Top Campgrounds and RV Parks in Palmer, Alaska

The wilderness of Palmer, Alaska, has a natural beauty that’s unrivaled. Fortunately, this area of the great state of Alaska also has several nearby RV parks that you can visit when you’re ready to explore. The following Palmer, Alaska campgrounds have unique features that will help you get to know this area of the country. Each of these top 10 Palmer campgrounds provides opportunities to view the beautiful natural formations and the unique Palmer-area wildlife. Just be sure to bundle up — the local temperature hovers around 15 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the winter.

Palmer / Anchorage North KOA KOA Logo ARVC Logo

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This campground, which is located in the Mat-Su Valley, rests right in Palmer and has several great options for RVers. The campground has great extra features like compressors that can fill up your tires, picnic pavilions, and laundry rooms for guests. Daily, weekly, and monthly plans are available. However, there is an application process for the Palmer RV parks monthly rates. Big Bear is very accepting of pets and pull-throughs, and back-ins are available for RVers.

Why You’ll Love Palmer / Anchorage North KOA

Palmer / Anchorage North KOA is considered one of the best RV parks in Palmer because of the fact that it has so many options for visitors. With 51 RV sites and great amenities like showers and Wi-Fi, the campground definitely will make you feel as if you’re at home. Each site even includes a fire ring and picnic table so that you can enjoy the fresh air and prepare food during the day or night. In addition, they have a reduced pricing structure for people that are members of Good Sam Camping. This makes it one of the top Good Sam RV parks in Palmer, AK.

What People Are Saying About Palmer / Anchorage North KOA

“It’s a really nice place. The owner was very nice. The park was clean and it have full hookups.” – Yubin, Google Review

“Fantastic park! Clean bathrooms and showers and wide, pull-through spots.” – Diane, Google Review

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Mt. View RV Park

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If scenery is your desire, then Alaska is a great state for taking in nature in all of its splendor. One of the more scenic options for RV campgrounds in Palmer, Alaska, is the Mountain View RV Park. This park has excellent vistas of nearby Matanuska Peak and also is known to be the home to animals like moose, mallards, and several species of birds. The campground even offers a 15 percent discount for those staying for a week.

Why You’ll Love Mt. View RV Park

The Mountain View RV Park provides some of the best RV camping in Palmer, Alaska. In fact, there are features like glacier riverboat tours, RV storage for registered guests, and availability for RVers all year. The views of the surrounding forested area and Matanuska Peak really add to the splendor of the Mount View experience. Additionally, this campground even offers individual private restrooms, which is perfect for those who have smaller RV units without bathrooms. The site also has full hookups with an onsite dump, Wi-Fi for guests, and a laundry room. For those looking for an extended stay, the campground offers a 15 percent discount when you stay for more than a week.

What People Are Saying About Mt. View RV Park

“Beautiful views!! Showers were nice, hot and FREE! We liked it so much that we stopped there twice. Loved it there.” – Ellen, Google Review

“One of the nicest rv parks we have ever stayed at. A must if you are ever in the area!! Gorgeous mountain views.” – Joyce, Google Review

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Grand View RV Park and Campground

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Grand View RV Park has a lot to offer visitors of the Palmer area. In fact, out of all of these Palmer camping sites, this one may have the most activities for the average guest. You’ll be able to take hikes along the Matanuska Glacier trail, explore the neighboring Sheep Mountain Reserve, and even take a nice break at the Grand View Café between expeditions. There’s wildlife all over the area surrounding Grand View; in fact, you’ll be able to see wild Dall sheep, moose, and a wide variety of waterfowl in this area. Top Amenities Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rates: $36.25 – $41.25// Number of RV Sites: 25 Full Hookups: Yes (25) 30/50 Amp: Yes (50 amp is for grand sites only) Back-in/Pull-through Sites: Both (19 pull-through, 5 back-in) Pool/Hot tub: Showers: Yes Pets Allowed: Yes Cell Reception: Yes

Why You’ll Love Grand View RV Park and Campground

There’s just so much to do at this campground. If you love to look at wildlife, there are almost always moose around in the area. Just ask for a Palmer RV parks map. With a pair of binoculars, you can easily spot Dall sheep in the local mountain ranges. Also, if you like to kayak or go rafting, there are several options along the river. It’s only about 15 minutes to the majestic Matanuska Glacier, and several other iconic Alaskan locations are within easy driving distance as well.

