Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada is known as the biggest little city in the world. This elevated desert town shares the same relaxed alcohol and gambling laws of Las Vegas but on a much smaller and more manageable scale. It’s the perfect place to treat yourself to a few drinks, some gambling and perhaps a spa treatment. Reno is also a gateway to extraordinary natural settings such as the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe and the sparkling night skies of Great Basin National Park.

Of course, the best way to explore the region is by renting an RV from a local provider. Read on to learn more about the top 10 campgrounds in Reno, Nevada.

River Rest Resort

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This RV Park is conveniently located just south of the I-80 highway heading out toward Lake Tahoe. It’s just far enough outside of the city to give you peace and relaxation while also allowing you easy access to all of Reno’s casinos. In addition, you can snug your RV right up against the beautiful Truckee River in Reno’s beautiful high elevation forest.

Why You’ll Love River Rest Resort

This beautiful RV park in Reno is situated right up against Idlewild Park and the Truckee River, which runs right through the heart of the city. Plenty of walking trails carve their way through towering pines alongside the babbling water. It makes for a rustic and romantic setting that seems isolated despite the park’s easy access to I-80 and downtown Reno.

What People Are Saying About River Rest Resort

“Very nice campground. We only stayed for one night. The area was well kept. Very quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The Truckee River was a short walk from the trailer. The staff was friendly and polite. I would recommend staying here for one night or an extended stay.” -Zachary, Yelp Review

“Love this place. They have fenced in areas for long-term which is great if you have kids. Plus they have private river access.” -Tiny, Google Reviews

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Sparks Marina RV Park

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The Sparks Marina RV Park looks like an idyllic suburb of mobile homes complete with well-kept turf yards, tree-lined avenues, and clean streets. Conveniently located just outside of Reno in Sparks, this RV Park is perfect for the entire family. You’ll find easy access to the city as well as nearby family attractions like the Wild Island Family Adventure Park, IMAX Theater, and the Sparks Marina.

Why You’ll Love Sparks Marina RV Park

You and your family will enjoy a friendly atmosphere while being just far enough away from the city. This RV park’s reviews all rave about the cleanliness, friendliness and proximity to shopping. Since every amenity and convenience is at your fingertips, this is one of the top long-term RV parks near Reno, Nevada.

What People Are Saying About Sparks Marina RV Park

“We pulled in last night hoping for a spot to rest up after a long day of driving. We had fantastic service. Plenty of room for our 28 footer, quiet and clean park, and every amenity was at the park or at the incredible shopping center nearby. This place is a gem, nicest RV park in the area!” -Jen, Yelp Reviews

“Very clean, and well managed facility. All the staff is extremely friendly. Great location near I 80. Excellent shopping and services all conveniently close. I recommend this place. I pull a 36′ for Cougar 5th wheel.” -Sam, Google Reviews

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Shamrock RV Park

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Tucked just off State Route 395 heading north out of Reno, this RV Park is perfect for those who prefer the suburbs. It’s a little more than a 10-minute drive to the city, so you’ll get plenty of fresh air. Nature lovers flock to this park to be close to the Sierra Safari Zoo and Peavine Peak.

Why You’ll Love Shamrock RV Park

Visitors love how easy it is to take 385 right into the heart of Reno. The drive is only 10 minutes. Others love the dog park nearby and the fact that they can walk to a casino. While the RVs are parked close together, you’ll have access to everything Reno has to offer. Shamrock is a larger park, but it’s clean with easy access.

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Victorian RV Park

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The Victorian RV Park is one of the longest-running campgrounds near Reno, Nevada, and that’s good news for you! There are plenty of mature trees for shade and bountiful lawns for relaxation. With easy access to I-80 and plenty of pull-through space, it’s easy to love the Victorian RV Park.

Why You’ll Love Victorian RV Park

This family-friendly park is just across State Route from Sparks Marina and all it has to offer. You’ll easily be able to enjoy the Wild Island Family Adventure Park and the nearby shopping mall and its IMAX Theater. As for the park itself, the spaces are large enough that you won’t have to disconnect while parking.

What People Are Saying About Victorian RV Park

“Extremely friendly staff the most helpful young ladies in the office great staff. Very nice and clean facilities. conveniently located. A little cat getting our huge rig in but it was doable nice roomy spaces lots of connections. A very clean dog park. Would definitely recommend this RV park.” -Kellie, Tripadvisor Reviews

“Best place in Sparks/Reno that I’ve checked out. Quiet and centrally located, I can get anywhere in 15 min.” -David, Google Reviews

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Sparks Mobile Home & RV Park

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Tucked off Prater Way near the intersection of I-80 and I-580, this quiet RV Park is for those seeking a small community. While it has easy access to Reno and all of its highways, this park is tucked away, and that’s just the way the residents like it. They look out for one another at this RV park near Reno.

Why You’ll Love Sparks Mobile Home & RV Park

This may be one of the quietest of all the RV campgrounds near Reno, Nevada. These fenced-in, camping sites are laid out on flat dirt under the cover of old trees. It really feels like a neighborhood, and that’s the way the residents here want to keep it.

What People Are Saying About Sparks Mobile Home & RV Park

“This is a great place to live, or stay for a little while. Great management, and staff. It’s clean, low cost. Most of the time it’s very quiet. Lots of friendly people. Everyone watches out for each other here.” -Jenny, Google Reviews

“The manager is very nice and all the resident look out for each other great place to stay.” -Daryl, Google Reviews

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Bordertown Casino and RV Park

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You’ll run into Bordertown Casino and RV Park on your way into Reno on State Route 385. This clean site is associated with the first casino you’ll see crossing the border into Nevada, and it’s a worthwhile stop. You get all the amenities of a Nevada casino while paying a low rate. All those gamblers are subsidizing your stay.

