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Meadow Valley Campground

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for 1 in every 10 acres of land in the U.S.

The Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, is a government agency in charge of managing the federal lands of the United States. The agency is responsible for administering over 850 separate sites covering a total of more than 247 million acres of land. Most of these sites feature beautiful campgrounds with plenty of unique attractions and enjoyable outdoor recreation. As a result, BLM camping is a popular pastime for travelers and outdoors enthusiasts. You're probably wondering, "Is there any BLM camping near me?" To find out, simply check the BLM website.

One site under the protection of the BLM is the Meadow Valley Campground in eastern Nevada. The scenic campground lies at the south end of the Mt. Wilson volcanic caldera, roughly 15 miles east of Pioche, NV and eight miles west of the Utah border. Visitors to the peaceful campground will find nearby opportunities for fishing, watersports, hiking, and more.

What to See and Do

What to See and Do

Hiking and BikingHiking and Biking

Stone Cabin Trail

The Stone Cabin Trail is a quiet out-and-back trail near Pioche. The quiet and scenic trail is found within beautiful Spring Valley State Park and features great nearby camping opportunities. Visitors to the trail will find pleasant scenery, including many unique sandstone formations. You'll need to leave your dogs at home as they aren't allowed on the hike.

Length: 5 miles

Intensity: Moderate

Ash Canyon and Echo Canyon Reservoir Loop

The Ash Canyon and Echo Canyon Reservoir Loop is located in Echo Canyon State Park and is a wonderful destination for hiking and trail running. The hike features a placid lake, gorgeous views, and the chance to observe some of the local wildlife. You can bring your dogs with you as long as you keep them leashed. 

Length: 3.8 miles

Intensity: Moderate

Juniper Draw Loop Trail

The Juniper Draw Loop is a unique trail near Panaca, NV. The trail, which is excellent for both hiking and mountain biking, traverses a beautiful rocky area and features caves that visitors can explore. Hikers of all ability levels should be able to handle the trail. There's very little shade in the area, though, so be sure to bring sun protection and plenty of water. Although Juniper Draw Loop is fairly popular, you should still be able to find solitude in certain sections of the trail.

Length: 3.3 miles

Intensity: Easy

Fishing and BoatingFishing and Boating

The placid waters of the Eagle Valley Reservoir are located conveniently close to the Meadow Valley Campground. The small lake is regularly stocked with fish, making it a popular destination for anglers year-round. When you cast your line into the calm reservoir, you may be lucky enough to reel in largemouth bass, rainbow trout, tiger trout, or German brown trout. Typically, the best times to fish in the Eagle Valley Reservoir are between April and June or in September and October. The reservoir also features a boat launch, a dock, and even a temporary dock slip for visitors. You can boat recreationally, cast your fishing line from your boat, or fish from the shore.


Although there aren't too many popular rock climbing destinations near the Meadow Valley Campground, there are several nearby peaks that serious climbers can attempt. One of the nearest mountains to the BLM site is Horsethief Mountain, which stands at 7,661 feet high and is occasionally summitted by adventurous climbers. If you make the climb, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the region.

Wildlife ViewingWildlife Viewing

The area around the Meadow Valley Campground is home to a number of wildlife species. It's a bit hit-or-miss whether or not you'll actually see too many animals, but if you keep your eyes open while exploring the nearby trails, you just might. The species that roam the area include bobcats, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, and deer. If you keep your eyes on the trees, you may also spot an owl or two perched on a limb.


The Meadow Valley Campground features both picnic tables and fire rings with each of its campsites, offering a convenient option for any would-be picnickers. Since the Eagle Valley Reservoir is so close, many visitors also choose to lay out picnic blankets or set up portable chairs and tables down by the water. Eating on the shores of the lake is sure to be a pleasant and relaxing experience. Just make sure that you clean everything up once you're finished.


Bureau of Land Management Camping

RV Camping Caravan Icon

If you're hoping to enjoy some BLM RV camping at the Meadow Valley Campground, you'll want to do so at the site's lower campground. Unlike the upper site, the lower campground is easily accessible for large vehicles. However, the camping area doesn't offer any RV hookups or amenities. Although there aren't any other Bureau of Land Management campgrounds nearby, there are several modern RV parks in the area. If you head over to the Eagle Valley Resort or the Pioche RV Park and Campground, you'll have access to full RV hookups and various amenities.

Free Camping Campground Icon

If you choose to, you can enjoy Bureau of Land Management free camping right at the Meadow Valley Campground. The campground features two separate camping areas, and each area offers campsites on a first-come, first-served basis. The upper campground, which is located on the west side of the highway, features modern restrooms, fire rings, and picnic tables. The area on the east side of the highway, though, is very primitive and features no amenities.

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Planning Your Trip

Credit: Vanna Mae, @vannamaeart

Planning your Meadow Valley Campground BLM trip

Because the Meadow Valley Campground is located far from any major towns, you won't find much in the way of services, conveniences, or supplies in the surrounding area. If you need to stock up on food or equipment, or you're in search of more modern camping accommodations, your closest convenient options will be the towns of Pioche and Panaca. To save yourself time and hassle, try to pack everything you anticipate needing in your RV before you leave. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about BLM camping.

Leave No Trace Leaf

The BLM requires all visitors to their sites to adhere to the Leave No Trace principles. These principles outline a few things that you can do to help preserve the beautiful natural area. Properly disposing of any trash and waste is very important as is leaving anything you come across in nature just how you found it. If you encounter any animals, remember that you're a guest in their home, and keep a healthy distance. During your visit, be sure to only camp on durable land and keep any campfires low-impact.

Leave No Trace

Meadow Valley Campground Location

Reaching Meadow Valley Campground from Pioche is pretty simple. You'll want to get on NV-322 E/State Rte 322 and follow it for roughly 17 miles. At that point, you should see signs for the Meadow Valley Campground on your left.

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