Top Campgrounds and RV Parks in Oxnard, California

When you’re en route from Malibu to Santa Barbara on State Route 1, you pass through the coastal town of Oxnard. It’s a beautiful community in Ventura County that has a nice view of the Channel Islands from the shore. Travelers often camp right by the ocean in campgrounds along the Pacific Coast Highway near Oxnard.

This area is one of California’s many captivating destinations for an RV trip. Even if you don’t stay right on the coast, you’ll enjoy the scenery around the RV parks. The following list of campgrounds can help you plan your next visit to Ventura County.

Point Mugu State Park

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You can enjoy both a mountain environment and a cool ocean breeze in one incredible camping trip. At Point Mugu State Park, you can set up camp right on the shoreline and take a hike on one of the Santa Monica trails. The park has two separate campgrounds that can accommodate vehicles up to 31 feet long.

Why You’ll Love Point Mugu State Park

Five miles of ocean shore is within the boundaries of Point Mugu State Park; some parts of it are rocky while others are sandy. You can gaze at the Santa Monica Mountains while you’re swimming or body surfing. Perhaps surf fishing is your favorite pastime.

What People Are Saying About Point Mugu State Park

“This beautiful CA State Park is the western most point in Malibu. Such a wonderful place. You can hike, camp on the beach, or just come for the day. Loved Mugu beach, the last beach part of Point Mugu State Park. Thornhill Broome beach is an awesome beach that allows overnight camping. RVs and trailers everywhere…” – Don, Trip Advisor Review

“Looking for something different to do while in Los Angeles? Camping on the beach! we had an amazing time! Next to the ocean, along the famous Pacific Coast Highway 1 (PCH), such a delight to see the sunset and sunrise, next to campfire…” – Shee, Trip Advisor Review

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Evergreen RV Trailer Park

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Visit this trailer park in Oxrd, California and take a look at the beaches that are only a couple of miles away. You can leave your RV parked on a gravel campsite and rest assured that your possessions are secure. If your vehicle is no longer than 42 feet, you’ll be able to maneuver it around the paved streets and into your space.

Why You’ll Love Evergreen RV Trailer Park

If you have some work to do during your stay at this park, you’ll have full use of the copier in the office. You can spend your downtime in the reading room with a good book from the library, but you may want to just watch TV in the lounge. You can actually walk to area stores and restaurants from Evergreen RV Trailer Park.

What People Are Saying About Evergreen RV Trailer Park

“Very Nice RV Park! Got in after hours, called the number listed for assistance, and the gentleman couldn’t have been nicer! Even though they were full, he found us a spot and guided my husband in. Plenty of room with cement patio & Good Amenities.” – Chris, Google Review

“The staff at this park made it all worthwhile, very busy yet always had time for my questions. I recommend anyone traveling through should stop here…” – Robert, Google Review

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Rincon Parkway

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This county-run RV park near Oxrd is really just a large number of asphalt spaces lined up along the coast. No hookups exist, so it’s just you, your RV, and the ocean. Unless you get an end spot, you’ll have to climb down rocks to get to the beach. However, you can’t beat the view from your site.

Why You’ll Love Rincon Parkway

You’ll come to the campsites of Rincon Parkway when you drive along Highway 1 between Faria Beach and Hobson Beach. It’s a great place for spotting dolphins and whales; you may even find a nice area for surfing. Although the campground has no dump station, you can use the services of the “honey wagon” that comes around occasiolly.

What People Are Saying About Rincon Parkway

“…The waves are incredibly loud (and soothing, in my opinion) and they help to block out the road noise. Yes, you’re right on Hwy 1 and yes, there are train tracks right on the other side of that, but honestly, we were never bothered by it because the waves drowned it all out…You need to be fairly agile to climb down (and back up!) the rocks to the beach, although I do believe some spots at either end of the parkway have easier routes. We were near the center and it required a bit of effort – but so worth it!” – Audrey, Campendium Review

“…We love to just sit, read, eat, drink, p and completely relax…I have not found any other beach like it. I will keep coming here every year as long as my RV and I are in good health!!” – Russell, Yelp Review

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Ventura Ranch KOA KOA Logo

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If you’ve never stayed at this KOA campground near Oxnard, California, then it’s time for you to experience it. The park sits at the foot of Topa Topa Mountain in Santa Paula and covers 76 acres of land. You can enjoy a good hike on the nature trails and even get acquainted with the neighborhood peacocks.