What People Are Saying About Grand View RV Park and Campground

“A great place to stop for a meal or to stay for a bit. Amazing food and service. Oh, by the way, the view is awesome!” – Johnny, Google Review

“We stayed for 3 nights. The views are extremely amazing! Clean facilities. The staff extraordiry friendly!!!” – Alejandra, Google Review

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King Mountain State Recreation Site

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Another location that rests along the Matanuska River, the King Mount State Recreation Site is a great location that you can use to get back to nature. Its camping sites have no RV size limit, and there are 22 sites to pick from. The campground spans a full 20 acres, and you’ll find a bevy of local activities to take part in. You can even venture to King Mountain itself, which rests right across the Matanuska.

Why You’ll Love King Mountain State Recreation Site

If you’re a fan of fishing, this may just be the campground for you. Since it’s on the Matanuska River, you’ll be able to find a wealth of unique fishing opportunities. Visitors can catch several species salmon, rainbow trout, and even some Dolly Varden. There are also picnic areas and toilets in the King Mountain campground area.

What People Are Saying About King Mountain State Recreation Site

“This place has real atmosphere, and regular customers. It’s not gussied up for tourists. The walls behind the bar are plastered with dollar bills on which customers have wirten personal messages.” – A Google User ,

“We live in the area and are very pleased with what they have accomplished in the short time they have been open.” – A Google User

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Fox Run RV Campground

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The Fox Run RV Campground, which can be found nestled within a beautifully forested area, is actually fairly small. That being said, it’s also one of the more homey campgrounds in Palmer, Alaska. There are plenty of group activities to select from, and the area also has a trading post and several gift shops.

Why You’ll Love Fox Run RV Campground

Most RVers like to rough it from time to time, but Fox Run also has an on-site restaurant when you want to be served some delicious food. The campground is open all year long and has unique options for every season. This campground is located on Matanuska Lake, and as a result, has fishing options, rafting options, and you can even witness several wildlife species that call the area home. The campground is unique because it also has its own banquet room and art gallery.

What People Are Saying About Fox Run RV Campground

“The staff was very friendly. We got tv stations and the wifi was good. We will stay there again the next time we go to Alaska.” – Leigh Ann, Google Review

“Beautiful views, clean, well run campground.” – Patti, Google Review

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Matanuska River Park

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At Matanuska River Park, the staff will provide you with everything you need. Items like firewood bundles and various toiletries can easily be purchased on-site. For recreation, the campground has a horseshoe pit, campfire areas, rentable park pavilions, and even a sand volleyball court. It’s very easy to camp here because the park is set up for just about any kind of camper. There are even 20 caravan sites to select from as well. Everything is well maintained and clean and things like electric are easy to set up.

Why You’ll Love Matanuska River Park

Since it’s situated right on the river, Matanuska River Park has some great waterside activities to select from. You can always find a place to fish, there are water sports in the area, and the location is relatively close to other popular attractions. It’s also very kid-friendly; the campground has playgrounds, shade trees for your children to play under, and picnic tables for family get-togethers.

What People Are Saying About Matanuska River Park

“Did I say it was ‘Amazing and breathtaking scenery and area’. A 25 minute drive from Palmer brings you to the foot of 2 absolutely naturally wonderful areas to drive, see, absorb and photograph.” cagatravel, TripAdvisor Review

“The views are Spectacular every day but the changing fall colors are a must.” – Gale, TripAdvisor Review

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Government Peak Campground

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When you visit Government Peak Campground, it’s easy to be amazed at the deep grassy valleys and mountain views around the site. RV campgrounds in Palmer, Alaska, all have views of places like the Matanuska River and the neighboring mountain ranges. However, this campground is situated at 946 feet above sea level, so you can really see some of the majesties of the Palmer area. While this campground is very small (it only has eight sites), its scenery is well worth the trip and provides some of the best views in the area.

