Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Wickenburg, AZ

Wickenburg, Arizona is a small city located to the northwest of Phoenix. There are plenty of RV campgrounds in Wickenburg, AZ where you can park your RV for the night. In addition, there are a number of long-term RV parks in Wickenburg, AZ where you can park your rental RV or an RV that you own. This area of Arizona has a lot of potential in terms of exciting RV trips, and many of the Wickenburg campgrounds are situated right up close to the action. Things heat up in a big way in Wickenburg in the summer, and almost every Wickenburg, AZ campground fills up during the cool winter months. Make a reservation for one of the RV parks in the Wickenburg, AZ area today to make sure that you’ll have a chance to soak in the natural beauty and historic grandeur of this Arizona region.

Green N Lush RV Park

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Green N Lush RV Park is a small property located in the nearby town of Black Canyon City. It’s surrounded by the Bradshaw mountains. The park features orange and grapefruit trees that guests have access to during their stay.

Why You’ll Love Green N Lush RV Park

This RV park is a true home away from home. When you stay at Green N Lush RV Park, you’re free to have your fill of all of the oranges and grapefruits that you can eat. These fruit trees also provide shade and a pleasant aroma.

What People Are Saying About Green N Lush RV Park

“This was the best place I could have stayed. The owner works diligently at creating and keeping a green n’ lush tural environment. She is kind and helped me whenever I had any questions. I found this place to be friendly and clean. The rent is reasoble and not over-priced at all. I highly recommend checking this place out!!!” – RaeAnne, Google Review

“It is a wonderful place, I enjoy being here, I can wash my car here. The owner Debra has a blessed heart very giving, overall she a great Lady” – ncy, Google Review

Black Canyon Ranch RV Resort

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This modest RV park is located in Black Canyon City. There are plenty of trees for shade. Rustic wagons are interspersed between the RV pads to create a vintage aesthetic.

Why You’ll Love Black Canyon Ranch RV Resort

This RV park is large enough not to feel lonely, but you won’t be overwhelmed by crowds. Black Canyon Ranch RV Resort features many amenities, and there are occasional park get-togethers. This RV park is located a good distance away from the freeway.

What People Are Saying About Black Canyon Ranch RV Resort

“This is a great place to stay. I love this place. It’s extremely well maintained. The staff is very friendly. It has all the amenities you could ever need. The location is great. The price was very reasonable considering what a high-quality park this is. I can’t wait to come back and I would recommend it to everyone !” – Cal, Google Review

“Awesome park best place to vacation this is the greatest place the staff is super friendly I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a safe and awesome vacation spot definitely check them out we come here every summer I can’t recommend this place enough 5 stars” – Hauntingthe5thcellar, Google Review

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Desert Oasis RV Park

Desert Oasis RV Park is located in Morristown, Arizo. This town is about 30 minutes away from Wickenburg. This is one of the smallest RV parks in the area.

Why You’ll Love Desert Oasis RV Park

This RV park is populated mainly by long-term residents, which makes Desert Oasis RV Park feel homey. There’s a pool on site, and the park is about 40 minutes away from Phoenix. It’s a great place to go if you want some peace and quiet.

What People Are Saying About Desert Oasis RV Park

“Loved staying here! Most affordable place in the whole area. Clean laundry room with nice working machines. Very quiet and neighbors very friendly. Also close to Surprise.” – DDK, Google Review

“Very nice and quiet park. It’s dog-friendly. The people here are very nice. The magement is awesome.” – Laurie, Google Review

Escapees North Ranch RV Club

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This medium-sized RV park is located in an empty landscape. Rolling sandy hills extend in every direction. Many campers bring their ATVs, dirt bikes, or horses.

Why You’ll Love Escapees North Ranch RV Club

This RV park is run by Escapees RV Club, which means that you’ll have access to five-star service. Escapees North Ranch is geared toward enjoying outdoor activities. It’s the perfect place to go if you have a toy hauler with ATVs or other off-road vehicles.

What People Are Saying About Escapees North Ranch RV Club

“Very economical if you’re a member of Escapees. Somewhat close to highway 89 so there’s a little road noise. It gets very full in the peak months so I’d suggest calling ahead for reservations.” – John, Google Review

“Great place, we are here every winter. A friendly, relaxing place for usually older Escapee members. Not fancy but the cost is low compared to the Phoenix Valley.” – Jerry, Google Review

Hidden Hacienda RV Park

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Hidden Hacienda is a small RV park in the north part of Wickenburg. This RV park is rodeo-themed, and you can bring your horses. The folks at Hidden Hacienda can also help you practice your rodeo skills.

Why You’ll Love Hidden Hacienda RV Park

If you’re into the ranch life or want to learn more about being a cowboy, Hidden Hacienda RV Park in Wickenburg is the place for you. The owners love horses, and they frequently have cattle roping performances. This small RV park is a good distance outside of town, so it’s a great place if you’re looking for some privacy.

What People Are Saying About Hidden Hacienda RV Park

“This is a great place to stay. Great people who run the place. There is a friendly, caring atmosphere here. Nice area to walk and enjoy AZ. They also have a nice roping arena and a clubhouse with a place to do laundry. We will stay here again if we get the chance. Thank you for the fresh oranges and grapefruit right off the trees. What a pleasure!!” – Julie, Google Review

“Beautiful, quiet, good people running it and renting here. Only regret is I wish I brought my horse.” – Julie, Google Review

Palm Drive Mobile Home & RV Park

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This RV park also features mobile homes. It is relatively small, and it is located in the middle of town. Many of the guests are full-time residents.

Why You’ll Love Palm Drive Mobile Home & RV Park

This is a great place to stay if you want to be part of a small community. Everyone knows everyone at Palm Drive Mobile Home & RV Park. This means that you can count on neighborly assistance if you need help with anything.