Why You’ll Love Ventura Ranch KOA

Kids never get bored at Ventura Ranch KOA; in fact, the entire park is geared toward children. They can find plenty of open spaces for bike riding once they’re tired of the playground. When they’re ready for more adventure, they can rock climb, mine for gemstones, jump on the giant pillow, ride the zip line, or take a Bigfoot tour.

What People Are Saying About Ventura Ranch KOA

“…Our stay was fantastic. Judy was just a phone call away for anything we needed and the Peacocks are a super fun way to wake up in the AM! The service here is fantastic, everyone is friendly and it was a beautiful location. We will definitely be back when we return to CA.” – Kat, Google Review

“We had a great time! Being with friends and watching our kids interact and make use of the activities offered by the ranch was priceless. We will be back!!” – Jose, Facebook Review

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Leo Carillo State Park

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More than a mile of the beautiful Malibu coastline is within the boundaries of Leo Carrillo State Park. RV camping near Oxnard rarely includes a beach location that compares to this park’s setting. With reefs and tide pools to capture your attention, this portion of the California shore is a must-see for travelers.

Why You’ll Love Leo Carillo State Park

As long as your RV doesn’t exceed 31 feet in length, you’ll be able to park on the sites at Leo Carrillo State Park. The grounds are accentuated with large sycamore trees that offer shade from the sun. Nearby hiking trails lead to spots that give you a view of the Channel Islands.

What People Are Saying About Leo Carillo State Park

“We loved this family campground. Most sites are big, flat, and shaded by huge sycamore trees, and all are a quick walk to the beach through a tunnel under PCH…” – Amiee & John, Trip Advisor Review

“Fun times. Camped out here in Malibu a couple weeks ago and was happy with the stay. Was not crowded…Walking distance to the beach and cove.” – Alex, Yelp Review

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Foster Park

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This Oxnard, California area campground is known for its green hills and the river that runs through it. Ventura River adds to the beauty of the park and inspires folks to stay at the Residence Campground section. With only 10 sites and lots of space in between them, this park is a great place to kick back and enjoy nature.

Why You’ll Love Foster Park

If you have time, park your big rig and open your slides at Foster Park’s Residence Campground. You don’t have to wander very far from Highway 33 to get there. Once you’re settled, the staff will allow you to stay for 14 consecutive days.

What People Are Saying About Foster Park

“…I was not disappointed. Not a lot of sites, but full hookups and a concrete pad was just what we were looking for…We really enjoyed the short drive into Ventura for St Patrick’s Day celebrations and the fantastic bike path into Ojai, another beautiful little city…” – Myles, Campendium Review

“…It’s a great place to go for camping or if you would like to spend a day surrounded by shaded trees and nature…” – Rachel, Yelp Review

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Faria Beach Park

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At this Oxnard area campground, you’ll wake up each morning to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. You’ll spend your days watching surfers and boogie boarders on the water. Whether you are dry camping or enjoying full hookups, you won’t want to leave this incredible spot on the Pacific Ocean.

Why You’ll Love Faria Beach Park

According to online reviews, the best amenity at this county park is the cafe. The campground manager serves fresh hamburgers and other culinary delights. With great food and an ocean view, you’ll be all set for an exciting but relaxing stay.

What People Are Saying About Faria Beach Park

“Enjoyed camping here with my husband and 3 kids…Love waking up to the sound of the waves. Was on-site #36, no hookup but with shades. People are nice and friendly…Has Cafe for breakfast and lunch, shower and toilet. Has a dog park if you have pets…” – Roselynn, Yelp Review

“…The beach was great for walking on at low tide and we were there many times a day. The town of Ventura is only about 5 miles away and is a really great town with a laid-back feeling…” – Betsy & Nancy, RV-A-GOGO Review

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Lake Casitas Recreation Area

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This Ventura park has a campsite to suit everyone who stops by in an RV. For campers who are looking for a primitive experience, a basic dirt site with no hookups is available. Concrete campsites include the deluxe option with water and electricity only and the full hookup executive site.