Why You’ll Love Government Peak Campground

Why You’ll Love Government Peak Campground Government Peak is known for its amazing scenery; it has some beautiful waterfalls, sprawling peaks, and stoic snow-capped mountain ranges. If you’re planning on visiting during the winter, there’s plenty of skiing and there are even local resorts like the Mat-Su Ski Club. In June, a yearly race is also held on the mountain, and it’s an uphill-only race that ends at the summit. Pets are allowed at Government Peak, and you can also build campfires. Unfortunately, potable water isn’t available here, but toilets, picnic tables, and fishing are all available in the area.

What People Are Saying About Government Peak Campground

“Did I say it was ‘Amazing and breathtaking scenery and area’. A 25 minute drive from Palmer brings you to the foot of 2 absolutely naturally wonderful areas to drive, see, absorb and photograph.” cagatravel, TripAdvisor Review

“The views are Spectacular every day but the changing fall colors are a must.” – Gale, TripAdvisor Review

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Slide Mountain RV Park

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This RV park has 10 back-in RV campsites and 5 additional pull-through RV campsites. Both 30- and 50-amp service is available, and the campground doesn’t have an upward limit on RV size, which is great for folks with Class A motorhomes. Potable water and sewer hookups are available, and campers can access the site’s dump station as well. While this site is in Glennallen, Alaska, it’s very near in proximity to Palmer.

Why You’ll Love Slide Mountain RV Park

The Slide Mountain RV Park is ideal for campers who are in the area with their family. For the kids, the site offers playgrounds, miles of grassy areas to play on, and courts and fields for games like soccer, kickball, and even football. For the adults, there are miles of trails around to walk, jog, or ride an ATV through. Additionally, the area has plenty of fishing, hunting, and climbing opportunities for anyone that loves to engage with the wilderness.

What People Are Saying About Slide Mountain RV Park

“Super nice spot! We have a family of 7, kids 9 and under. Our entire trip we’ve been looking for open campgrounds, that feel safe and are spacious.” – Karin, Google Review

“This is an awesome camping space. There are miles and miles of ATV trails, wifi, lots of complimentary stuff, and water + electricity!” – Dylan, Google Review

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Finger Lake State Recreation Site

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Finger Lake State Recreational Site is a 69-acre campground in the countryside of Wasilla, Alaska, which is in close proximity to Palmer. In fact, it actually provides a great retreat for anyone that wants to get away from the more urban lifestyles of those cities. It’s a smaller-scale campground insofar as amenities; the campground doesn’t have Wi-Fi or electrical hookups. However, it is a very family- and pet-friendly site.

Why You’ll Love Finger Lake State Recreation Site

Fishing is great in the Finger Lakes. Not only can you find the iconic Alaskan salmon in the local waters, but you can also pull in arctic char, rainbow trout, and grayling. Additionally, water sports are also available; you can rent a canoe or a kayak from the area or even go for a swim when the weather permits. If you love bird watching, you’ll find goldeneyes, marlin, and various types of waterfowl around the campground. Additionally, the site has wheelchair access, excellent cell service, and provisions for tent camping as well.

What People Are Saying About Finger Lake State Recreation Site

“Beautiful day on water! Finger lake is great for the whole family. Camping, fishing, wading, bird watching or simply enjoying nature.” – Lisa, Google Review

“Best state park in the matsu.” -Eric, Google Review

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Mendeltna Creek Lodge and RV Park

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As a campground that has been in operation since the 1940s, Mendeltna Creek Lodge and RV Park is designed to be a warm refuge from some of the colder Alaskan winters. That being said, this lodge is also excellent for RVing. In fact, you’re provided with full hookups, Wi-Fi, bathrooms for folks with smaller RVs, and laundry facilities.

Why You’ll Love Mendeltna Creek Lodge and RV Park

Visiting this lodge is like stepping back in time. The lodge itself began its life in the 40s, and as a result, you’ll see things like antlers, Alaskan art, and even the stuffed heads of several of the local fauna. The area is also very hiker-friendly throughout the year. There are copious trails, skiing and snowboarding opportunities, and amazing lush flora like blueberries when the weather is warmer.

