Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has remained largely undeveloped and unspoiled since the end of the era of fur trappers and pre-industrial lumberjacks. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness; there are more Upper Peninsula RV parks than there are hotels. There are also more RV rental locations than there are car dealerships. Heavy tree cover and lake effect cooling keeps the Upper Peninsula pleasant even in the hottest of summers, and harsh winters mean that insects and nuisance animals are minimal. Upper Peninsula, MI campgrounds also have more waterfront parkland than any part of the contiguous United States. Here are the 10 top campgrounds and RV parks when you’re taking a Michigan RV trip in the Upper Peninsula.

Aune-Osborn Campground

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The Aune-Osborn Campground is an excellent RV park for those who want to see all the Upper Peninsula has to offer without the need to completely go into the woods and give up on all creature comforts. Many small local and chain restaurants are available only a short walk or drive away, and the water is immediately accessible via a boat ramp or pier. Built right alongside the St. Mary’s River, the Aune-Osborn Campground is one of the best spots for those who want to boat, kayak, or fish during their trip.

Why You’ll Love Aune-Osborn Campground

Bicycle access to most of the nearby town is available. A roped swimming area and sandy beach are part of the park, but no lifeguard is present. Additiolly, free Wi-Fi is provided, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite streaming services in your RV. With easy access to the nearby town of Sault, this is a great RV park for those who want to get away without getting too far away.

What People Are Saying About Aune-Osborn Campground

“Family friendly, good restrooms, laundry.” Carol Ann, Google Reviews

Loons Point RV Park and Campground

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Loon’s Point is an excellent location for those who want to really experience what the Great Lakes has to offer. Built around a large beach and surrounded by boating facilities, it is ideal for those who want to get out on the water for any reason. All sites are near the water, and some are practically on the water, making it easy to move watercraft into the lake.

Why You’ll Love Loons Point RV Park and Campground

A large artificial sand beach is located directly adjacent to the park. Hand launches are encouraged, but human-powered craft needs to stay near to the shore as commercial traffic is nearby. Local wildlife trails and hunting trails lead to and from the park, so those who want a more terrestrial adventure will have no trouble finding plenty to enjoy. Cycling paths are also available.

What People Are Saying About Loons Point RV Park and Campground

“Beautiful, clean campground….everyone was wonderful and helpful.” Kim, Google Reviews

“Magers are wonderfully pleasant. Great location.” Paul, Google Reviews

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Munising/Picture Rocks KOA KOA Logo

Like most KOA campgrounds, the Pictured Rocks KOA is a fully developed campsite with amenities similar to what you would expect from a hotel. The site has an emphasis on and benefits for senior citizens and most of the facilities are handicap accessible. The park is a great idea for family get-togethers and reunions since persons of all ages will find plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Why You’ll Love Munising/Picture Rocks KOA

Guests have easy access to Pictured Rocks Park, home to the most beautiful and unique rock formations on Lake Superior. It is an excellent site for those who want to get out in ture while still having a great level of comfort. It is one of many Upper Peninsula RV parks in the area, but it offers superior options in addition to its location, such as a pool, mini golf and other outdoor sports. Wi-Fi is available.

What People Are Saying About Munising/Picture Rocks KOA

“Well-stocked convenience store with camping supplies” – Tollan, Google Reviews

“Nice campground in a beautiful setting.” Jenny, Google Reviews

Sunset Bay RV Resort & Campground

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Sunset Bay is a nice, quiet park for those who want to get away from everything. It has less in the way of facilities or hookups and more in the way of nature. Its name comes from the fantastic sunsets, which travel right across the lake and into the camp, making an ideal viewing spot.

Why You’ll Love Sunset Bay RV Resort & Campground

A large beach is nearby, and there are prepared areas for canoeing and swimming. Local hiking trails also begin and end at the park. The park is a full 7 miles from the nearest inhabited area, making it ideal for those who want to get away from more developed parks. The remote location also means that it is nice and quiet. Large trailers and RVs are not recommended as the sites tend to be small.

What People Are Saying About Sunset Bay RV Resort & Campground

“Very peaceful and beautiful campsites with an amazing lookout like no other.” – Trevor, Google Reviews

“Fantastic secluded campground, right on Lake Superior.” – Greg, Google Reviews

Country Village RV Park

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Country Village RV Park is among the largest of the Upper Peninsula RV Parks in the area. It is intended to be a home-away-from-home for those visiting the area for a short or long period. It has all possible hookups and amenities from showers and pools to Wi-Fi and a convenience store.

Why You’ll Love Country Village RV Park

A year-round park, the Country Village RV Park is open for summer boating or winter snowmobiling and anything in between. The park has a developed and long-standing community of friendly locals, making it a great place for people to hang out and meet new friends. Vehicle rental services are available nearby that offer boats and jet skis in summer and snowmobiles in winter. Hiking and hunting trails lead to and from the site.

What People Are Saying About Country Village RV Park

“Very cool place to stay for family and friends who want to visit the town and have a camper or RV.” – Ryan, Google Reviews

“Large sites provide you and your party ample room for get-togethers with family and friends.” Moose, Google Reviews

City of Houghton RV Park

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This is one of several Upper Peninsula RV parks owned and operated by the municipality in which it is located. It is the only RV park integrated fully into the town’s recreational district. Directly on the water and located at the terminus of the city’s bike and walking path, everything in the town of Houghton is only a few minutes from your RV.

