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Find Campervans for Rent in America for Your Cross-Country Road Trip

If you're traveling solo with your four-legged companion, you don't need a huge motorhome for your vacation. A campervan rental in America means that you can save money on accommodations and apply that cash toward your cross-country adventures. 

While living in conversion campervans for rent during your vacation is an adventure, you'll want to really experience all that the country has to offer. A solitary road trip across the country from one coast to another will take between 40 to 50 hours depending on the route. That can be spread across a few weeks to really experience all that the USA has to offer. 

There are plenty of ways to save on your campervan rental too. This is especially true if you research and plan your trip prior to renting the campervan.

One of the best ways is to find classic campervans for rent through a private party. Instead of renting from a company with high overhead, you'll be renting from an owner who wants to share their love of the open road.   

Cheap Campervans for Rent

To save hundreds of dollars on your vacation, you can find cheap campervans for rent that are being relocated to a new area. There are many reasons why an owner will want to move their RV to another location.

Most owners who are relocating don't want to pay someone to drive their RV across the country on top of paying for moving expenses like a truck and packers. You can get a really great deal on a relocation even if it's from one coast to the other in Mercedes campervans for rent.   

Dog-Friendly Campervans for Rent

One of the best ways to save money during your vacation is to avoid boarding your canine companion at a kennel. Putting your dog up in a kennel for a week or two can really destroy your vacation budget. You might consider asking a family member to pet sit your furry friend, but it would be more fun to include him or her in your plans by searching for campervans for rent that are dog friendly. 

Find a campervan owner who doesn't mind renting to someone with a pet. You might have to pay a small cleaning or pet deposit, but that can be returned when the rental is given back in great shape.   

Mini Campervans for Rent

You're always going to pay for every inch of space in the RV rental. You should never get more space than you need. When you're on a solitary trip, don't bother renting a large motorhome when mini campervans for rent are all you'll really need for sleeping. 

You don't need a space with a toilet or a shower if you can plan your trip around campgrounds and RV parks. For the price of an overnight spot, you can get access to the showers and toilets instead of spending more on a pricier rental.   

Off-Season and Early Bookings for Campervan Rental in America

When you are traveling across the country, you won't have to worry about the seasons. Whether you book in the shoulder season or winter, the off-season can give you great deals on your travel arrangements. 

If you need to book in the summer, you'll get a much better deal if you book early. As the time of your vacation approaches, you're left with the most expensive options as well as a rental that might be completely unsuitable in terms of price. 

For early bookings, you'll likely only need to put down a partial deposit on the rental. That will hold the campervan until you're ready to hit the road. That'll give you time to save up for your vacation across the country. 

While you should definitely book a few places to stay on your road trip, don't overbook your vacation. When you're rushing to meet the deadline for the next location, you'll miss the chance to be spontaneous and carefree. 

Leave gaps in your itinerary for hazards or pitfalls too. You might end up with a flat tire or have to stop in one location to take care of a work emergency. You'll lose money if you've booked your schedule too tightly. 

Class B campervans for rent are meant to give you freedom on the road to visit a ton of great locations. You might pass an attraction that truly calls out to you. Make sure you're scheduling some free time to pursue them.   

Campervans for Rent That Are Ideal for New RV Drivers

If you've taken advantage of campervans for rent in the USA, it can be daunting to drive a large motorhome. It's best to start with a smaller vehicle if it's your first time driving from coast to coast in America. You can work your way up toward a motorhome that will fit more people later too. 

Falling in love with this kind of vacation means that one day you might have a family of your own to drive across the country. You might rope a group of friends into the adventure too. You'll have the advantage of being an experienced driver when it's time to invite friends. 

To save money on your cross-country road trip, mini campervans for rent are a good choice. They'll allow you more freedom on the road, and you won't have to worry about renting a large camping spot in an RV park.

Instead, you can book a campground spot every few days for the shower. Remember, you shouldn't overbook or strictly book all your time on the road. Allow some room for spontaneous side trips.