What People Are Saying About Mendeltna Creek Lodge and RV Park

“Mendeltna Creek Lodge is our families favorite spot to stay, camp, ski, and fish for grayling! The lodge is historic and charming. The owners, Mabel and Russ are true Alaskans, hospitable and welcoming.” – Grace, Google Reviews

“Lovely setting with lots of blueberries in the late summer. Grrrreat food and really reasonable prices. Family friendly.” N Schiess, Google Reviews

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Eklutna Lake Campground

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If you are looking for a scenic vacation where you can take a lot of pictures, then the Eklutna Lake campground is a great place to consider staying for a few days. It is nestled in the mountains, which gives you a gorgeous background no matter where you are in the campground. In addition, it is located right on the lake, which makes it a paradise for those who are looking for a fishing opportunity during their vacation.

Why You’ll Love Eklutna Lake Campground

This campground is located on a lake, so if you like to do water-related activities like kayaking, boating or fishing, you will have tons of enjoyment at this location. You can also enjoy biking, ATV riding and even horseback riding on the trails and pathways surrounding the lake.

What People Are Saying About Eklutna Lake Campground

“Each site is level and paved for even the largest RVs. The sites are a mixture of single, private spaces, and double, side by side spots. While sites were tree lined, many still had lots of potential for solar.” – Rosie, Campendium Reviews

“This is a nice campground. Access in and throughout is paved…Paved sites are level…Eagle river is nearby, 20 minutes, for groceries, gas, deisel, propane, mail delivery.” – McRod, Campendium Reviews

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Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins and Campground

Located just 2 miles north of the boundary to Denali National Park, this park offers hook-ups and relaxing scenery. This privately-owned park overlooks the scenic Nenana River and the snow-capped peaks of Denali.

Why You’ll Love Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins and Campground

Why you’ll love Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins and Campground Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins and Campground is the best campground just outside of the park. It’s set in the woods and spaces are generously sized. From the campground, walk down to the Nenana River where you’ll find picnic tables and fire rings for a scenic meal or some relaxing family time. Nearby, you’ll find hiking trails, activities and a gift shop.

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Eagle River Campground

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This campground is located a mere 12 miles north of Anchorage, which means that it is in a prime location to see the glaciers and the Alaskan wilderness as well as have a day indoors for shopping and taking in the city proper. The campground is located right on Eagle River, so anyone who is looking to fish throughout their vacation will want to consider staying at this campground, especially if they are renting an RV.

Why You’ll Love Eagle River Campground

This campground is located very close to the river, which makes it ideal for an angler who wants to go fishing during their visit to Alaska. It is also close enough to Anchorage that you can easily go sightseeing there for a day. Since the campground is located within a state park, you will have plenty of hiking trails available to you during your stay as well.

What People Are Saying About Eagle River Campground

“Quiet campground close to town. Plenty of large sites and no RV size restrictions” – Scott, Google Reviews

“Nicest campground I have ever been to. Beautiful setting along Eagle River.” – Diane, Google Reviews

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Centennial Campground

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Centennial Campground is one of the best RV campgrounds in Anchorage, AK, because it is located extremely close to the city. In fact, it will only take you about 15 minutes to get downtown where you can go shopping, find a sightseeing tour or grab a quick bite to eat. It is a very nice place to stay, but black bears do frequent the area, so be aware of your surroundings.

Why You’ll Love Centennial Campground

The biggest draw of this campground is that it is really close to Anchorage. If you want to travel to the city during your visit, then this may be a good option for you. There are many trails nearby because this campground is located within one of the state parks in the area. The campground itself is in a very shaded area, which makes it nice and cool during the day. There are a lot of birds around as well as bigger animals to see up close.

