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Small Camping Vans for Rent

There are many advantages to choosing small camping vans over large RVs. They are easier to maneuver, which means easy parking in a camping spot and other locations. Today’s smaller van has been streamlined with up-to-date amenities that can make camping a comfortable and exciting experience.

Campervans for rent are self-propelled vehicles that provide sleeping accommodations for two to eight people depending on the model. Most of them contain cooking areas, and larger ones often include a bathroom. Many people prefer to hire a campervan because of the ease and comfort of driving.

A vacation should be relaxing and allow you to avoid the stresses of everyday life. This is possible when you reserve one of the vans for camping for rent that are available online. Whether you are planning an outdoor camping trip or want to explore famous places throughout the country, camper vans for rent in the USA will enable you to have a great time.  

Vans to Rent for Camping

It is not necessary to purchase a van and have to worry about storage, upkeep, and so forth. Renting through a company like RVshare will make it easy to enjoy the camping experience without the expense. RVshare is an RV rental marketplace where private owners rent out their vehicles, making it possible for those who don’t own their own vehicles to enjoy the camping experience.

When you secure a campervan hire, it allows you to enjoy camping without a large financial investment. For example, a new 2017 Erwin Hymer Group, which sleeps two, sells for $61,999; and a new 2017 Thor Chateau 22E, which sleeps five, sells for $51,999. And these are the clearance prices!

Since they pay such a large price for their vehicles, the owners of these camping vans usually take special care in their maintenance and upkeep. Thus, you can be assured of having clean and up-to-date accommodations for your trip.  

Campervan Rental Rates

The price to rent a campervan depends on the age, size, and type of vehicle you wish to rent. A campervan is a vehicle that can sleep two to eight people. While all sizes have kitchen arrangements, depending on the size, there also may be a bathroom.

Class A campervans rent from $160 to $450 per night, Class Bs rent from $100 to $350 per night, and Class C vehicles rent from $100 to $400 per night. The lower end refers to campers that are 10 years or older, and the higher prices refer to newer models. The number of miles you travel and the insurance you get represent additional costs.

When checking out camper van rental rates, be sure to ask about unlimited miles. In addition to the basic rate, there also is an extra charge per mile after a certain number of miles is traveled. Unlimited miles are usually available for a small additional charge and well worth it if you are planning on a long trip.  

Rent a Campervan

The easiest way to find campervans for rent is to go online. RVshare is one site that lists the various campervans available along with the price and other details. It often is possible to find a rental near your home, which makes it convenient to pick up and drop off the van.

The first step to renting a campervan is deciding what size will best fit your needs and budget. Most websites list a picture of the campervan along with pertinent information. This information may include details regarding the campervan’s construction; daily, weekly, or monthly price; and other data regarding rules, insurance, and so forth.

A campervan rental has the advantages of providing comfort with vehicle control and handling. This makes it easy to back into a camping spot as well as maneuver in heavy traffic. This can be quite beneficial if you are planning to travel in heavy traffic areas, such as Los Angeles, Seattle, or other large cities.  

How Do I Locate Campervans for Rent Near Me?

It often is possible to find a campervan for rent that is near where you live. This proximity will enable you to actually view the van up close and avoid experiencing problems while on your trip. It also allows you to speak directly with the owner.

In addition, locating a nearby rental will make it convenient for you to pick up and drop off the vehicle. While a camping trip can be extremely enjoyable, it’s also tiring. Therefore, you’ll want to be able to return the vehicle as quickly and conveniently as possible after a long trip. 

Going online and doing some research will yield information regarding nearby campervans for rent. It also enables you to look at a picture of the vehicle, find out the vehicle's age, and learn other pertinent information. This makes it possible for you to determine whether it is the right van for your needs.  

One-Way Campervan Rental in the USA

Sometimes, it is convenient to choose a campervan rental for a one-way trip in order to plan the vacation of a lifetime. Imagine how fun it would be to hire a campervan and leisurely travel across the United States while taking in many natural wonders, such as Carlsbad Caverns, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park. Once you reach your destination, you can then turn in the van and fly home.

When you are moving, choosing one of the VW camper vans for rent in the USA to travel one way is an excellent way to avoid the expense of hotel reservations and restaurant meals. This makes it possible to leisurely enjoy what would otherwise be a stressful trip.

Many people are taking advantage of one-way campervan rentals in the USA. They have found that this is an economical way to meet their needs in specific situations. More information regarding this type of rental can be found online at RVshare.com.