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Along with the tallest trees not just in America, but on earth, Redwood National Park (as well as the string of state parks in the area) protects a unique landscape of prairies, oak forests, riverways, and coastline, as well as a variety of endangered animal species including Steller’s sea lions and northern spotted owls. With a total combined area of 139,000 acres, the park complex is home to 45% of the remaining coast redwoods in the world, which once covered more than 2,000,000 acres of the California coast.

Due to its location along the northern California coast, the weather at Redwood National Park remains relatively constant throughout the year. Visitors can expect daytime temperatures between 40-60 F, with relatively high humidity and a fair chance of rain. This is especially true from October through April, when regular storms dump the majority of the region’s annual 60-80 inches of rainfall. Dress in moisture-wicking layers and shoes with non-slip soles, as the damp forest floor can be slippery.

Visitors can eat, stay, and explore in a variety of small towns in the Redwood area, including Klamath, Mckinleyville, Trinidad, Arcata, Fortuna, and Eureka. To the north of the park, the relatively large Crescent City offers more resources and attractions.

Common park activities include hiking, biking, kayaking, and exploring the unique micro-ecosystems of the area’s tidepools. Visitors can also try their luck at spotting large mammals, both on shore (elk) and off the coastline (whales). The park also offers a variety of organized events, and local Native American tribes conduct traditional dance demonstrations during the summer. To see the park’s full calendar of events and plan your own adventures, click here.

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  • Spring 58-60 F
  • Summer 70-80 F
  • Fall 60-70 F
  • Winter 55-58 F
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Redwood National Park Hiking Trails

Redwood National Park Hiking Trails

Redwood National Park is streaked with over 200 miles of hiking trails, including a 70-mile segment of the California Coastal Trail which can be split up into shorter day hikes or taken as a longer backpacking adventure. The park’s terrain includes redwood forests, of course, but also other ecosystems such as prairies and beaches, and the elevation ranges from sea level to over 3,000 feet.

Many of the park’s trails are wheelchair accessible, and most are lined with compacted gravel. Below, we’ve listed a few of the best-loved trails in the park, but be sure to check out the official park page for full details. It’s also important to check the conditions before you head out, as rainstorms and felled trees can cause trail closures.

Redwood National Park Trails in the North of the Park

Redwood National Park Trails in the South of the Park

Redwood National Park Segments of the Coastal Trail

Things to do Outside Redwood National Park

Things to do Outside Redwood National Park

As easy as it is to get lost in the mystic glow of sun filtering through the redwoods, there’s plenty to see, eat, and do in the surrounding towns. Whether a rainy day changes your plans or you’re just in the mood for some urban adventuring, here’s where to get your fix.




RV Resorts & Campsites in Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park boasts four developed campgrounds and eight designated backcountry camps. However, due to their 1940s construction, they were not built to accommodate very large motorhomes and travel trailers, and none of them offer hookups. The standard camping fee inside Redwood National Park is $35 per night, though certain discounts apply to seniors and California State Pass holders.

Campers can also choose from a variety of privately-owned RV parks and resorts in the Redwood area, many of which offer full hookups and an array of convenient amenities. Check out our list below, and also visit the official park page for more details.

RV Resorts & Campsites in Redwood National Park

Campgrounds Near Redwood National Park

Find the Best Dumpstations Near Redwood National Park

Find the Best Dumpstations Near Redwood National Park

An unglamorous but necessary aspect of RVing? Dump stations. Knowing where the best dump stations are near you will allow for more ease and less stress in your travels. Dump stations are an easy and convenient way to clear waste from your RV. Use our guides to find dump stations on your route, so you can get back to the good stuff – exploring, relaxing, and making memories on the road.

Dumpstations Near Redwood National Park

How to get to Redwood National Park

How to get to Redwood National Park

Thanks to its northern California location, Redwood National Park is relatively easy to reach whether you’re traveling by air or motor vehicle. The park is serviced by several nearby regional airports, and is also only a half-day drive from large hubs like San Francisco and Portland. For drivers, the park lies adjacent to US 101 and is accessible by a variety of scenic byways. NPS recommends visitors do not rely on their GPS systems, but instead refer to the official park page, which offers directions from a variety of orientations.

It’s no surprise that we here at RVshare think RVing is the very best way to access Redwood National Park -- or any wilderness landscape, for that matter. RVing combines the convenience and ease of road-tripping with the comfort and luxury of having your own private space. And if you aren’t already an RV owner, there are plenty of RV rentals to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the climate of Redwood National Park?

    The climate of Redwoods National Park is fairly constant and mild. Winters are wet and foggy, and summers can climb to the low-60s. Summer weather is drier and more pleasant for hiking and outdoor activities.

    Are pets allowed at Redwood National Park?

    Yes, pets are allowed at Redwood National Park. Pets can be in the parking areas, at scenic view points, in developed campgrounds, on beaches, and on gravel roads.

    What is the best time of year to visit Redwood National Park?

    The best time of year to visit Redwood National Park is May through October. Summer months tend to be drier and warmer than the rest of the year, so hiking and other outdoor activities are more pleasant.

    Are there designated camping spots in Redwood National Park?

    Yes, Redwood National Park has designated camping spots. The park has four developed campgrounds, and reservations are necessary in summer to ensure you get a spot.

    What are the top things to do in Redwood National Park?

    Top things to do in Redwood National Park include visiting Stout Grove, wandering through Lady Bird Johnson Grove, and hiking in Fern Canyon. The park has many redwood groves to explore, and a beautiful coastal area with beaches as well.