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RVing With Pets in San Antonio

When you plan a camping trip, the adventure is more fun when you can take your companion animal with you. RVing with pets in San Antonio allows you to relax and enjoy camping with your best furry friend. When you choose to go camping, you will need to make sure that the RV is pet friendly. On RVshare, the marketplace is set up for you to sort for vehicles that allow pets.

In addition to selecting an RV that is pet friendly, you will also want to look for pet friendly campgrounds in San Antonio. Not all campgrounds accept pets, so you will need to research this in advance. Some campgrounds are very friendly to pets and may offer a dog park or swimming area for dogs.

Taking your companion animal with you on a camping trip gives you the chance to explore new places together. You will also be more relaxed when your pet is alongside you. Bringing your pet also saves you money on the costs of boarding or paying a pet sitter.

Do RV Rentals in San Antonio Allow Dogs?

If your pet is a dog, you can search for RV rentals San Antonio pet friendly. Most of the options listed as pet friendly on RVshare accept at least some dogs. You can read each listing for RV rentals in San Antonio individually and choose one that suits your needs. Each owner can put restrictions in place for what types of dogs they accept.

For example, an owner of a small RV may only allow small dogs. RV owners might also stipulate that you pay for steam cleaning of upholstery if you bring your dog. You may need to sign a waiver or have extra insurance if you bring your dog with you. It's a good idea to talk all this over with the owner before your trip to ensure a good experience and avoid unnecessary expenses.

When deciding which RV to rent, keep in mind that your dog will need its own space to sit and sleep. Count your dog as a person when deciding which capacity of an RV to rent. If your travel party has four people and one dog, you will need an RV with a capacity of five. This ensures that you and your pet are comfortable.

Can Cats Travel in RV Rentals in San Antonio?

While it is unusual to see a cat going for a ride in a car, some cats do enjoy the experience. You will need to consider your cat's temperament and decide if your cat would be amenable to the experience.

If you have an adventurous cat, it may enjoy exploring a campground. Some cats will even accept a leash, so you could take your cat for a walk on the trails. Your cat may enjoy the view from the RV's windows as well.

Some RV owners may have allergies to cats, so it is a good idea to ask the vehicle's owner directly if their rental listing does not specify whether or not cats are allowed. Cats have sharp claws, so you will need to bring along your kitty's favorite scratching post in order to prevent furniture damage. Bring along some cat toys to keep your pet occupied inside of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that cats might get scared in an unfamiliar place. If your cat is not yet microchipped, have this done at your vet before your trip. Be sure to spend plenty of time playing with your cat, petting it and talking to it inside of the RV.

Can You Leave Pets in an RV Rental in San Antonio?

Pets that stick to themselves will be fine if left alone in an RV for a short amount of time. Take precautions if you are traveling during warm or hot weather. The inside of an RV can heat up if the air conditioner is not running. If it would be too hot for you, it is too hot for your pet.

When you visit a rest area, try to pick spots that have an area for pets. Your pet may enjoy a quick walk on their leash. A visit to a pet friendly rest area makes it easier for your pet to attend to nature's call. If you plan to spend an afternoon swimming at the campground, be sure to check on your pet periodically. If your pet gets anxious when left alone, it might cause some damage to the RV's upholstery or carpets so take necessary precautions to prevent damage.

Consider a visit to the vet before your trip. The vet may offer an anti-anxiety medication for your pet. You can fill the prescription and use it if your pet needs it. If fireworks go off at the campground or there are other unusual noises, the medication could come in handy.

How to Find a Pet Friendly RV Rental in San Antonio

On RVshare, the search functions make it easy to choose pet friendly RV rentals San Antonio. You can choose a size or type of RV, and you can use the pet friendly filter. This produces a list of the rentals that accept at least some types of pets.

Once you have some options, read the listings. If the owner does not specify whether your cat would be allowed or if you can bring your pet hamster, get in touch with the owner and find out what they allow.

There is a big camping community in the San Antonio area, and many RV owners are also pet owners. When you find a pet friendly RV that you like, feel free to ask the owner for tips on traveling in an RV with your pet. The owner may have some good advice on trails, rest areas and dog parks that you can visit when Rving with pets in San Antonio.