Why You’ll Love Lake Casitas Recreation Area

If you don’t have an RV, you can rent one through this campground’s affiliate company or another RV source. You can participate in the fun activities around you once your RV has been delivered and hooked up. Why not take a hike or bike ride then fish for the rest of the day?

What People Are Saying About Lake Casitas Recreation Area

“…Since it was a weekend, we had plenty of company in our section and it was pleasant since every RV space was sufficiently spaced apart and offered a nice cement pad, fire ring, and picnic table. The area was full of families and kids…” – Cheri, Yelp Review

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McGrath State Beach

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McGrath State Beach is a no-frills RV park with a great location. It’s near a bike trail that runs from the park to the city of Santa Barbara. This is a good place to stop overnight if you’re on a road trip in California.

Why You’ll Love McGrath State Beach

Most of the sites are spacious and it is close to a beautiful beach. It also has great hiking trails. There are water spigots throughout the park. It does not have hookups, but it has a dump station. There are some campsites by the beach.

What People Are Saying About McGrath State Beach

“I’ve lived in this area for years but never been to this campsite. Camped here for the first time and was surprised how nice it was. Although there are not a lot of trees on many of the sites, they are pretty open and have some nice fire pits. The area near the sand dunes is beautiful this time of year.” – Richard, Google review

“The park is back open, and I stayed there for several nights. The camp’s hosts are great people. The Rangers frequently patrol and are great too. The hosts and rangers all do their best to make the campground safe and family friendly.” – David, Google review

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Santa Barbara Island Campground

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On Santa Barbara Island, primitive camping beckons with seven sites available at $15 per night per site, requiring reservations for a secure island retreat. Devoid of water sources, the campground is located a quarter-mile from the landing and necessitates a steep climb to reach its elevated perch. Situated much further south than its northern counterparts, Santa Barbara Island stands as the smallest among the Channel Islands, encompassing just one square mile of unique landscapes and diverse ecosystems.

Why You’ll Love Santa Barbara Island Campground

Despite its diminutive size, Santa Barbara Island plays a crucial role in supporting the recovery of native vegetation, a process facilitated by the National Park Service's dedicated restoration efforts. The removal of nonnative predators has further contributed to the island's ecological balance, fostering the reestablishment of nesting land birds and seabirds. Renowned as one of the most vital seabird nesting sites within the Channel Islands, Santa Barbara Island hosts 11 nesting species, including western gulls, California brown pelicans, cormorants, storm-petrels, and the impressive Scripps's murrelets. The island's rocky shores serve as crucial resting and breeding areas for a variety of marine mammals, including California sea lions, harbor seals, and northern elephant seals, offering a rich tapestry of biodiversity within its compact confines.

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Santa Cruz Island Scorpion Canyon Campground

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Experience primitive camping on Santa Cruz Island, the largest of California's Channel Islands and a prominent member of the Channel Islands National Park, boasting 25 individual sites at $15 per night per site and 6 group sites at $40 per night per site. Reservations are a prerequisite for securing your spot in this unique island getaway, where a mere half-mile distance separates the landing from the campground. Immerse yourself in the island's rich cultural history, characterized by over 10,000 years of habitation by Native American Indians and more than 150 years of exploration and ranching by Europeans. Santa Cruz Island stands as a testament to the enduring coexistence of humanity and nature, offering a landscape adorned with over 600 plant species, 140 land birds, 11 land mammals, and a diverse array of amphibians and reptiles.

Why You’ll Love Santa Cruz Island Scorpion Canyon Campground

As you explore the island's enchanting terrain, keep an eye out for its exclusive inhabitants, including the island fox and island scrub-jay—remarkable finds that exist solely on Santa Cruz Island, making them truly unique to this corner of the world. Santa Cruz Island beckons adventurers to delve into its natural wonders and unravel the tapestry of history woven into its landscapes, creating an immersive experience for those seeking an escape into the heart of the Channel Islands.