What People Are Saying About Palm Drive Mobile Home & RV Park

“I think that this is a cute cozy little place, and I like the activities that it provides for its renters. I also feel like its fair priced compared to some of the other mobile parks that are around.” – Alia, Google Review

“Couldn’t ask for better managers. The residents are also very accommodating and quickly make my new house a home. Surrounded by good peaceful. people.” – War Robots, Google Review

Loose Horse RV Park

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This RV park is on the small side. It is located in the middle of town. There’s also space to pitch a tent if you are traveling with a large group and need to spread out.

Why You’ll Love Loose Horse RV Park

This RV park is within walking distance of town. Most of the guests are snowbirds, so there’s no pressure to interact more than you want to. Downtown Phoenix is about 45 minutes away from Loose Horse RV Park.

What People Are Saying About Loose Horse RV Park

“This park is well run. Managers are fair and friendly. Clean, clean restrooms! Decent laundry. Great place to stay, really good people staying here, we have a lot of fun.” – Julie, Google Review

“Management is awesome !!! The people who come here are amazing !!! Love it here !!!” – Marilyn, Google Review

Aztec Village RV Park

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Aztec Village RV Park has been a part of Wickenburg for decades. This RV park is located close to downtown. It is home to both snowbirds and full-time residents

Why You’ll Love Aztec Village RV Park

Aztec Village RV Park is the perfect place for you if you want to avoid crowds. It’s also within walking distance from downtown Wickenburg. You can watch the sunset over the mountains from your motorhome or trailer.

What People Are Saying About Aztec Village RV Park

“Great spot in Wickenburg. The park is a bit dated as others have said, but Bev the owner keeps the grounds and facilities very clean. You are very close to everything in Wickenburg and can easily walk to anywhere you need. This was a good spot for us to get laundry done and shower up. There are a few people that live within this park full time and they are all very friendly. Bev has made this a nice, little community. We highly recommend this park if you are looking for one in the area.” – Jordan, Google Review

“Stayed in this park during the National Senior Pro Rodeo. Could not have asked for a better host, Beverly was absolutely fantastic. We stayed in a pull through in a 38-foot 5Th wheel. Can’t wait to go back next year. Park is a mix of full-time residents and vacation spots, lots of trees and a short walk over the bridge to the center of town.” – Becky, Google Review

Desert Cypress Mobile Home & RV Park

Desert Cypress Mobile Home & RV Park is one of the largest RV parks in the Wickenburg area. It features dozens of spots for RVs, and there are also plenty of mobile homes on the premises. This RV park has been family-owned for over 45 years. Best Features

Why You’ll Love Desert Cypress Mobile Home & RV Park

This RV park isn’t pushy about activities, but there are still plenty of opportunities to make friends. Many of the residents live there full-time, and they can clue you in to everything that Wickenburg has to offer. The heated pool is great for taking nighttime swims.

What People Are Saying About Desert Cypress Mobile Home & RV Park

“Awesome lady manager. Our friends we were traveling with had an emergency at home and we had to leave after only one night. She was very understanding and didn’t even charge us for the one night we stayed even though we had reserved more nights. We would come back here again in an instant. Very convenient to town, wide open spaces to park a big rig with trailer, clean and lots of places to 4-wheel. Just be sure to have a long sewer hose.” – Anne, Google Review

“My wife and I stayed here for approximately two weeks. We have had great customer service with spacious landscaped spots and very clean. Ann and Geri bent over backwards for us to accommodate special request. This location is near everywhere you would want to go in Wickenburg. Thank you Desert Cypress for the great stay!” – Dean, Google Review

Horspitality RV Resort and Boarding Stables

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This unique RV campground in northern Wickenburg offers everything equestrian. You’re invited to bring your horses, and most of the RV pads are over 75 feet in length. You’ll also have the opportunity to take an ATV up the mountains that loom behind this spacious RV park.

Why You’ll Love Horspitality RV Resort and Boarding Stables

Horspitality RV Resort and Boarding Stables is the perfect place to stay if you have a horse or just like to watch equestrian sports. You can park your horse trailer right next to your RV pad, and there’s plenty of space to park a toy hauler as well. This RV park features weekly equestrian events that welcome members of the Wickenburg community.

What People Are Saying About Horspitality RV Resort and Boarding Stables

“Great place, never any noise, Jan and Paul are fantastic resort owners, everyone is friendly, it’s an adult only resort, pet friendly, shower house and clothes washer areas are very clean and modern nice recreational hall is roomy and nice, very nice resort for adults to relax and enjoy the Wickenburg Arizona area” – Jeff, Google Review

“Wow An Amazing park. Phenomenal people run it. We met the owner Jan. My girlfriend and I can’t thank them enough for the hospitality. As a Veteran this park is unusually supportive and have helped us with everything. Wish We could give More then 5 Stars” – Michael, Google Review

In Summary

When you’re looking through all of the options that are available in terms of RV parks in Wickenburg and nearby areas, it’s understandable if you get overwhelmed. After all, there are so many amazing RV parks and campgrounds in Wickenburg, AZ that choosing just one can be hard. The beauty of renting an RV, however, is that you can stay in multiple trailer parks in Wickenburg, AZ during your visit to the area.

You can start off at a laid-back and community-oriented property like Aztec Village RV Park before checking out Horspitality RV Resort and Boarding Stables when you’re feeling more adventurous. In this rural area of Arizona, the options are nearly endless when it comes to RV parks and campgrounds, and this list of places to park your RV hardly scratches the surface. Don’t be afraid to wander as you explore the scenic landscapes and landmarks in the Wickenburg area.

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