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Prado Regiol Park

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Prado Regiol Park is administered by the San Berrdino County Regiol Parks Department. You can bring your own rowboat, kayak, or canoe for fishing or boating on the 60-acre lake. The RV park near Rancho Cucamonga is located in the Chino Valley basin.

Why You’ll Love Prado Regiol Park

This Rancho Cucamonga campground is a beautiful tural habitat for family vacations. It has hiking and mountain biking trails, disc golf, and picnic areas. Nearby, there is an 18-hole golf course, an archery range, horseback riding, and an Olympic shooting range.

What People Are Saying About Prado Regiol Park

“We go every year Memorial Day Weekend, and we love it. The kids like to see the motorcycles that are there every year, and there is always horses for the kids to pet. From the fishing to the entertainment, this weekend was fun and the kids were tuckered out by all the fun they had.” – GT, Google Review,

“Nice quiet place to enjoy with your family. Lots of things to do. Me and my kids have good times. ture’s beauty at its best. I will be going back for sure. Loved it.” – Golam, Google Review

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