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3 Day RV Rental

Not every road trip needs to be long and drawn out to be epic!

Some of the very best vacations take place over three day weekends. Whether you’re looking to head down to the beach for a relaxing few days or take a quick jaunt to a fun, nearby destination city, you can take advantage of your next free Monday or Friday in an RV.

RV road tripping is ideal for short weekend getaways because it’s easy and flexible. Camping’s all about getting closer to nature and making the most out of any situation -- you can make any pocket of nature into a destination in an RV! And if you don’t already have a rig of your own, don’t worry. You can easily find lots of facilities that will offer short-term RV rentals.

How to Rent an RV for 3 Days

No matter where you’re planning to travel or how long you’ll be going for, you have lots of options when it comes to renting an RV.

Your first choice for a three day RV rental might be to check out local RV dealerships and rental facilities in your area. You can do this by simply running a Google search for “RV rentals near me” and your zip code.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to spend a little more money -- or if you collect frequent flyer miles -- you could fly to your destination and find a 3 day RV rental there. After all, three days isn’t very much time, and this option would allow you to fit a faraway destination into a long weekend!

In this case, you’d search for a rental facility at or around the destination city. However, you’d lose out on the convenience of the ample storage space and comfortable travel that RV living is famous for in this scenario.

Once you find a rental facility that looks good, you need to make sure it will fulfill your 3 day RV rental needs. It’s worthwhile to check into third party reviews online through sites like Yelp, which will give you unbiased information about the quality of the rental vehicles and also the friendliness and efficiency of the customer service team. You’ll also want to make sure that they company has the right kind of RV for you available as part of their rental fleet.

Some different types of RVs include:

  • Class A and Class C motorhome coaches

  • Class B sleeper vans

  • Pop-up tent trailers

  • Large fifth-wheel travel trailers

Each have their own benefits and drawbacks, and which one will work for you will depend on where you’re going and how big your party is, among other factors. For instance, if you have a big family or need an exceptional amount of storage room for adventure gear, a large Class A motorhome or fifth-wheel trailer might be best for you. But if you’re a solo adventurer or looking for a quick, romantic getaway, a sleeper van might be sufficient.

The dealership will likely be happy to help you figure out which setup is right for you and your family. While you’re on the phone, you can also ask them how much it costs to rent an RV for 3 days, and also inquire about any additional fees they might charge.

3 Day RV Rental Rates

The cost to rent an RV for 3 days depends on a variety of factors, including the size and type of rig you choose and also how far you plan to drive it. Many dealerships and rental facilities charge extra fees after a certain, minimal amount of included mileage. They might also charge extra for insurance coverage, vehicle clean-up, and other necessities, as well as convenient add-ons like kitchen kits or linens. You’ll also likely need to put down a refundable security deposit.

There are a few other costs associated with RV rentals -- and all RV travel -- you should also keep in mind. A few examples include:

  • Fuel costs

  • Campground fees

  • Food and other living expenses

  • Dumping and filling fees

  • Roadway tolls

If you want to keep your RV rental as inexpensive as possible, consider browsing 3 day RV rentals through the peer to peer marketplace available on RVshare.

RVshare is an online platform that connects private RV owners to trustworthy, thrifty renters like you. The way it works is simple. Private owners list their RVs for rent when they’d otherwise be sitting empty, collecting dust. Then, you can browse online listings to find a rig that works for you.

It’s actually a win-win scenario. Here’s why.

Since private RV owners don’t have to deal with excessive overhead business costs, their RV rentals are generally much less expensive than the ones you’ll find at dealerships, especially if you only want to rent your RV for 3 days. (Many dealerships offer discounts to customers who sign up to keep the RV for longer periods of time, like a full week or a month.) In some markets, RVshare rentals are as inexpensive as $10 or less per night -- talk about an affordable long weekend trip!

And on the other side, the RV owner stands to earn some extra cash off a vehicle that would otherwise have sat vacant, doing nothing -- or even costing them money to store. So when you’re looking to rent a RV for 3 days, you’re helping put money into the pockets of real people when you do it through RVshare.

How to Make the Most of Your 3 Day RV Rental

Even though three days might not seem like much time, you can make the very most out of it in an RV… especially if you bring along great company! Here are a few ideas to make your next three day weekend into an adventure, rather than just spending it in front of Netflix as usual.

  • Pile the family into your rental RV and hit the road to find the nearest National Park. Find a fun, outdoor activity that works for your family’s level of fitness, whether it’s a simple hike or something more rugged and adventurous, like whitewater rafting.

  • Live close to the coast? Make it into a beach weekend! Find a campsite near the water and bring lots of sunscreen -- and don’t forget the shovels and pails to help build sand castles.

  • Make it a staycation! You can honestly park your rental RV in the nearest public park (given that they allow overnight parking), or even your own backyard, and have a lot of fun with your family. Turn the cell phones off and gather around a board game. You might even remember what life was like before we were all constantly glued to our separate screens.

No matter where you go, enjoy your well-deserved time off. We hope you’ll fall in love with your RVing adventure!

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