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Renting an RV on the West Coast

The west coast of the United States is pure paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. From the miles of beautiful coastline throughout California to the majestic mountains of Oregon and Washington, there are countless opportunities throughout the West Coast to enjoy a bit of fresh air amidst some truly scenic backdrops.

Each year, millions of travelers flock to the West Coast to enjoy the beautiful weather and outdoor activities. In 2015, California alone hosted a record 263 million visitors. Oregon also broke records in 2015 when tourism spending topped $10.6 billion, up more than 4 percent from 2014. A handful of West Coast cities also made Tripadvisor's list of Top 25 Destinations in the U.S. in 2015, including Palm Springs, Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles.

But with so many places to see, how does one choose which destination to explore? Well, on an RV vacation, you won’t have to.

RVers can enjoy all the outdoor fun to be had all along the West Coast, without the extra hassle and expenses that come with booking multiple flights and hotel rooms. RV trips offer flexibility, allowing you to choose what cities and towns to explore, and how long you’ll stay in each one. And with so many places to explore throughout the West Coast, from Washington’s Cape Disappointment state park, an area traversed by Lewis and Clark in the early 1800’s, to the gorgeous stretch of beach that is Malibu, California, extra time is something you’ll definitely want.

What’s even better, you don’t have to invest in buying your own RV to enjoy a memorable vacation on the road. Renting a motorhome is a convenient and affordable way to experience an RV vacation without the commitment that comes with owning your own camper.

Ready to explore the West Coast on an RV adventure? RVshare.com can help you on your way.

Best RV Rentals on the West Coast of the USA

Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to find an RV rental company online. But with so many options, how do you know which companies are reputable? All it takes is a little strategic searching.

If reputation and experience is a must when it comes to choosing an RV rental company, RVshare.com has you covered.

The world’s largest RV sharing marketplace, RVshare.com offers motorhome rentals from a network of trusted dealers located throughout the U.S., including hundreds of campervan rentals on the west coast.

“What we’re essentially trying to do is create the peer-to-peer market for RV rentals, kind of like Airbnb did for physical spaces and spare rooms,” Joel Clark, director of business development for RVShare.com, said in aninterview with Travel Pulse. “What we found in the RV industry for rentals is there’s far more demand for rentals than there is supply.”

RVshare.com is also the first RV travel platform to offer a peer-to-peer system, which means that travelers can take advantage of some of the best RV rental deals available online.

“Love this company,” Jake A. from Agora, CA, wrote about RVshare.com on Yelp. “Much cheaper than renting from a company and the people who rent are super friendly (with my two experiences). I highly recommend!”

Cindy S. from Reno, NV, was also happy with her west coast RV rental she found through RVshare.com. writing “Best RV rental ever! Super clean, just like brand new.”

How to Get the Best RV Rental Rates on the West Coast

RVshare.com makes it easy to rent a motorhome on the West Coast, even if you’re on a tight budget. Start by entering your city (or the city where you want to pick up your RV) and travel dates in the search box. From there, you’ll be able to browse through hundreds of rentals, many available for less than $100 per day. Looking for something specific? No problem. You can narrow down your search by entering specifics like the type of RV you’re looking for (Class A, Class C, etc.) or the number of people you’ll be traveling with. You can even sort your results to display the cheapest rentals first.

This 27-ft.2002 Class C motorhome in San Diego is easy to drive, making it a great option for first-time RVers. Available for just $100 per day, it offers a comfortable floor plan with enough room for eight passengers. Features include a rear bedroom with queen size bed, an “over-cab” bed, living area with couch and dinette that convert into extra beds, a full kitchen, 30-inch flat screen TV, and indoor and outdoor speaker system.

In Portland, OR, this2016 Little Guy is ideal for a couple or solo traveler exploring the Pacific Northwest. Available for just $80 per night, this 20-ft. camper comes with all the essentials, including hot/cold water supply, a kitchen sink and stove top, a shower and toilet, TV, radio and DVD player.

If you’re looking for a bit more luxury, this2013 Tiffen Allegro 36LA in Seattle, WA, definitely fits the bill. Available for $350 per day, this Class A motorhome sleeps five and includes all the comforts of home. Features include a large kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances, 1.5 baths with porcelain toilet and large shower, a fireplace, 3 TV's , GPS navigation and lots of storage.

First-Time RV Rentals in the West Coast

Renting an RV can be intimidating for first-timers, especially if it’s also the first time you’ll be exploring the West Coast. RVshare.com will not only help you get into the motorhome you need at the best rate available, they’ll be there throughout your entire journey. Each rental comes with 24-hour roadside help, so you and your group can always feel safe out on the road.

Not sure what motorhome is right for you? RVshare.com’s expert staff can help answer all your RV rental questions. They can even give you suggested trip itineraries and recommend the places to get things like groceries.

Now that you know where to find the best RV rental in the west coast, it’s time to start planning your adventure. Happy RVing!