Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Ventura County, California

Ventura County is an area in Southern California. This county is part of northern Los Angeles, and it stretches into Los Padres National Forest. Many RV campgrounds in Ventura County, California are situated along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, but other RV parking locations are closer to the mountains.

This area stays reasonably warm all throughout the year, and since it’s close to the attractions of Los Angeles, it serves as a great place to start a California RV adventure. Check out the following list to learn about the best campgrounds in Ventura County, California where you can park your rental RV.

Evergreen RV Park

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Evergreen RV Park is located in the town of Oxnard. It’s a medium-sized RV park, and it’s close to conveniences like Costco Wholesale. This option for RV camping in Ventura County is easy to access from Interstate 5, and it’s only a few minutes away from River Ridge Golf Club.

Why You’ll Love Evergreen RV Park

If you’re planning to visit the many attractions of Los Angeles, Evergreen RV Park is a great place to stay. It offers easy access to downtown L.A., and it’s close to all of the amenities that you may need. Plus, Evergreen RV Park is only about 10 minutes away from the beach.

What People Are Saying About Evergreen RV Park

“Very nice RV Park! Got in after-hours, called the number listed for assistance, and the gentleman couldn’t have been nicer! Even though they were full, he found us a spot and guided my husband in. Plenty of room with cement patio & good amenities.” – Chris, Google Review

“The staff at this park made it all worthwhile, very busy yet always had time for my questions I recommend anyone traveling through should stop here. Thank you Evergreen for making my travels much more enjoyable” – Robert, Google Review

Mountain View RV Park

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Mountain View RV Park is located in the small town of Santa Paula. This Ventura County, California campground offers access to the Santa Clara River, and it’s easy to reach from Highway 126. Mountain View RV Park features stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Why You’ll Love Mountain View RV Park

Mountain View RV Park is quite small, which makes it easy to keep to yourself. If you’re feeling sociable, the full-time residents of this RV park would be more than happy to get acquainted. Though Mountain View RV Park feels remote, it’s only 30 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles.

What People Are Saying About Mountain View RV Park

“Clean, quiet and beautiful. We drove in at midnight and were able to park my f350 crew cab longbed with a 28′ trailer and had no problems parking it and we’re even able to leave it hitched for the night.” – Brad, Google Review

“Just FYI- They don’t accept RV’s that are older than 12 years. Ours is 15 and in great shape and they said no. Too bad because there’s not much else around there…” – Di, Google Review

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Ventura Beach RV Resort

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This RV park is located near downtown Ventura. It’s easy to access from Highway 101, and it’s across the street from the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Both Ventura River and the Pacific Ocean are within walking distance of Ventura Beach RV Resort.

Why You’ll Love Ventura Beach RV Resort

If you’re looking forward to hitting the beach, Ventura Beach RV Resort is the place for you. When you’re done soaking in the sun for the day, you can relax at this RV park’s spacious clubhouse. Unlike some other RV parks in Ventura County, this resort is so close to the beach that you can hear the waves crashing at night.

What People Are Saying About Ventura Beach RV Resort

“Great location for bike riding or walking into town of Ventura. There is a freeway and a road that surrounds the place which could bother some if you’re in a tent but the inside of the grounds are great. Swimming pool and a kids area. a general store is there too-so that’s nice in case you forgot something.” – Kimberly, Google Review

“The park is top notch and staff is super friendly. I stayed for three weeks and enjoyed every moment there. Well maintained and clean everywhere, some may gripe at having to wear the wrist bands, but it helped me get the r and r I was seeking since my friends couldn’t just drop in unnounced as usual.” – Noah, Google Review

Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday KOA Logo

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Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday is located to the north of Santa Paula. This RV park is contained within Steckel Park, and it features incredible views of the nearby mountains. Most notably, Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday has a recreational zip line.

Why You’ll Love Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday

Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday is a great place to take your kids. Not only does the zip line at this RV park offer amazing views, but there’s also a large playground on site. Best of all, Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday is only about 40 minutes away from Los Angeles.

What People Are Saying About Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday

“KOA Ventura Ranch made our first camping experience a pleasant one. From booking the reservation through Cathy on our first phone call to having Jose mysteriously appear like our guardian angel on multiple occasions. Had the pleasure of meeting Frank and Lori as well. The entire team is very attentive and will bend over backwards to ensure your stay is an enjoyable one.” – Gino, Google Review

“Nicely kept and a well-maintained campground located between Santa Paula and Ojai on route 150. Very clean bathrooms and showers. Lots of fun things to do. Many hiking trails up into the Los Padres National Forest. Quiet campground great for families.” – Joseph, Google Review

Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park

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Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park is located on a small piece of land called Point Mugu. This RV park is reserved for members of the armed forces, and it features commanding views of the ocean and coastline. Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park is open all year, and it offers beach access.

Why You’ll Love Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park

If you or your family are connected with the Navy, Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park is the best place to stay in Ventura County. The rates are relatively low, and the amenities are robust. Plus, nothing beats the option of heading down to the beach whenever you like.

What People Are Saying About Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park

“The campground is awesome and right on the beach! We were here during Memorial Day and got to see the seals off the point as well. Very safe and accommodating. We love this place as a cheap little vacation. I highly suggest bringing your camper or rv out here and relaxing!” – Chelsey, Google Review

“Great camping area. Full hookups, bathrooms, showers, hotel. Everything all in one great location on the beach with the safety and security of being on base. We absolutely love it here.” – Sarah, Google Review

Castaic Lake RV Park ARVC Logo

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Castaic Lake RV Park is located just outside of Ventura County in the town of Castaic. This RV park offers access to Castaic Lake, which is a popular spot for water sports. Rates at Castaic Lake RV Park are relatively low, and various discounts are offered.