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Anacapa Island Campground

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Venturing along East Anacapa's two-mile trail system unveils the island's native vegetation, wildlife, and cultural history. Thanks to ongoing restoration efforts by the National Park Service, the island's native flora is slowly recovering, fostering the return of nesting land birds and seabirds. Anacapa stands as a vital seabird nesting site within the Channel Islands, with West Anacapa's steep cliffs hosting the largest breeding colony of endangered California brown pelicans. Across all islets, Anacapa boasts the world's largest breeding colony of western gulls. The rocky shores provide resting and breeding grounds for California sea lions and harbor seals, while the rich kelp forests invite exploration through kayaking, snorkeling, and diving, offering encounters with the resident ocean wildlife up close. Primitive camping options include seven sites, each requiring a $15 per night fee with reservations being mandatory. Each site is equipped with a picnic table, food storage box, and a pit toilet for the convenience of campers.

Why You’ll Love Anacapa Island Campground

Anacapa Island, the closest Channel Island to California's mainland, comprises three islets—East, Middle, and West Anacapa Islands. The volcanic island has weathered the forces of waves, resulting in towering sea cliffs, sea caves, and natural formations like the iconic Arch Rock, standing at forty feet high and symbolizing the essence of Anacapa and Channel Islands National Park. Beyond its natural wonders, Anacapa Island preserves a rich human history, evidenced by Chumash people's shell-midden sites from thousands of years ago. Visitors can also explore the 1932 light station, where the original lead-crystal Fresnel lens, a beacon until 1990, is on exhibit at the East Anacapa Visitor Center. Anacapa Island unfolds as a tapestry of natural and cultural marvels, beckoning adventurers to immerse themselves in its diverse and captivating landscapes.

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San Miguel Island Campground

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FInd yourself amoungst the allure of primitive camping on San Miguel Island, where nine sites await at $15 per night per site, with reservations being essential for securing your island adventure. While the campground lacks water sources, the journey from the landing to the campground entails a one-mile ascent up a steep canyon, presenting a 400 ft. climb that promises a rewarding experience. Positioned on the westernmost of all the islands, San Miguel Island stands as a testament to the relentless forces of wind and weather that sweep across the North Pacific, shaping a harsh yet profoundly beautiful environment.

Why You’ll Love San Miguel Island Campground

Amidst this rugged landscape, the San Miguel Island Campground sits perched on a plateau, offering unparalleled island views and access to a diverse range of recreational activities. Embrace the challenge of reaching this remote destination, as the rewards extend beyond the panoramic vistas. Delve into the island's unique natural and cultural resources, from the caliche forest with sand-castings of ancient vegetation to fossil bones of Pleistocene pygmy mammoths that once roamed the island. Explore 150 years of ranching history and encounter the remnants of numerous shipwrecks that bear witness to the island's storied past. San Miguel Island invites intrepid adventurers to unravel its mysteries and forge a connection with its remarkable landscapes and history.

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Santa Rosa Island Campground

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Discover the allure of primitive camping at Water Canyon Campground, offering 15 sites at $15 per night per site, with reservations being a requisite for securing your island retreat. The campground is strategically positioned 1.5 miles from the landing, providing convenient access to both the pier and the airstrip. Nestled in a canyon to shield visitors from potent northwest winds, this campground not only ensures a comfortable stay but also opens the door to breathtaking island views, access to exceptional hiking opportunities, and the serenity of a nearby white sand beach.

Why You’ll Love Santa Rosa Island Campground

Santa Rosa Island, situated 40 nautical miles from the Channel Islands National Park visitor center in Ventura, stands as California's second-largest island, spanning approximately 53,000 acres. This expansive island landscape supports a diverse array of plant and animal species, boasting six plant species exclusive to Santa Rosa Island. Delve into the island's rich archeological tapestry, as it houses thousands of significant sites belonging to the Chumash Native Americans, who inhabited the island until 1820. Over the centuries, others have been drawn to the island, leaving their mark and making it a home rich in both natural and cultural treasures. Santa Rosa Island beckons adventurers to explore its unique landscapes, connecting with its rich heritage and immersing themselves in the beauty that defines this captivating corner of the California coast.

