economical, fun, and very unique compared to your average hotel stay. No wonder more families than ever have chosen to buy their own rig. However, that isn’t always an option for every family out there, which is why renting can be a worthwhile opportunity.

Thousands of families throughout the country are benefiting greatly from renting an RV as opposed to purchasing one. How? By booking RV campers for rent directly by the owner.

Can you rent can RV trailer quickly? Absolutely. And if you’re already an owner, can you rent out your RV and start making money in as little as a few days? Of course. In this post, we’re going to cover both of those things.

Can you Rent an RV for Vacation?

Not only can you definitely rent an RV for vacation, you probably should do it. Renting an RV provided benefits that you may have never thought of. For instance, owning an RV may be fun for about 10% of the year or so, but did you know that most owners leave their units in storage for roughly 90% of the year?

When leaving your RV in storage, the wheels may not be moving, but everything else is. Monthly payments, costs of maintenance, and costs of storage don’t go away. The average RV owner spends between $500 and $1000 a month on such necessities.

If you decide to rent an RV, however, you only ever need to pay for the time you’re actually using it. This instantly saves you hundreds of dollars a year, no matter how much you like to vacation.

Renting an RV also gives you added flexibility. Instead of using the one RV you bought for different trips, you have the ability to customize the rig you’re using based on the type of trip.

If you’re going on a long cross-country trip with your family, perhaps renting a Class A RV probably makes the most sense. If you’re taking a short weekend ride with your spouse, a Class B van would probably work best. If you’ve got a heavy-duty truck, maybe you only need a travel trailer this time. Either way, renting helps you conveniently customize your trip however you’d like.

Can you Rent a Camper for the Weekend?

Where can you rent an RV? Welcome to RVshare, the world’s largest RV sharing marketplace. We’ve got more listings, better customer service, and lower pricing than anyone else in the entire industry.

Can you rent out a small RV or camper trailer for a weekend, a few days, or even a month or more? You bet. All you need to do is take a few minutes to create a profile and you’ll be well on your way.

The process is super quick and finding the perfect match for your needs can take as little as a few minutes.

First, enter your location and travel dates. You’ll be taken to a page that’ll show you dozens, if not hundreds, of potential rental units that are available when and where you need them. You can customize your results based on class, year, length, the number of travelers, and nightly rate.

When you find an RV you like, just click on it to read the description. You can read all about its features and amenities, learn about any rules owners may have, get the total pricing, and read customer reviews. If you like it, request to book, and you’ll be in touch with an owner in no time.

How much does an RV cost to rent? It depends on the class, when you rent, and how long you rent for. Here’s a general idea:

Class A - Nightly is $175 to $200. Weekend is $525 to $600. Week is $1,050 to $1,200

Class B - Nightly is $75 to $100. Weekend is $225 to $300. Week is $450 to $600

Class C - Nightly is $125 to $175. Weekend is $375 to $525. Week is $750 to $1,050

Can you Rent your RV?

Besides being a fantastic way for families who don’t own an RV to get their hands on one for a few days, RVshare is perfect for people who already own to share them with folks and start making money from their rigs. RVshare is safe, secure, and it’s easy to get started today.

Listing your RV is absolutely free and takes but a few minutes. Create your profile by either using Facebook or your email address, then create a description for your rig, and upload clear images of what your RV looks like. You manage exactly what the end-user sees.

Potential renters will send you a reservation request for you to review. You’ll always be in complete control of who can and can’t rent from you. When you approve a renter and agree on terms, you’ll meet with them and give them a quick tutorial on how to use the many features of your unit.

After that, you send them on their way, they enjoy their vacation, and you reap all the benefits. At the end of their trip, renters will return your RV with whatever gas they used. We take care of all the difficult paperwork and even work with both parties to make sure insurance is good to go.

Whether you want to rent a full fleet, or just start with one, RVshare makes it simple to turn your unit into an investment.

Can you Rent an RV One Way Closing Thoughts

As we learned, if you’re not an RV owner, it’s very simple to use RVshare to rent an RV for just a weekend or longer. With our thousands of high-quality listings, finding the perfect Recreational Vehicle for your family only takes a matter of minutes!

If you are an RV owner and want to start having your unused RV pay for itself, there’s no better way than the sharing economy.