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There are some massive RVs out there. They come with tons of storage space, a big kitchen, separate bathroom, living area, and often times even a private bedroom! They can be ultra luxurious and have state of the art technology built in that you may not even know how to fully use.

As nice as rigs like that may be, they’re not always needed. Sometimes, all you need is a comfortable unit to get you from point A to point B, with enough room to store essential items. That’s exactly what you’ll get if you rent Roadtrek RV.

Find out more about Roadtreks, some of their advantages and disadvantages, and how you can save up to 43% on Roadtrek RV rentals.

What is a Roadtrek?

Roadtrek is a brand of class B RVs. They’re great units and the company history is quite interesting. It started when Jac Hanemaayer designed his first RV in 1974. He loved the process of combining the benefits of a large motorhome, with the convenience of an easy to drive van.

He soon purchased his first RV company and in 1980 unleashed the first real Roadtrek RV. Coming a long way from first developing the comfortable RV style, Roadtrek now develops a full line of class B motorhomes.

The motorhomes they develop are built on Mercedes, Chevy, and other chassis, that range in all different sizes and styles. They’ve been rated the number one selling class B motorhome since 1990 and they’re all about innovation and forward thinking; even recently coming out with their first ever environmentally friendly model.

For the most part, they look like oversized vans from the outside, with no slide outs or separate “rooms.” On average, most class Bs are about a little over eight feet tall and can weigh up to 9,000 pounds!

Pros and Cons

Roadtrek RV rentals aren’t just for any family, though. They’re mostly advantageous for families who are smaller and want to travel light. Roadtreks are very easy to maneuver compared to other RVs, so they can also be good for families who are new to the world of RVing.

Pros - First of all, going back to being easy to drive, they’re built from vans. You can bring them with you anywhere you go and even use them as a secondary car. They’re small enough to fit in one parking space, and they don’t require any special storage. So staying on a family member’s driveway overnight, for example, is easy.

The driving and living areas are close and connected, which makes it so you won’t have to stop as much while on the road. It’s convenient and a great time saver. They’re able to sit anywhere between two to six people depending on how much storage you take up, which is great because you won’t need to rent something as big as a class C just to take the whole family around.

They are far cheaper than other RV units. They’re great on gas (comparatively) and rental rates are less expensive.

Cons - Although the pros definitely make Roadtrek rentals worth your consideration, there are a few cons. First of all, because of their limited space, they’re really best for shorter trips (or longer trips with only one or two people). If you’re tall, the small interior height can be pretty frustrating. Everything, in general, is just...smaller. Which means small bathrooms, showers, and storage spaces. And, of course, the built-in entertainment is a minimum.

Rent a Roadtrek RV

To find the latest and greatest Roadtrek RV rentals, look no further than RVshare. We’re the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your travel needs.

We make the process as fun and easy as possible:

  • Choose your location and dates, then click “search.”
  • Filter your results to show you only class B units by selecting the option on the left-hand bar. You can get as specific as you’d like by selecting things like the year of the unit if you want a newer one. The number of expected travelers, so you can make sure to only see units that can accommodate all of you comfortably.
  • Find the Roadtrek (or similar unit) for rent that you like best and “request to book.”

Just three basic steps and you’re done! We try to take as much work out of the process as possible. As you search through our inventory, you’ll quickly notice that we provide the lowest rates in the industry. Filter your results to show you the lowest rates first to save the most money.

Also, some units are discounted if you rent for a certain amount of days. If you can be flexible with your dates, you’ll have the greatest possible options of RVs to rent, plus you’ll have to chance to save even more money if you can avoid the busy seasons.

You’ll get in contact with the RV owner and together you’ll form an agreement on total price, dates, and more. We find the average Roadtrek rate to be about $100 to $150 per night. You’ll also put down a cleaning fee and pet fee (if applicable). With RVshare, all transactions are always secure.

Renters are provided a concierge to help with planning, one million dollar insurance, and 24/7 roadside assistance just in case. You can even collect cash back with our rewards program.

Wrap Up

Roadtrek RVs make a fantastic option for families who are traveling light and want to save the most money. With RVshare, you can get behind the wheel of the best Roadtrek has to offer quickly and easily, while doing the real spending on entertainment!