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Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park

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Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park is located on a small piece of land called Point Mugu. This RV park is reserved for members of the armed forces, and it features commanding views of the ocean and coastline. Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park is open all year, and it offers beach access.

Why You’ll Love Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park

If you or your family are connected with the Navy, Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park is the best place to stay in Ventura County. The rates are relatively low, and the amenities are robust. Plus, nothing beats the option of heading down to the beach whenever you like.

What People Are Saying About Navy Getaways Point Mugu Beach Hotel & RV Park

“The campground is awesome and right on the beach! We were here during Memorial Day and got to see the seals off the point as well. Very safe and accommodating. We love this place as a cheap little vacation. I highly suggest bringing your camper or rv out here and relaxing!” – Chelsey, Google Review

“Great camping area. Full hookups, bathrooms, showers, hotel. Everything all in one great location on the beach with the safety and security of being on base. We absolutely love it here.” – Sarah, Google Review

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Ventura Beach RV Resort

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This RV park is located near downtown Ventura. It’s easy to access from Highway 101, and it’s across the street from the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Both Ventura River and the Pacific Ocean are within walking distance of Ventura Beach RV Resort.

Why You’ll Love Ventura Beach RV Resort

If you’re looking forward to hitting the beach, Ventura Beach RV Resort is the place for you. When you’re done soaking in the sun for the day, you can relax at this RV park’s spacious clubhouse. Unlike some other RV parks in Ventura County, this resort is so close to the beach that you can hear the waves crashing at night.

What People Are Saying About Ventura Beach RV Resort

“Great location for bike riding or walking into town of Ventura. There is a freeway and a road that surrounds the place which could bother some if you’re in a tent but the inside of the grounds are great. Swimming pool and a kids area. a general store is there too-so that’s nice in case you forgot something.” – Kimberly, Google Review

“The park is top notch and staff is super friendly. I stayed for three weeks and enjoyed every moment there. Well maintained and clean everywhere, some may gripe at having to wear the wrist bands, but it helped me get the r and r I was seeking since my friends couldn’t just drop in unnounced as usual.” – Noah, Google Review

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Mountain View RV Park

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Mountain View RV Park is located in the small town of Santa Paula. This Ventura County, California campground offers access to the Santa Clara River, and it’s easy to reach from Highway 126. Mountain View RV Park features stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Why You’ll Love Mountain View RV Park

Mountain View RV Park is quite small, which makes it easy to keep to yourself. If you’re feeling sociable, the full-time residents of this RV park would be more than happy to get acquainted. Though Mountain View RV Park feels remote, it’s only 30 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles.

What People Are Saying About Mountain View RV Park

“Clean, quiet and beautiful. We drove in at midnight and were able to park my f350 crew cab longbed with a 28′ trailer and had no problems parking it and we’re even able to leave it hitched for the night.” – Brad, Google Review

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“Just FYI- They don’t accept RV’s that are older than 12 years. Ours is 15 and in great shape and they said no. Too bad because there’s not much else around there…” – Di, Google Review

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Emma Wood State Beach

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Emma Wood State Beach is located to the northwest of Ventura. This beach is open throughout the year, and it features a large campground. This campground is only a few minutes away from the amenities of Ventura, and it is open to RVs.

Why You’ll Love Emma Wood State Beach

Emma Wood State Beach is a great place to sprawl out on the beach. It’s easy to get to from Highway 101, and the Ventura County Fairgrounds are within walking distance. At night, the only sound to be heard at Emma Wood State Beach is the crashing surf.

What People Are Saying About Emma Wood State Beach

“We love this place. It’s old and grungy and falling apart and has no services – which means it often has multiple open RV spots. And you often have more privacy than any other local campground. You are within walking distance of town.” – Dan, Google Review

“Very good offseason camping, the train is close, but you don’t notice it and it does not seem to run all night or blow the horn near the park. I’m in a 40′ RV and the spots are more than large enough for me and my tow vehicle.” – Joseph, Google Review

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Oak Park

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If you plan to stay in Simi Valley for at least two nights, you can hook up your RV at Oak Park. This Ventura County park sits on 100 acres of open field that has large, scattered oak trees. With an industrial area right outside of its boundaries, this Simi Valley, California campground is close to town.

