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Desert View

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Desert View is located right along the rim of the Grand Canyon, just 25 miles east of Grand Canyon Village. It’s a great option for those who want to stay a little further from the main tourist hub within the Grand Canyon while still having easy access to the area’s amenities and astounding views. The grounds are near the eastern edge of the Grand Canyon along Desert View Drive, a scenic highway that connects the area with Grand Canyon Village.

Why You’ll Love Desert View

This NPS campground and RV Park is one of the most highly rated RV parks in all of Arizona, and it’s right at the doorstep of the Grand Canyon. Although it’s not so deep in Grand Canyon National Park as Grand Canyon Village’s RV park is, the Desert View Point outside this campground actually offers some of the best views of canyon geology and the Colorado River. You’ll find a general store, gas station, and some other convenient services without having to put up with the crowds of tourists and buses that frequent Grand Canyon Village.

What People Are Saying About Desert View

“This was, perhaps, the nicest National Park Campground I've ever stayed at. The camp host was delightful and very helpful. There are spectacular views of the Canyon (and the Colorado River) within a close walk of the campground.” – Samuel Rutledge, Google Review

“Beautiful campground. Woke up on a chilly morning and walked over to Desert View Watchtower to catch a gorgeous sunrise.” – Tim Palmer, Google Review

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