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It is possible to reap all the benefits of RV ownership without dropping a lifetime's worth of savings on a Class A RV or another type of high-end motorhome. 

Fleetwood RV rental deals are in every major U.S. city with some of the greatest discounts given to those who go the way of private renters. RV owners are not looking to make a bundle off customers but would much rather have renters enjoy the experience of driving through the country. Of course, luxury rentals are available to those who want to spend more for exceptional amenities and extra space when traveling the open road. 

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Fleetwood RV rental prices vary by location and type. Class C motorhomes that are 10 years old or older can cost as little as $100 per night. Newer vehicles in this class can reach as much as $400 per night.

Class B Fleetwood RV rental rates can cost as little as $200 per night for newer vehicles. Those willing to settle for older RVs may get away with paying $150 or less per night. 

Fleetwood motorhomes in the Class A category carry an average price of $450 per night for new vehicles. Fleetwood Class A motorhomes that are 10 years old or older could cost half the price if you go through a private dealer. 

It is important to remember that Fleetwood camper rates are dependent on the location and tax rates in the region. Some private owners may charge deposit and cleaning fees that are either partially or fully refundable. You may also have the option of selecting their insurance plan instead of temporarily adding the Fleetwood camper to your policy. 

Some owners are lenient when it comes to mileage. Other lenders may not be obliged to allow for unlimited travel without additional fees to cover fuel and maintenance. It is important to carefully read the terms of rental before agreeing to them as exceeding your allotted miles per day could cost significantly more. 

Fleetwood RV Rental Deals

Many Fleetwood RV dealers offer discounts to renters who are willing to move their vehicles from one destination to the next. You can save money if, for instance, your trip ends in Nevada and the company needs one of its campers relocated to an office in the state. Your willingness to do them a service also opens the door for negotiations on your part regarding price. 

Some campgrounds and Fleetwood RV dealers also offer discounts to those travelers who join membership programs. Sometimes, getting cheap RV rentals is simply a matter of looking around. 

Class A RV Luxury Rentals

Of course, there is the option of going out in style if you are willing to pay the price. Class A RV rentals come with some of the most luxurious rentals a traveler could desire. These converted buses have slide-outs that provide more space for dining and sleeping when the camper is parked. 

The living quarters of Class A motorhomes are also readily available from the vehicle's cockpit, which adds even more convenience. Most states require drivers of Class A RV rentals to have special endorsements that give them license to operate a bus or other large passenger vehicle. 

Fleetwood RV Dealers

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a private owner when renting a camper is the Fleetwood RV quality. Some owners go to great lengths to ensure that all of the components of their motorhomes work. This means you can rest assured in knowing that used Fleetwood motorhomes will not stall in the middle of the road. 

Price is another benefit of choosing a private dealer over a company. Some motorhome owners are more concerned with getting their campers out of the backyard and on the road than with making a significant profit. They do not have the overhead of rent and business upkeep to be concerned with, which translates to you paying considerably less for a Class A RV or other Fleetwood camper. 

You serve to benefit in great measure by renting instead of buying since Class A motorhomes for sale, and other types of RVs come with high costs for storage, insurance, and overall maintenance. You can avoid a big commitment when you rent from a private owner instead of purchasing an RV of your own. 

Fleetwood RV Rental Reviews: Campgrounds

There are several RV campgrounds and resorts throughout the United States. In the Northwest is Zion River Resort located just miles from Zion National Park in Utah. The campground is next to the Virgin River, which makes for great scenery and an enhanced camping experience. 

Zion River Resort has a mining sluice that allows its visitors to mine for personal gemstones. The resort is the ideal location for parents with young children. 

Also in the northern part of the country is Polson Motorcoach and RV Resort in Montana. The campground is just minutes away from Glacier Park and provides a beautiful view of Flathead Lake along with the Mission Mountains. This facility has incredible amenities that include a gym for the athletic, gas fire pits for those who enjoy cooking outdoors, and overall lavish landscaping. 

If you are heading through the South in your Class A RV, you may appreciate the Aztec RV Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This gated community gives you exclusivity on the road that you may be accustomed to when at home. The Aztec Resort has two heated pools along with two tennis courts. 

There are fully equipped clubhouses and a business center for those who want a balance between work and leisure while residing at the Aztec Resort. The hedges and trees around the borders of the location add even more privacy to the edifice.