Why You’ll Love Oak Park

Simi Valley campsites are seldom as spacious as the ones in Oak Park’s campground. Although you may need to level your site with blocks, you’ll be comfortable once you get settled. The kids will love the playground, basketball court, and horseshoe pits.

What People Are Saying About Oak Park

“Great little place…The grandkids wanted to go camping. With no reservations, we figured we’d give this place a try. So glad we did!! Everyone had fun! The train is close, and it’s loud, but honestly, didn’t notice it inside the motorhome at night. Clean, electric hookups, ability to pay online and inexpensive! We will be going back.” – Michelle, Allstays Review

“Decent campground for the price…for sure. Older but clean bathrooms. Playground. Picnic benches. Huge gathering room for groups. Fire pits. There are train tracks right near and we heard it go through a few times…Close to shopping with a vehicle…not walking distance.” – Debbie, Google Review

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Carpinteria State Beach Campground

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Carpinteria State Beach Campground is located a few miles to the east of downtown Santa Barbara. It’s a relatively large RV park, and it’s located directly on the beach. This RV park can accommodate a maximum camper length of 35 feet.

Why You’ll Love Carpinteria State Beach Campground

Every RV pad at Carpinteria State Beach Campground is located just a few steps away from the beach. This facility is close to Los Angeles, which means you have a lot of amenities at your disposal. The sunset over the ocean is incredible any time of year.

What People Are Saying About Carpinteria State Beach Campground

“The park is a nature preserve, so there is a lot to do and see there. It goes for miles, extending from a marshland bird preserve to the north to a seal rookery and miles of bluff trails to the south. There are tidal pools, gentle waves, miles of sand, a creek, and natural tar pit– one of only eight worldwide.” – Quillen, Google Review

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Malibu Beach RV Park

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Malibu Beach RV Park offers some of the most beautiful sunsets in the Downey area. Unlike other RV parks in Downey, Malibu Beach RV Park is situated right on the shoreline.

Why You’ll Love Malibu Beach RV Park

Beach access is Malibu Beach RV Park’s best feature. Plus, Corral Canyon Park is right across the street, and downtown Malibu is a short distance away. At night, the sound of the surf crashing on the shore drowns out any sounds from nearby Highway 1.

What People Are Saying About Malibu Beach RV Park

“Nice Campground with a beautiful view over the beach of Malibu. Bus station almost in Front of the Campground. Takes you in 50 min to Santa Monica for 1.75 dollars. Internet is very slow and should be upgraded by the owners. It is basically not usable. Campground is not very cheap.” – Peter, Google Review ,

“Expensive, hard to get into, but worth the effort. Go on the offseason for a better experience and be sure to look up and see the beautiful Wild Green Parrots that pass through several times every day! You will hear them squawking before you see them.” – Aidea, Google Review

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Tapo Canyon Regional Park

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When you really want to get away from it all and just enjoy nature at its finest, Tapo Canyon Regional Park is the best RV property in the Santa Clarita area for you. Built in 1969, this park sits right in the heart of the Santa Susana Mountains. The large park that surrounds the campground features plenty of trails for equestrian riders and BMX racers to explore.

Why You’ll Love Tapo Canyon Regional Park

With just 16 full-hookup sites available, this park limits the number of guests who can visit at one time, which helps keep the area quiet. You can put both an RV and a tent on any site that you reserve, and all sites are paved and come with a fire ring and a picnic table. While the playground features equipment that younger guests love, older guests will find a volleyball court and other fun activities.

What People Are Saying About Tapo Canyon Regional Park

“Excellent park with a very well-kept and cleaned cooking and serving area. There is a playground for the kids, making it the perfect place to hold a barbeque or even an outdoor hangout with fresh air.” – Christopher, Google Review

“The park and facilities are kept clean, and the camp neighbors are very friendly. Great place for kids! Lots of room to play and explore.” – Nay, Google Review

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Olive Grove Campground

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This campground is in the Los Padres National Forest, and it’s a part of the Lake Piru Recreation Area. While the RV sites are not right by the water, they are within walking distance to it. Lake Piru is a popular location for people who enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, and taking part in various other water sports.

