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Looking for a campervan for hire in the USA?

Road tripping by camper or sleeper van is one of the most rewarding ways to travel, especially in a country as large and beautiful as America. With a small and flexible campervan, you can sleep almost anywhere. You’ll also have access to the remote, off-road locations larger RVs wouldn’t dare attempt to access. No matter where in the country you’re headed, there’s so much to do, see, and explore… you’ll certainly never get bored on the road!

But if you don’t already have a camper of your own -- or if you’re flying a long distance to reach your starting point -- you’ll most likely need to find a rental vehicle. And obviously, everyone wants to save as much money as possible, even while they’re on vacation. So when you’re trying to find the best campervan for hire, price will probably be a serious concern and deciding factor… but you also don’t want to sacrifice quality or service just to save a few dollars!

So how should you start your search for a cheap camper for hire in America?

Best Camper Hire USA

When you’re first beginning to look for a camper for hire in the USA, one of the easiest ways to start is by running a simple Google search for “campervan rental near me,” or “campervan rental .”

Keep in mind that camper van rental availability can vary widely depending on your market. For instance, small camper trailers are very popular and trendy in the American Pacific Northwest, but less so in the midwestern or southern regions. These factors will affect how many rentals you might find available at traditional RV rental facilities and dealerships, as well as their potential quality. The best case scenario would be to find a dealership that specifies specifically in small RVs, campers and sleeper vans, rather than bulky Class A and Class C motorhomes.

Another option for finding a USA camper for hire is to check out the local listings on the peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, RVshare. RVshare allows private RV owners to list their vehicles for rent when they’d otherwise be sitting empty, helping them make some extra money when vacation time is over. It also helps you, the renter, save money, because private owners can usually afford to list their RVs for much lower rates than a big dealership might. In some markets, you’ll find vehicles available for as little as $10 per night -- especially if you’re interested in a smaller rental, like a campervan! RVshare has listings across the country, so you should be able to find a campervan relatively close by, no matter where in the USA you’re starting your trip from.

Classic Camper Hire

No matter which rental facility you choose, you’ll likely have a number of options when it comes to your campervan rental vehicle. You might find a Volkswagen Vanagon, a small Class B sleeper van, or even a converted campervan.

If you’re looking for a complete camper hire, you need to double check what’s included in the rental -- for instance, will your rental vehicle be equipped with towels and basic kitchenware, like plates and cups, or will you need to bring your own? What about toiletries -- or sheets, blankets, and pillows?

Many campervan rentals in the USA will likely offer these items at an additional fee, which you can avoid by bringing your own goods from home. However, if you’re traveling a long distance or flying overseas before you even start your road trip, it will probably be more convenient to simply rent these items from the facility, even if they come at an additional cost.

One benefit of choosing a privately-owned RV for hire is that these vehicles are actually lived in and loved, so they’re generally already outfitted with everything you need to feel right at home as soon as you set out on your trip. You can also bring any special concerns, needs, or requests directly to the owner to see what options might be available to you.

How Much to Hire a Camper Trailer

We know your campervan hire is just one part of your USA travel budget. But fortunately, many vehicles are available at very affordable prices. In fact, sleeping in a campervan or travel trailer can help you save hundreds of dollars on expensive hotel rooms and other traditional travel accommodations!

In most markets, small travel vans and campers can usually be rented for well under $100 per day, even from traditional rental venues. You could reasonably budget about $50-$60 per day for your van, but that’s not counting any additional mileage or insurance fees, or gas costs.

You might also save some money by agreeing to rent your van for a full week, or even longer, as opposed to just a few days. Many dealerships offer discounts to renters who keep their rental vehicles for longer periods of time.

Weekend Camper Hire

Sometimes, keeping your rental vehicle for an extended period simply isn’t possible, or doesn’t make sense for your trip’s route or itinerary.

But even if you only need a short, weekend campervan hire, you should be able to get one without spending much more than you might on staying in modest hotels each night.

It’s even possible to find one-way camper hire programs, so you can pick up your van in a different place than you’ll drop it off. This is very helpful for people traveling from different American regions, or even different countries, who want to fly into one destination city and road trip to a different one where they’ll catch their flight home. However, not every rental dealership will offer a one-way rental, and those that do might assess an additional fee to make up for the work of transporting the camper van back to its origin. So if a one-way rental makes the most sense for your trip, be sure to specify that this arrangement is what you’re looking for quite early on in the rental process.