RV Rentals near Riverland RV Resort Kingsburg, California

Riverland RV Resort

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Riverland RV Resort is located in Kingsburg, CA. You can rent a cabin at this RV park if you prefer. The resort is nestled into the banks of Kings River.

Why You’ll Love Riverland RV Resort

River access makes this RV park the ideal place to go boating or fishing. Rates vary based on the location of your campsite. This makes it easy to find a campsite that fits your budget perfectly.

What People Are Saying About Riverland RV Resort

“We have stayed at Riverland on and off for over a year and it has been my favorite RV Park we have ever stayed at in our three years of traveling for work. It is VERY laid back, spots are very spacious, very good prices, and the river is freaking amazing during the summer.” – Stevi, Google Review

“This place is underrated. It’s great because you’re on the river, but it’s kind of out-of-the-way. Definitely worth a find.” – Ryan, Google Review

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