What People Are Saying About Centennial Campground

“We like this in-town camp ground where you can be close to nature and close to town. It’s clean and well-managed.” – Kimberly, Google Reviews

“Very clean and organized…Free showers with stay. They have nice bathrooms. The campground feels very safe…” – Ramon, Google Reviews

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Golden Nugget RV Park

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Golden Nugget RV Park is conveniently located close to Anchorage, so you can easily reach most sightseeing destitions without an issue. When you are ready to relax for the night, this RV park has live entertainment for visitors who are staying here to enjoy. This can include dancers, live music, karaoke, stand-up comedy and even magic shows.

Why You’ll Love Golden Nugget RV Park

Golden Nugget RV Park is close to everything that you will need during your camping trip. It is close to several shopping areas and restaurants in case you want to grab a quick bite to eat. For activities, there is a golf course nearby that you can visit as well as plenty of ture trails to get you out in the Alaskan wilderness. The campsite itself hosts potlucks and barbecues on occasion. In addition, there is nightly entertainment planned for anyone staying at the Golden Nugget RV Park.

What People Are Saying About Golden Nugget RV Park

“We were welcomed by a very friendly and helpful front desk person. Loved the park and Botanical Gardens across the street” – P. Silvio, Google Reviews

“Nice place to park. All amenities. Very clean and quiet.” – Lisa, Google Reviews

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Anchorage Ship Creek RV Park

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One of the best RV parks in Anchorage is Anchorage Ship Creek RV Park. The best part about this particular Anchorage campground is the view of the city. It is located just a few blocks from Anchorage, so you can wake up to a view of the city every day, and you can easily walk to town as well for dining and shopping.

Why You’ll Love Anchorage Ship Creek RV Park

You’ll love this RV park because of its close proximity to Anchorage. Each campsite is not very large, but the view and the convenience of being able to walk to town in less than 10 minutes more than makes up for the lack of space. The bike rental service that is located on-site will give you access to the 120 miles of paved bike trails that are located throughout Anchorage, which gives you a great way to see Alaska’s largest city.

What People Are Saying About Anchorage Ship Creek RV Park

“Good location and the facilities were clean. The staff was friendly and very helpful.” – Vinci, Google Reviews

“Nice RV park. Very clean facilities (bathroom,showers, laundry) and friendly staff.” – Katie, Google Reviews,

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Creekwood Inn RV Park

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If you are looking for a place to park your RV for a few days during your trip to Anchorage, then Creekwood Inn RV Park is a great option. Its beautiful location is surrounded by mountains, and it is central for anyone who is looking to spend time in Anchorage. Whether you want to go to the theater, go shopping or hike some trails, you can do so without venturing too far from the RV park.

Why You’ll Love Creekwood Inn RV Park

This RV park is central to it all. It will only take you minutes to get to downtown Anchorage to do some sightseeing, but if you prefer a laid-back day in the wild, there are plenty of trails that you can walk or ride a bike on if you prefer. When you are ready to call it a night, this park also has free HBO and Showtime that you can enjoy. If you like to fish, there is a fresh fish storage option on-site so that you can store your fish before cooking them.

What People Are Saying About Creekwood Inn RV Park

“It’s a bit further away from town but definitely worth it. Best bathroom amongst 4 camps in my trip and it’s free to use! New washing machine and the most leveled ground I’ve seen in Alaska.” – Jack, Google Reviews

“Simple yet clean and reliable accommodations, the host was very friendly and prompt with our requests. Would definitely stay here again on my next Anchorage visit!” – Siddharth, Google Reviews

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Hope Creek-Primitive Camping

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Hope Creek primitive camping area, devoid of amenities, welcomes visitors on a first-come, first-served basis along Upper Twin Lake, situated just west of the Proenneke Historic Site. Accessing the Proenneke cabin from this camping spot entails crossing a creek, ensuring an adventurous trek amidst the wilderness. To safeguard against wildlife encounters, bear-resistant boxes capable of accommodating coolers of various sizes are conveniently provided at the campsite, offering peace of mind to campers.

Why You’ll Love Hope Creek-Primitive Camping

While enjoying the wilderness elsewhere, visitors are mandated to bring along bear-resistant canisters (BRCs) to securely store food and toiletries, minimizing the risk of attracting bears. This proactive measure aligns with the park's commitment to preserving its pristine environment and ensuring the safety of both visitors and wildlife alike.

