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Lovey’s Landing

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Lovey’s Landing RV Park features great country RV camping. Visitors can enjoy home cooking in the onsite restaurant as well as happy hour cocktails at the bar. You’re sure to like the marina and river patio.

Why You’ll Love Lovey’s Landing

Lovey’s Landing is a great place for fishing lovers. Expect to catch striped bass, sturgeon, king salmon and shad there. Visitors have been enjoying the river and the campgrounds since 1957. When you stay at Lovey’s Landing, you’ll experience a family-friendly environment with lots to do and see.

What People Are Saying About Lovey’s Landing

“We have taken our trailer out to Lovey’s Landing each of the last five years. We have eaten at their cafe, which is nice. It has a nice area to clean your fish and wash fishing things. Nice place to dock your boat. There isn’t a place to put your boat in the water there, but plenty of docking area.” – Joann, from Google Review

“A lot of memories here over the years. Dropped in the other day and so many memories came flooding back. Such a serene and quiet spot on the river. I hope they can continue to thrive at Lovey’s for years to come. Best of luck!” – Darin, from Google Review

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