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RVing is one of those things that once you start, you can’t seem to stop. Many families like to plan out every detail of their trips months in advance. However, there is always one thing that proves super difficult to predict to the tee, no matter how much planning you do.

Figuring out exactly how many miles you’ll be traveling in total, is tricky business! Calculating the distance between you and your main destination is one thing. But, when you take any pit stops, last minute interests, and other unforeseen occurrences into account, it becomes a whole other ball game.

Doubling the number of miles you intended to put on your RV isn’t rare. Which, depending on the type of rental, could end up costing you lots more. That’s exactly why you need an RV rental with unlimited miles.

Where To Find an RV with Unlimited Miles

How and where can you find a stylish, high-quality unlimited mileage RV rental? Enter RVshare. We’re the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental Free Mileage marketplace, and we’re proud to say that we’re just the place you’re looking for. Rent from thousands of different models, in hundreds of different locations. Keep in mind, however, that only select RV owners offer unlimited mileage. 

Rent anything from a little pop-up camper to a massive A Class bus. From the small to the large, the rate you’re paying covers you for your entire trip! That kind of value makes your travels a lot more fun because you’re not limited to the x amount of miles you anticipated.

If something happens to catch your family’s eye, on the way to or from your main destination, you’ll know that you don’t have to pass it over because you might “go over your allotted mileage.” What’s more, the feature also provides peace of mind. If anything should happen (like having to turn back and get something you’ve forgotten or perhaps needing to change RV parks for whatever reason), you know the extra miles put on the rental unit won’t hurt you.

Although the fact that we offer cheap RV rentals with unlimited miles is an amazing benefit that you won’t always find anywhere else, those aren’t the only precautionary features that come with our packages. By renting from RVshare, you’re also renting a unit that comes with 24/7 roadside assistance. Couple that with the miles, and you’re safe no matter what unexpected event may happen on the road!

Booking an RV with Unlimited Miles Allowed

  1. To begin, from the page you’re on, all you need to do is go down to the search bar and enter in the location you want to rent from. That could be right in your very neighborhood, or to save money, you could rent a little closer to your destination.
  2. Next, simply enter your expected dates. If you’ve got specific days in mind, that’s great, as it’ll provide the most accurate results of what’s available. But, if you can be flexible with your dates, you’ll have a lot more options to choose from and you may even find yourself saving a little bit of money.
  3. Search through dozens of great RVs to rent directly from the owners. This is where people have the most fun. You’ll see everything from the most retro motorhomes to the newest and most luxurious models.
  4. When you see one you like, just click “request to book” and that’s it!

Of course, making sure you get unlimited mileage on your RV rental isn’t the only thing you must be looking for. Chances are, like everyone else, you’ve got a unique family, with a unique taste. And most likely, the number of travelers you’ll have with you is set in stone.

There’s a very easy way to find the exact match you’re looking for as quickly as possible. On the results page, on the left-hand side, you’ll notice a menu with different filtering options:

  • First of all, there’s an option to select the price range you’re looking for. One of the greatest things about RVshare is that we like to have the best deals in the industry. Finding a top notch rental for a comparatively low rate shouldn’t be difficult.
  • You’ll also see the option to select exactly which class of RV you want. For one or two travelers, something as simple as a truck camper or folding trailer may do. But, for those traveling with three, four, or maybe more, you also have the option to go for something like an A or C class motorhome.

If you really want to get specific, you can even filter the results by the length and year of the model.

If you’re a little confused with anything, you can always reach out to the owners themselves and ask any question you want. On top of that, when booking with us, you get a 24-hour travel concierge included, to help you with any other details you can think of. All of this, while saving up to 43% on rentals!

Concluding Thoughts

Renting an RV should be something seamless and fun, not something that causes stress. With RVshare, you get rid of all the typical stress triggers of renting a vehicle and you replace it with fun, excitement, and peace of mind.

Choose an RV Rental at RVshare and travel for days, weeks, or even months at a time with unlimited miles!