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K’esugi Ken Campground, Denali State Park

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http://K’esugi Ken Campground...

K’esugi Ken Campground is a new campground in Denali State Park, just 70 miles north of Denali National Park and Preserve. The site offers a full-time interpretive ranger with daily campground presentations. There is plenty to explore here, including 2 miles of hardened gravel walking trails that take full advantage of the spectacular views. K’esugi Ken Campground is an excellent place to enjoy the wildlife, scenery, and commune with nature.

Why You’ll Love K’esugi Ken Campground, Denali State Park

The construction of K'esugi Ken Campground is now complete! A Grand Opening ceremony was held on May 26, 2017, officially opening the entire facility for public use. The amenities include a ranger station, 32 RV campsites, 10 walk-in campsites, well-maintained paved roads, a group camping area, three public-use cabins, a newly established hiking trail leading to alpine areas, and a network of trails suitable for various skill levels. Additionally, an interpretive center/pavilion has been added to enhance visitors' experiences. As part of this project, a 34-mile power extension along the Parks Highway was implemented, bringing electricity to the RV campsites. Several campsites offer picturesque views of the Alaska Range and Denali.

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Byers Lake Campground

Nestled at the foot of Kesugi Ridge on Byers Lake, the Byers Lake Campground offers the spectacular views that Alaska is known for. Canoeing and kayak rentals are available, but the lake is closed to motor boats to preserve its peaceful atmosphere. Located 90 miles from the entrance to Denali National Park, you’ll have a bit of a commute, but the scenery makes the trip.

Why You’ll Love Byers Lake Campground

Byers Lake Campground is a quiet campground with a natural setting. The sites are separate with lots of privacy. Each site has a fire ring and picnic table. You can purchase firewood from the campground host. There is a hiking trail, fishing, canoeing, and kayak rentals available at the park.

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Russian River Campground

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Russian River Campground is located right off the Russian River inside of Chugach National Park. There are a lot of hiking trails and things to do in this area, and if you are an angler, then it should definitely be a place to consider staying during your visit. The glacier-fed rivers and the beautiful mountains surrounding this area make it one of the best places to stay near Anchorage.

Why You’ll Love Russian River Campground

Since the Russian River Campground is located right in the middle of a national park, you will have the opportunity to see the wildlife here up close. That also means that there may be bears in the area while you are camping, so make sure to store all of your food appropriately. If you enjoy hiking, you will be in paradise here, and there are plenty of places to go biking as well. This is also a great campground for anglers to enjoy because the Russian River is one of the best places to fish for salmon and rainbow trout in Alaska.

What People Are Saying About Russian River Campground

“Awesome well laid out USDA campground! Great place to stay for fishing at the Russian River, floating the Kenai river, or hiking the numerous trails.” – Pat, Yelp Reviews

“Russian River Campground has got to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest in Kenai and maybe all of Alaska.” – Joy, Yelp Reviews

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In Summary

Palmer is a city that has some of the best scenery in the United States. There are a wide variety of hills, mountains, and valleys that look great in both the colder and the warmer months. Additionally, there are a lot of exploration opportunities in the area as well. You can hike, swim, boat, and climb with ease in the Palmer area. This is why the area is so RV friendly; you’ll have a base camp to return to when you’re done adventuring for the day.

These 10 locations are all beautiful, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are better for those that might want to rough it while others provide some nice features that will make your stay more luxurious. Be sure to check out some RV parks in Palmer, AK, reviews before your trip. Whichever campground or trailer park you choose in Palmer, AK you will come to love the area during your visit. RV camping in Palmer is truly a joy.

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How much does it cost to camp in Palmer, Alaska?

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How much does it cost to RV park in Palmer, Alaska?

Pricing will vary. The top 10 RV Parks we selected all display daily, weekly and monthly rates for you.

How long can you stay at an RV Park in Palmer, Alaska?

Staying at an RV Park for a long period of time will vary on the campground & RV Park you choose. View our post for more information.

Are there pet friendly RV Parks & Campgrounds in Palmer, Alaska?

Yes. The majority of campgrounds we selected in this blog allow pets.