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McDowell Mountain Regional Park

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McDowell Mountain Regional Park is a huge park located to the north of Fountain Hills. It features extensive trails that are frequented by hikers and mountain bikers. This park features a large RV campground.

Why You’ll Love McDowell Mountain Regional Park

Very little light pollution from the Phoenix area blocks out your view of the stars at night from McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Unlike many campgrounds, this park features full RV hookups. You are encouraged to bring your horses.

What People Are Saying About McDowell Mountain Regional Park

“McDowell Mountain is undoubtedly my favorite Regional Park in Arizona. We’ve been camping there since 2011, and I love that the campsites are spaced so far apart! Being up on the plateau north and above Fountain Hills and to the east of the mountain range means that you don’t get a lot of light spill-over from the city. The park is a mecca for mountain bikers, but it is fabulous for hikers as well. On a great day, you can hike for hours in the desert in complete solitude.” – Rosalind, Google Review

“Excellent park near Phoenix that feels so far away. The campground hosts are rad; they were the most helpful I’ve ever experienced and seem like they love their jobs. Tent camping down the road was quiet with great facilities.” – Nolan, Google Review

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