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Skyline Wilderness Park

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Skyline Wilderness Park is west of Fairfield in Imola. This enormous park is filled with nature trails, and it features a small RV park. Various festivals are held at Skyline Wilderness Park throughout the year.

Why You’ll Love Skyline Wilderness Park

Skyline Wilderness Park is the perfect place to get away from the big city. However, this campground offers full hookups and Wi-Fi, which means that you’ll have all the comforts of home. There are more trails to explore at Skyline Wilderness Park than you could cover in even a full week of camping.

What People Are Saying About Skyline Wilderness Park

“Napa’s best-kept secret. I can’t believe I lived here for so many years without exploring this amazing park. Everyone in Napa should be a member and support our treasure.” – Kirsten, Google Review

“A beautiful park. Great place to take a walk and be one with nature. It’s pretty busy on weekends, during the week not as bad. The staff is great, always helpful.” – Brian, Google Review

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