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Kings Canyon National Park is adjacent to Sequoia National Park, and like Sequoia, Kings is home to giant, impressive-looking sequoia groves. The park is best known for the General Grant Tree, proclaimed by President Coolidge as “The Nation’s Christmas Tree.” These trees, along with stunning views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and sparkling mountain lakes and streams, promise an exciting adventure when you visit.

Because the park has such a wide range of elevation, the weather varies greatly depending on where you are. Summer temperatures in the sequoia groves are comfortable while the shadeless foothills are hot and dry. Snow stays in the mountain passes well into the summer. During the winter, you’ll find snow in the sequoia groves and rain in the foothills.

Kings Canyon is near several towns, including Clovis and the big city of Fresno. When you’re through exploring the sequoias and the rest of the park, head into a neighboring town for some tasty Mexican food, or to see the fascinating underground grotto built by one resident to escape the sweltering valley heat.

There is plenty to do inside Kings Canyon as well, including guided hikes and ranger-led programs. You can find an entire calendar of events here. Visitors can do many self-guided things on their own as well, including rock climbing, backpacking, touring the sequoia groves, horseback riding, and more.

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  • Spring 40-45 F
  • Summer 65-70 F
  • Fall 55-65 F
  • Winter 30-35 F
Location & Hours
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Park Info
  • Kings Canyon National Park Private Vehicle: $35
  • Kings Canyon National Park Motorcycle: $30
  • Kings Canyon National Park Per Person: $20

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Kings Canyon National Park Hiking Trails

Kings Canyon National Park Hiking Trails

There are many different kinds of hikes within Kings Canyon National Park. Wander through shady sequoia groves, hike the foothills, or stroll along a raging river to a beautiful overlook.

Grant Grove Trails

Cedar Grove Trails

Giant Forest & Lodgepole Trails

Things to do Outside Kings Canyon National Park

Things to do Outside Kings Canyon National Park

After you’ve wandered through ancient forests and hiked the mountains of Kings Canyon, you may be ready to try some other things nearby. See the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states, swim in a mountain lake, or shop Native American art made by local artisans.




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RV Resorts & Campsites near Kings Canyon National Park

There are many public campgrounds within the park, and some private ones in the nearby towns as well. Check to make sure the campground is open during the season when you want to visit, and make reservations to be sure you have a spot.

RV Resorts & Campsites near Kings Canyon National Park

Campgrounds Near Kings Canyon National Park

Find the Best Dumpstations Near Kings Canyon National Park

Find the Best Dumpstations Near Kings Canyon National Park

An unglamorous but necessary aspect of RVing? Dump stations. Knowing where the best dump stations are near you will allow for more ease and less stress in your travels. Dump stations are an easy and convenient way to clear waste from your RV. Use our guides to find dump stations on your route, so you can get back to the good stuff – exploring, relaxing, and making memories on the road.

Dumpstations Near Kings Canyon National Park

How to get to Kings Canyon National Park

How to get to Kings Canyon National Park

There are many ways to get to Kings Canyon National Park. Its location in California is relatively central, which means visitors from both the Bay Area and from southern California can easily drive to the park. You can reach Kings Canyon by plane, car, or RV. Because it’s right next to Sequoia National Park, you can enter either directly into Kings Canyon at the Big Stump Entrance, or enter via Sequoia at the Ash Mountain Entrance and then drive through to Kings Canyon.

Another excellent way to experience Kings Canyon National Park is by renting an RV. RVing allows you to travel at your own pace and stop wherever you wish to explore the sights along the way. If you don’t own an RV, RV rentals are available. You can fly into town and rent an RV near Kings Canyon, or rent one in your hometown to drive to the park. There are some mountain roads through the park, so be sure to readthis advice if you’re driving an RV in the area.

There are plenty of RV campgrounds in and around the park, just make sure the campground is open at the time of year you’re planning your trip and make reservations in advance.

To get to Kings Canyon and the Big Stump Entrance from San Francisco, take I-80E to I-580E. Continue onto I-205E, then merge onto I-5N. Take CA-120E to CA-99S. Then take exit 133B onto CA-180E. Continue to the entrance. To get to the Ash Mountain Entrance from southern California, take I-5N to CA-99N toward Bakersfield/Fresno. Take exit 96 onto CA-198E towards Visalia. Continue to the entrance to Sequoia National Park.

If you’re flying into the area, the Fresno Yosemite International Airport is the closest large airport. San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland all have airports in the Bay Area and LAX is the nearest airport in southern California.

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Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the best time of year to visit Kings Canyon National Park?

    Fall is the best time of year to visit Kings Canyon National Park. There are fewer crowds, but visitors will still have great weather for exploring the park. They will also be treated to autumn colors among the deciduous trees in the park.

    How large is Kings Canyon National Park?

    Kings Canyon National Park is 722 square miles or 461,901 acres large. That area includes groves of giant sequoias, including the Grant and Cedar groves.

    What is the climate of Kings Canyon National Park?

    The climate at Kings Canyon National Park depends a lot on the elevation where you are in the park. The Sierra foothills have mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Mineral King and Cedar Grove close for the winter when they get snow.

    Are there designated camping spots in Kings Canyon National Park?

    Yes, Kings Canyon National Park has designated camping spots. The park offers both campgrounds that can be reserved and first-come, first-served campsites. During peak season, it's recommended that visitors make reservations. There are no RV hookups, but RV camping is allowed, and Potiwisha, Lodgepole, and Dorst Creek campgrounds have dump stations available.

    What are the top things to do in Kings Canyon National Park?

    Top things to do at Kings Canyon National Park include a visit to Grant Grove, a hike to the General Grant Tree, and a cave tour of Boyden Cavern. There are many more activities available in the park, including horseback riding, scenic drives, and beautiful hikes!