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The city of Homer, Alaska, is a small community of 5,000 known as the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World.” Sitting directly on the shore of Kachemak Bay, it is home to the Homer Spit, a gravel bar that stretches 4.6 miles. The weather in Homer is quite moderate; while winters are snowy, they are not bitterly cold. Summer highs can regularly reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The city developed in the 1890s with the discovery of coal in the region, but today Homer, AK, is home to commercial fishery as well as a prime location for sport fishing of wild Pacific salmon and halibut. This Alaska city is a popular location for RV travelers due to its natural beauty, incredible outdoor activities and fishing, and great open space for RV camping.

All Seasons Campground

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All Seasons Campground sits right between two rivers where you can fish for salmon on the Kenai Peninsula. Choose from one of the 52 sites that can accommodate RVs of all sizes, including sites with only electric hookups and those with full hookups. The campground also has dry tent sites and offers both daily and weekly rates. Spend time exploring the attractions around the campground, including the historic sites in the Old Ninilchik Village, and snowmobiling or kayaking.

Why You’ll Love All Seasons Campground

With tons of amenities, this campground makes you feel at home. Right in the center of the campground is a store where you can grab any supplies that you need and sit down for a hearty meal in the on-site restaurant. Head over to the community fire pit any night of the week to meet your neighbors and to have a few drinks.

What People Are Saying About All Seasons Campground

“We loved spotting 2 mama moose with their young just down from the cabin on 2 different occasions. The owner Greg is a wonderful host and we had a great visit with him.” - Bill, Google Review

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“Great place to stay. Had moose visit us just to say hi. Had a great time there and would stay there again.” - Tim, Google Review

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Alaskan Angler RV Resort and Cabins

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This large, full-service RV park is located a short drive from Homer, Alaska, in Ninilchik, and it’s also right on the shores of the Kenai Peninsula. Full of large sites with plenty of room for spacious RVs, it is a great location for RV travelers who love fishing, boating, hiking, and a wide range of outdoor activities. Fishers can hop on a halibut or salmon charter boat straight from this RV park’s office.

Why You’ll Love Alaskan Angler RV Resort and Cabins

This spacious campground and cabin rental site is a great place to launch your fishing and wildlife journey in Alaska. You can experience great views and easy access to the water for all kinds of outdoor play. The staff at the resort is friendly and approachable with a commitment to customer service. With a strong focus on fishing, this RV resort offers discounted fishing charters staffed by experienced and reliable fishermen who can provide expert advice on catching some of the best salmon and halibut the area has to offer. This park is a great choice for families who want to enjoy the first-class fishery of the region.

What People Are Saying About Alaskan Angler RV Resort and Cabins

“Fantastic local park with perfect accommodations for a fishing getaway. I’ll be back with certainty.” – Matthew, Google Review

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“Great place. Great fishing in the area.” – Dennis, Google Review

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Heritage RV Park ARVC Logo

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The Heritage RV Park in Homer offers 100 spots for RVers stopping in Homer. It is a full-service RV park located directly on the waterfront next to the Homer Spit Fishing Hole. This park is built to provide space for even the largest RVs, and it is home to a private half-mile beach that is next to a stocked fishing lagoon and that has an espresso bar with coffees, yogurt, and bakery treats.

Why You’ll Love Heritage RV Park

Heritage RV park is a great site surrounded by open water on both sides. Take advantage of immediate access to a stocked fishing hole with amazing salmon and halibut sport fishing. You can even enjoy a private beach with campfire pits and a putting green. This RV park is a tural wonder right on the Homer Spit bike path and pedestrian walkway beside the small boat harbor. The park is a friendly environment that’s known for the beauty of its views as well as the nice atmosphere.

What People Are Saying About Heritage RV Park

“What a beautiful place to park your RV. Looking out over the bay is breathtaking. The staff was so helpful and professiol.” – Terri, Google Review

“Waterfront site with spectacular views of Kachemak Bay and the surrounding mountains.” – Eileen, Google Review

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Homer Spit Campground

The Homer Spit Campground is right on the shores of Kachemak Bay, so RV travelers at this park will be surrounded by the mountains and ocean. The park offers tent camping alongside its RV hookups and an array of amenities. Of course, the leading amenity of this site is the beauty of ture that surrounds the area and the open vistas that present themselves to RVers.

Why You’ll Love Homer Spit Campground

This Homer, Alaska, campground is memorable for its great location right at the end of the Homer Spit as well as incomparable views of the bay, ocean, and towering mountains. You’ll also enjoy a fun, relaxed environment and access to clean laundry and washroom facilities. When you’re looking for Homer campsites, this park is a great choice for your RV destition. The comfortably sized RV parking spaces here offer lots of room for your vehicle as well as excellent access to the waterfront.