Why You’ll Love City of Houghton RV Park

The nearby water park offers plenty for kids to enjoy as well as ensuring that showering and bathing facilities are offered during the summer months. During the rest of the year, it is best to bring an RV with a shower included. Each campsite features its own covered pier. Those who want to bring their bicycles will find that the park serves as a great place to come home to since every part of the nearby town is accessible by bike from the park.

What People Are Saying About City of Houghton RV Park

“Great RV park on the water and within walking distance to Houghton.” Michael, Google Reviews

Coyote RV Park & Campground

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The Coyote RV Park & Campground is a more traditional RV park for those who want something out in nature. The park does not have modern amenities like Wi-Fi and features limited hookup options. It is a great Upper Peninsula campground for those who just want some peace and quiet.

Why You’ll Love Coyote RV Park & Campground

The park includes several covered or indoor spaces for parties or other events. The park is family friendly, and pets are welcome. Coyote RV Park & Campground is near the town of Stephenson where amenities and supplies are available. This makes the park just far enough away to be rustic while not being too far away for you to grab more food and bug spray if needed. Fire pits are available for bonfires.

What People Are Saying About Coyote RV Park & Campground

“The owners are very nice and accommodating.” Ambrose, Google Reviews

“Great family campground.” Arin, Google Reviews

Lakeshore RV Park Campground

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The park is a great halfway point between rustic camping and a hotel. Wi-Fi, showers and a convenience store are all available, and numerous fire rings can be used for outdoor cooking and campfire conversations. The site also has astounding satellite reception for those whose RVs have satellite TV antennas.

Why You’ll Love Lakeshore RV Park Campground

Lakeshore RV Park Campground was originally built to be a temporary trailer park for workers building the nearby Mackinac bridge. It is situated on what was once a temporary fortification and trading post for trappers and game hunters in the 18th and 19th century but is now very near to the downtown area of St. Ignace Michigan. Historical plaques and a few artifacts, such as old cannons, are on display at the park. The site makes a great choice for those who enjoy cycling because riverside and in-town paths and bike-friendly streets are available. Spectacular views and regular community events are held on-site with friendly locals who invite visitors to join in on the events.

What People Are Saying About Lakeshore RV Park Campground

“Wi-Fi is the best at any campground we’ve stayed in.” Dan, Google Reviews

“Amazing views and easy to get down to the lake.” – J Go, Google Reviews

Paradise Point RV Park

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The easternmost RV park in the Upper Peninsula, Paradise Point offers a great view of the lake and the busiest freshwater shipping lane in the world, making it a great place for boat watchers to observe the traffic. Visitors can see Canada from this Upper Peninsula campsite and take a ferry to Canada nearby. The park is also near four major casinos and nine golf courses with easy road access for those who bring motorized transportation.

Why You’ll Love Paradise Point RV Park

Where else can you see the world’s largest ships float by only a few miles from your campsite? The Paradise Point RV Park is most known for its excellent view of the river. Due to its location as the easternmost RV park in the Upper Peninsula, it is only a few miles from the busiest freshwater shipping lane in the world. Boat watchers come to the park specifically to count and observe ships that move through the area nonstop day and night, only stopping during storms and in freezing conditions. Those who prefer their own watercraft can make use of the pier and launching dock although there are restrictions keeping craft relatively close to shore for reasons of safety. The park is small, but it has pull-through spaces for large RVs.

What People Are Saying About Paradise Point RV Park

“Very quiet and relaxing. Great view.” Iwona, Google Reviews.

“It’s a hidden gem!” Rosanna, Google Reviews.

Summer Breeze Campground Roverpass Logo

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Most RV parks in the Upper Peninsula are built around lake access whether immediate or nearby. The Summer Breeze Campground is one of the few with an inland focus, being built in a dense forest with enough vegetation between sites to block the noise and, in some cases, completely obscure the neighbors. This makes it a great park for those who want to enjoy nature without having to hike their way out into it.

Why You’ll Love Summer Breeze Campground

The park is ideal for those with small, active children as all the vegetation helps keep noise from spreading. The park is very family friendly, and children are encouraged to enjoy the play area and pool. The park is 4 miles from downtown Iron Mountain where shopping, amenities and restaurants are available. For minor items, a convenience store is located on site. While deep in the woods, the area has minimal wildlife, and hazardous wildlife has long since departed the area. This makes the camp safe for pets and small children.

What People Are Saying About Summer Breeze Campground

“Quiet park even with many families.” – Phill, Google Reviews

In Summary

There are many RV parks in the Upper Peninsula to choose from, including Good Sam RV parks, independent RV parks and RV parks run by the state of Michigan or the National Parks Service. Most parks are open throughout the season, which runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Some RV campgrounds in Upper Peninsula, MI will open earlier or remain open longer depending on weather and demand, but only a handful are open year-round.

Most are located in and around Marquette, the largest town in the region, and while some are dedicated long-term trailer parks intended for mobile or prefabricated homes, year-round lots are available for renters who have RVs built for the heavy snows in winter. Michigan law prohibits hunting on park premises or within 100 yards of the park, even for those located within state park hunting areas, but you can use an RV park as your home base if you wish to dive into the woods for a hunting excursion. Whether you want to go hiking or plan a relaxing fishing trip, these campgrounds in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan provide plenty of places to stay.

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Yes. The majority of campgrounds we selected in this blog allow pets.