Why You’ll Love Olive Grove Campground

Why You’ll Love Olive Grove Campground You can easily find a campsite at Olive Grove Campground that is under the shade of mature trees. It will have a table plus a fire ring. You won’t have to walk very far to get to the volleyball and basketball courts; you can let your dog run around in the fenced, off-leash dog park while you enjoy your surroundings.

What People Are Saying About Olive Grove Campground

“…The whole campground is one sprawling olive grove, with some spots in the sun and some dappled in the shadow of the trees…The waterfront of the lake is nearby, down the slope, I saw some vulture birds there. It is a bit colder up the Piru canyon than down in the valley, but in March it already was a plus, and in summer this place must be a real escape from the heat. The road to the lake through the canyon is very picturesque, as well as the lake and surrounding mountains.” – Helgie, Trip Advisor Review

“Best campground place I ever visited…Super nice people and service… a wonderful place for camping.” – Amed, Google Review

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Valencia Travel Village Passport America Logo

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The ultimate choice for travelers looking for a secure and safe Santa Clarita, California campground is Valencia Travel Village. With 24/7 security, you’ll feel safe no matter what time you come back from a day of sightseeing. The resort offers an internet hotspot for those who need it and has Wi-Fi available in many locations around the park.

Why You’ll Love Valencia Travel Village

Valencia Travel Village is a pet-friendly RV park that has its own dog run. If you want to check out Magic Mountain while on your trip, you can buy discounted tickets from the camp store, which also sells propane, camping accessories, and groceries. You’ll also like how close the park is to popular attractions, such as the Los Angeles Zoo, Rold Reagan Presidential Library, Gene Autry Western Museum, and Griffith Observatory and Park.

What People Are Saying About Valencia Travel Village

“This is the second time I have been at this campground, and everyone is very nice. I will always stay there if I am in the area.” – Claudia, Facebook Review,

“Like this place so much, we added on an additiol four days. Clean park, well-maintained park with mature trees.” – Jess, Facebook Review

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Oak Flat Campground

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Located in Angeles National Forest, Oak Flat Campground is the only RV campground near Santa Clarita, California, that does not charge a fee. This is a first-come/first-serve park with just 23 spots available. Once you arrive and set up camp, you can stay for up to two weeks without paying a dime.

Why You’ll Love Oak Flat Campground

Oak Flat Campground lets you save money on camping, so you have more to spend on sightseeing and popular attractions. This campground is especially popular with outdoor enthusiasts because they can hunt, fish, hike, ride ATVs, and enjoy a number of fun sports in the colder months. Trees, beaches, wooded spaces, and panoramic views surround you in this campground.

What People Are Saying About Oak Flat Campground

“Beautiful campsites and vistas. Bring your camera. Fun fishing at Frenchmans Flat, 2½ miles away at the bottom of the hill.” – Luke, Google Review

“This is a great spot to stop north of LA if you are traveling north. Well worth the price.” – TC, Google Review

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In Summary

Oxnard is a few miles up the coast from Malibu, and its beaches are slightly less crowded. Whether you want to set up camp right beside the ocean or find an inland spot, you won’t be disappointed with your options.

The Oxnard area is also a good place to shop for a new or used RV. In fact, the entire state of California teems with dependable RV dealers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to camp in Oxnard, California?

The top 10 campgrounds we selected all show daily, weekly and monthly rates for you. Pricing will vary.

How much does it cost to RV park in Oxnard, California?

Pricing will vary. The top 10 RV Parks we selected all display daily, weekly and monthly rates for you.

How long can you stay at an RV Park in Oxnard, California?

Staying at an RV Park for a long period of time will vary on the campground & RV Park you choose. View our post for more information.

Are there pet friendly RV Parks & Campgrounds in Oxnard, California?

Yes. The majority of campgrounds we selected in this blog allow pets.