What People Are Saying About Homer Spit Campground

“Fantastic place! Out of this world scenery and friendliest people in the world!” – Pamela, Google Review

“Excellent views, decent facilities, short walk to everything on the spit.” – Matthew, Google Review

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Sportsman’s Supply and RV Park

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This small RV park is located right on the center of the spit in Homer, Alaska. It has 10 RV parking spots alongside showers that get rave reviews for their cleanliness. The convenient shop that is part of Sportsman’s Supply makes it a great choice for fishers as well as anyone who needs to grab persol care items quickly.

Why You’ll Love Sportsman’s Supply and RV Park

With only 10 RV parking sites, this intimate Homer campsite is home to a shop that provides exceptiol fishing supplies for all of your needs. Located right on the Homer Spit, this RV park offers wide-open waterfront access and some of the best RV camping in Homer. It’s a great choice for fishers. For people who want to run with their dogs along the shore, this RV park allows pets as well.

What People Are Saying About Sportsman’s Supply and RV Park

“Centrally located on the spit. They must have the cleanest showers anywhere…Friendly folks.” – Rick, Google Review

“Fantastic people who are so helpful.” – Jerry, Google Review

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A Fisherman’s Resort RV Park

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This Homer, Alaska, campground offers an RV park as well as a lodge and cabin. Located right on Ocean Drive and next to the renowned Homer Spit, it is only a five-minute drive from the airport. This quiet RV park in Homer even features a fish processing area right on-site.

Why You’ll Love A Fisherman’s Resort RV Park

The RV park is small and intimate, so it’s less crowded than most Homer camping sites. It’s easily located thanks to access to the highway, and restaurants, shopping, laundry, and a farmers market are just a quick trip away. RV parks in Homer, Alaska, like this one make it easy to travel up into town or head right down to the spit for some unbelievable fishing and water sports. A Fisherman’s Resort is also home to a lodge where guests can stay in a hotel-style environment. Both the RV park and the lodge guests are close to the fish processing operation located on-site, so it’s a good opportunity to feel close to the industry that helps make Homer such a successful environment.

What People Are Saying About A Fisherman’s Resort RV Park

“Smaller than I had expected, but clean and quiet.” – Brenna, Google Review

“It’s a small, quaint little RV camp.” – Jon, Google Review

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Oceanview RV Park

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Located within walking distance from the downtown areas of Homer, Oceanview RV Park is a great place for RV camping in Homer. Staying at this RV campground makes it easy to visit the Pratt Museum as well as other art and science museums and enjoy shopping at boutiques and galleries. Hop on the Homer Trolley right at the doorstep of this Homer RV park to travel to the Homer Spit for water sports, fishing, and more.

Why You’ll Love Oceanview RV Park

The affordable rates at this RV campground in Homer, Alaska, make it easy for you to enjoy some of the great amenities of this coastal city. Visit a wide array of restaurants in downtown Homer that feature the freshest salmon, halibut, and other seafood. When looking for RV campgrounds in Homer, Alaska, a site like Oceanview offers some of the best of all worlds in the area. Take advantage of easy access to art galleries and restaurants for a day on the town as well as exceptional views of the ocean and great hiking and fishing choices. Oceanview RV Park is a great choice for the whole family.

What People Are Saying About Oceanview RV Park

“The view and location were fantastic, the service was excellent and welcoming, and the facilities were clean.” – Sarah, Google Review

“The view is fantastic! I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at any RV park with a better view.” – Hannah, Google Review

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Baycrest RV Park

This clean, quiet RV park is located directly off of the Scenic Byway on Homer Hill. You’re in close proximity to the Homer Spit and its excellent fishing, beautiful hiking trails, and natural beauty as well as downtown Homer’s arts, restaurants, and cultural sites. The park is convenient for RV travel thanks to an array of picnic sites and fire pits for outdoor fun with the family.

Why You’ll Love Baycrest RV Park

The views from this Homer RV park are incredible, with overlooks on Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay. You can easily visit everything from Homer’s fishing holes to its art galleries and museums from this RV location. When you don’t want to cook in your RV or head into town, the on-site restaurant makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy a delicious dinner. You can also enjoy clean, comfortable shower facilities and laundry rooms at Baycrest. RVs up to 60 feet long will easily fit in the spacious slots offered by this Homer campground.