Why You’ll Love Castaic Lake RV Park

In the summer months, you can’t beat a stay at Castaic Lake RV Park. The lake stays warm all summer long, and your kids will love swimming all day. To top it off, this RV park is only about 45 minutes away from Los Angeles.

What People Are Saying About Castaic Lake RV Park

“We through a Family Reunion there, the staff were very friendly and helped us with everything we needed. There are games to play inside Office. There is a pool and jacuzzi, mini golf course. A playground for children a shower and laundry room for those who camped in their tents.” – Caroline, Google Review

“Such a welcoming staff!!! Never at an rv campground had we received welcoming gifts for each of us. They also provide you with coffee and donuts in the morning.” – Ana, Google Review

Santa Barbara Sunrise RV Park ARVC Logo

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If you have dreamt of being able to hike the Santa Ynez Mountains to watch the sunrise or venture down a sandy beach to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, then Santa Barbara is the place you want to go. The experience can be amplified if you are traveling in your home on wheels and decide to stay at Santa Barabara Sunrise RV Park!

Why You’ll Love Santa Barbara Sunrise RV Park

Santa Barbara Sunrise RV Park prides itself in its hospitality, providing a comforting at-home atmosphere when staying here. Not only is this park within walking and biking distance to miles of pristine beaches, numerous wineries, breweries, restaurants, art and history museums, and loads of other outdoor activities, it is also just across the highway from the Santa Barbara Zoo! The numerous amenities at this park and its proximity to nearby attractions will make you want to keep coming back again and again.

What People Are Saying About Santa Barbara Sunrise RV Park

“The best park I've stayed at. Friendly and helpful staff, blazing fast internet, walking distance to the beach and some great restaurants, and the spaces aren't too cramped like some other parks. The bathrooms and laundry room are extremely clean as well.” – Ian, Google Review

“Most convenient to Santa Barbara proper, Sunrise RV Park is a gem. Very clean. Hands-on managers. Gracious and very accommodating. We'll stay here again when we're in SB!” – Chris, Google Review

Point Mugu State Park

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Point Mugu State Park is located at the southern tip of Ventura County. It’s one of the largest parks in the area, and it features a sizeable campground. This RV park can admit RVs that are up to 31 feet long, and it is open all year.

Why You’ll Love Point Mugu State Park

If you want to immerse yourself in nature, Point Mugu State Park is the place to go. This huge park is filled with recreational trails, and it features more than a mile of beach access. In addition, scenic Highway 1 runs straight through Point Mugu State Park.

What People Are Saying About Point Mugu State Park

“The park is located in the northern part of Malibu at the border of Los Angeles County and Ventura County, it has a very popular Campgrounds and some good trails, especially Coastal ridge scenic trail.” – Frank, Google Review

“Camping at Sycamore Canyon. A very nice place green and beautiful. Walk to Beach. People catching fish. People that are nice too.” – Kelly, Google Review

Emma Wood State Beach

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Emma Wood State Beach is located to the northwest of Ventura. This beach is open throughout the year, and it features a large campground. This campground is only a few minutes away from the amenities of Ventura, and it is open to RVs.

Why You’ll Love Emma Wood State Beach

Emma Wood State Beach is a great place to sprawl out on the beach. It’s easy to get to from Highway 101, and the Ventura County Fairgrounds are within walking distance. At night, the only sound to be heard at Emma Wood State Beach is the crashing surf.

What People Are Saying About Emma Wood State Beach

“We love this place. It’s old and grungy and falling apart and has no services – which means it often has multiple open RV spots. And you often have more privacy than any other local campground. You are within walking distance of town.” – Dan, Google Review

“Very good offseason camping, the train is close, but you don’t notice it and it does not seem to run all night or blow the horn near the park. I’m in a 40′ RV and the spots are more than large enough for me and my tow vehicle.” – Joseph, Google Review

McGrath State Beach and Campground

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McGrath State Beach and Campground is in the town of Oxnard where the Santa Clara River meets the Pacific Ocean. It’s within walking distance of Oxnard’s many amenities. McGrath State Beach and Campground is one of the largest campgrounds in Ventura County.

Why You’ll Love McGrath State Beach and Campground

Not many RV parks in this area offer both beach access and river access. McGrath State Beach and Campground is a popular place for fishing in the summer, but it stays beautiful all year round. It’s easy to get to downtown Los Angeles from this RV park.

What People Are Saying About McGrath State Beach and Campground

“We were lucky enough to find this camping spot in Oxnard. Only a 15 min drive to Downtown Ventura, McGrath offers a spacious camping experience with an intimate feel.” – Hedy, Google Review

“I’ve lived in the area for years but never been to this campsite. Camped there for the first time and was surprised how nice it was.” – Richard, Google Review

In Summary

After perusing this list of Ventura County campgrounds, you might be ready to decide where you’d like to stay. But if you’re still having trouble making a choice, there are a few factors that you should consider.

If you’re most interested in exploring the attractions of Los Angeles, RV parks in the Ventura County, California area like Point Mugu State Park might best suit your needs. But if you’re interested in exploring the forested mountains that surround this city, you might prefer Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday. No matter where you end up deciding to park your RV in Ventura County, you’ll find that this area of Southern California is a beautiful place to enjoy the great outdoors.

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