Why You’ll Love Bordertown Casino and RV Park

This is one of the RV Parks in the Reno, Nevada, area that you’ll use on your way in or out of the city. It’s a quick, convenient stop with good food, drinks and gambling. It’s definitely a place that will whet your appetite for the biggest little city in the world.

What People Are Saying About Bordertown Casino and RV Park

“A terrific enroute stop on 395 near Reno. Concrete pad pull-throughs long enough to avoid unhitching, hookups well located, clean facilities. The adjacent casino/store/restaurant opened at 6:00 with $3.99 early-bird specials so generous the leftovers made the next day’s breakfast. Snowy mountain backdrop when we woke up.” -Pat, Google Reviews

“This is a pristine park just outside of Reno. Quiet and a quick 10 minute drive. Easily accessible with a 40 foot fifth wheel RV avoiding downtown traffic and congestion. Staff was very friendly. The park and facilities were super clean and inviting.” -Chris, Tripadvisor Reviews

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Desert Rose RV Park

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This is one of those RV campgrounds near Reno, Nevada, that will pop up on your way out of the city heading into the Silver Springs area. Just off I-80, this clean park is the perfect pit stop for a family looking to explore the great outdoors. There are plenty of laundry facilities for those looking to clean up after a hike.

Why You’ll Love Desert Rose RV Park

You’ll find this RV Park in Fernley, which is about 30 miles east of Reno. It’s a pretty little town with all the amenities you need to stock up on your way into the wilderness. The campground features long, concrete pull-through sites so that you can get on with your adventure quickly.

What People Are Saying About Desert Rose RV Park

“Helpful employees. Clean bathrooms and laundry facilities. Fairly quiet. Reasonable rates. Good location.” -Matt, Google Reviews

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River’s Edge RV Park

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As the name suggests, you’ll find yourself right on the edge of the Truckee River at River’s Edge RV Park. The staff here is extremely friendly and will make you feel right at home. The river helps you feel just far enough removed from Reno to be in the great outdoors.

Why You’ll Love River’s Edge RV Park

Why You’ll Love River’s Edge RV Park River’s Edge is one of those local campsites that really prides itself on community. Everyone knows the staff at the River’s Edge as they mingle with their guests. You’ll never feel unappreciated at this pretty RV park.

What People Are Saying About River’s Edge RV Park

“Very grateful for the people here, I fell in love with this park and the woman I spoke with in the office was helpful and very sweet! Bob the maintenance showed me around and gave me a lot of information. I can not wait to move in!! My husband and I are very grateful we found this gem. Lovely family atmosphere!” -Evelyn, Google Reviews

“I have been at the Rivers Edge RV park since Aug 2016. The location is right on the gorgeous Truckee River. We went thru a change in management and I want to compliment the new/current team of Wendy, Curtis and Bob.” -Curtis, Tripadvisor Reviews

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Keystone RV Park

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Keystone is for those who want to be in the middle of the action. Sitting right off I-80 near downtown Reno, you’ll have walking access to the city and all it has to offer. Everyone knows each other at this Reno, Nevada, campground, which makes it feel welcoming and safe.

Why You’ll Love Keystone RV Park

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that is so close to the city. For just a few bucks a night, you have total access to the entertainment of Reno. It’s also a quick and easy stop off the I-80.

What People Are Saying About Keystone RV Park

“We liked it a lot! A friendly RV Park. Staff is pleasant too. Clean. Need another dumpster or two. Some more weed whackers to clear away the bushes. Other than that, it’s reasonably priced and a safe place to stay. Pet friendly as well.” -Linda, Google Reviews

“I was amazed at the cleanliness of the showers and the couple running the park couldn’t be nicer. This park has gone through a transformation that I know would be the only RV park I would recommend to family and friends.” -Becky, Yelp Reviews

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Bonanza Terrace RV Park

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This RV Park sits up on a hill overlooking the Reno valley. You’ll have to drive about 15 minutes out of town to get to this secluded park as it sits right at the edge of the wilderness. When you arrive, you can enjoy fresh air, hiking trails and access to nature with a beautiful nighttime view of Reno.

Why You’ll Love Bonanza Terrace RV Park

You’ll get plenty of fresh air at this park, but you don’t have to sacrifice convenience. Reno and its never-ending options for entertainment are just 15 minutes away. You could also turn your back on the city to explore the outdoor beauty of Northern Nevada.

What People Are Saying About Bonanza Terrace RV Park

“What a great RV park! Well maintained with laundry faculties. clean toilets and showers! Has Internet and full hookups. Great people who manage the park always helpful and friendly. Clean park and nice residents. Great for long or short term stay!” -Michelle, Yelp Reviews

“The staff there is just awesome courteous and helpful the whole way.” -Jane, Google Reviews

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In Summary

There are so many great Reno campgrounds to choose from. After all, the “biggest little city” is the gateway to North Lake Tahoe, where you can experience some of the bluest water and freshest air in America. Just three hours east sits Great Basin National Park that boasts the darkest night sky in the country. Your jaw will drop peering at all the stars. Of course, Reno is the mini-city of sin where you can gamble, drink and treat yourself to your heart’s desire. With so many possibilities, staying at a Reno campsite is a wise choice.

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