What People Are Saying About Baycrest RV Park

“I doubt you can beat the view here when comparing other RV parks. Baycrest RV Park isn’t huge, so walking around here will be quick. The employees in the office are very nice. This is great location if you want to be away from all the tourist spots because it is very quiet here.” – Sockeye, Google Review

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RV Sites in Homer

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This newer addition to your choices of RV parks in Homer, Alaska, is located only 6 miles from town on a lot with excellent views. This Homer campground is also home to a horse pasture with beautiful horses out to play in the fields. It offers year-round utilities as well as easy access to all of the amenities of the area.

Why You’ll Love RV Sites in Homer

This is a quickly growing campground in Homer that is meant to provide a great space for travelers all year long. Friendly service directly from the owner is a trademark of this Homer campground. This site is also home to an intimate restaurant serving roasted meats and local seafood with high-quality and unique recipes made with love. For guests who love horses, you can easily sit and watch the neighboring horses walk, run, and frolic. This can be a real bonus for travelers who love to watch the horses at play even while other members of the party enjoy some of that world-class salmon and halibut fishing.

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Volcano View RV Park and Cabin Rental

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A bit down the road from Homer, this Ninilchik RV park is located right on the bluff over Cook Inlet. It is a short walk to the local beach and a quick drive to Homer for its outstanding arts community and remarkable fishing. This relaxing RV park is a great choice that is close to four semiactive volcanoes in Alaska.

Why You’ll Love Volcano View RV Park and Cabin Rental

With beautiful views and easy access to beaches, fishing, and more, this RV park is a great choice for people who love nature. At the same time, you can also enjoy clean, fresh bathrooms, showers, and laundry for some great modern amenities. The site is home to photo-worthy vistas and also features several cabins. While this RV park is up the road a bit from Homer itself, the proximity to semiactive volcanoes is truly memorable. The stunning overlook available here in this unique site makes Volcano View an excellent selection for people who want to take beautiful photos that capture the allure of Alaskan nature.

What People Are Saying About Volcano View RV Park and Cabin Rental

“The best place to stay, affordable, beautiful view, relaxed environment – peaceful.” – Vato’s, Yelp Review

“Amazing view. Amazing owners and amazingly accommodating.” – Diesel, Yelp Review

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Kyllonen’s RV Park

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Up the road from Homer in Anchor Point, Kyllonen’s RV Park is the westernmost RV campsite in Alaska. It offers swift access to the river with excellent fishing for salmon, halibut, and other fish and seafood. The park has cleaning stations to make your fishing experience even more efficient and enjoyable.

Why You’ll Love Kyllonen’s RV Park

This RV park is operated by friendly owners who are happy to provide you with true Alaskan hosting and share their knowledge of the area. It’s a great place for excellent views, and you can enjoy everything from eagle watching to great fishing. The RV sites are large, spacious, and comfortable, and the showers and bath areas are known for their cleanliness. With cleaning stations set up to prepare your catch, Kyllonen’s is another great choice for people who truly love fishing. You’ll also enjoy on-site laundry facilities with plenty of room to wash up after an outdoor adventure.

What People Are Saying About Kyllonen’s RV Park

“Pretty and convenient location, super nice hosts, clean facilities and fast internet, what could you want more?” – Michael, Google Review

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In Summary


RV travelers can find some great places to stay in Homer, AK, that can help you enjoy the comforts of home alongside life on the road in one of the most beautiful places in the world. In a world of art and culture combined with fishing charters and easy cleaning and processing for the freshest meals of salmon and halibut, Homer can be a dream vacation for nature lovers and avid RVers.

These great RV parks and campgrounds in Homer offer real variety for people looking to explore the best of fishing, outdoor adventure, and travel in Alaska. There are great sites for RVs and camping in Homer and just nearby, all of which offer exceptional views as well as close access to beaches, hiking trails, and more. These RV parks can also foster community as you can use picnic tables, fire pits, and other amenities for social gatherings outside the confines of your RV.

When you’re planning travel to the beautiful Kenai Peninsula, these Homer campgrounds and sites offer you access not only to some of the best fishing on earth but also to the cultural opportunities in Homer. Thanks to the diverse opportunities available in the area, you can fish in the day and visit a farm-to-table restaurant or art opening in the evening.

If you want to be right on the Homer Spit, you may choose one of those campgrounds, but for people who want more city access, an inland park may be your best bet. When looking at reviews for RV parks in Homer, Alaska, you’ll uncover a lot of excellent experiences, friendly service, and unique opportunities for each location. Homer is a great city and a true vacation destination, and RVing can be one of the most exceptional ways to enjoy all the Alaskan coast has to offer.

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