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If you want to see America at your own pace, enjoying unique landscapes you’d miss from the airplane window, consider RVing America. Whether you rent an RV through RVshare or purchase an RV for your journey, you won’t regret your decision. It's a cost-effective way to travel and enjoy your vacation.

When on holiday in an RV, you can move at your own pace and get to know the people and places you’re visiting.

Discover America in a RV: Save Money and Have Fun

If you want to go on holiday in America, you can expect to spend a pretty penny if you fly, stay in hotels, and eat at restaurants. If you’re budget-minded and want to enjoy your holidays while not breaking the bank, RVing is the way to go.

In most touristy areas of America, hotels can easily cost over $100 a day, and they’re often much more expensive in larger cities. At a hotel, you also won't get to meet as many travelers and like-minded people, which is a huge part of the experience.

Eating healthy in the United States is not easy. While there are a lot of great foods to sample, a diet of fast food and roadside diner food is not good for your wallet or your waist. With an American RV rental, you can prepare fresh, healthy meals at your leisure! Some RVs have full kitchens that are nicer than some apartments, and even with basic RVs, you can prepare simple meals.

There is a strong sense of community among RV enthusiasts. Whether you stay in a campground near the beach, at a national park, or in a city, you can mingle with other friendly RVers. If you want to save money, travel slowly, and see off-the-beaten-path attractions in the United States, an RV is the best way to do it, hands down.

RV Rentals America

If you are looking to RV America, it's not always practical to buy one. Most people who travel to America and go RVing tend to look for RV America rentals. Whether you want to tour the California coast, the national and state parks of the Pacific Northwest or cities and coastal towns in the Northeast, you’ll have no trouble finding an RV rental. It's very convenient to fly into a town or city, pick up the keys, hit the road, and tour America in a RV.

While RVs are much larger than cars, trucks, and SUVs, you normally don't need a special license to drive one, but you should do your research, as each state has different rules and regulations. Whether you’re driving an RV or regular passenger car out of your home country, it's wise to invest in an international driver’s license.

RV America Rental Rates

Costs vary widely depending on the model of the RV, the age of the RV, and the number of miles you want to drive. You should really think about what you want and need, as there are basic RVs and RVs with plenty of comforts and room to roam. If you shop around and are a little flexible, you can easily rent a RV in America for $100 a night, or less, especially if you rent the long-term.

If you’re taking your entire family and want high-end luxury while RVing in Southern California, for example, you can rent a 2013 Coachmen Mirada from $240 a night. This motorhome sleeps six and has all the amenities needed for an amazing family holiday, including a full kitchen, flat screen TV with a DVD player, and iPod docking station. Check out the pictures, and you’re sure to be impressed.

Travelers who want to check out Disney World and Orlando, along with the beaches of Florida, will do well with this 31 foot 2004 Coachmen Leprechaun. With a full kitchen, TV, and an air conditioner, (crucial in Florida), you and six other people can travel in comfort. Included in the $130 a night rental fee is unlimited generator usage, as well as insurance.

Colorado is home to many state parks and plenty of beautiful mountains, valleys, and trails. If you want to enjoy the outdoors and everything the state has to offer, you should check out this 2015 Jayco Greyhawk. Included in the nightly $175 rental fee is 100 miles and one hour of generator usage per night. This 32 foot RV sleeps eight, and it's perfect for traversing up and down the mountain ranges of Colorado.

Where To Sleep in Your RV

There's no end to where you can stay the night in your RV. If you’re driving and want to rest for a bit, there are plenty of rest stops where you can take a power nap. If you want to stay overnight and are near a Wal-Mart, you can stay in its lots for free, though you must verify with the store manager, as not all locations allow RVers to park overnight.

There are plenty of RV parks that cater to every need and budget. Some are basic, while others provide full hookups, cable TV, and every imaginable comfort. Generally, at private RV parks, you will find more modern conveniences, and government-run sites will be more basic, though often in some amazing locations, with unbeatable views.

You don't have to drive around in the middle of a night looking for a campground, and you can easily plan your entire route with campgrounds in mind. There is a handy website that will help you find locations, or you can download the Camp and RV Campgrounds Plus app for Android. If you have an iPhone, you can download the Camp & RV app for the iPhone.

RVing Destinations in America

When on holiday in America, you can see beaches, mountains, theme parks, and so much more. There are plenty of RV-friendly destinations, and you can find great weather year-round in America.

If your dream is to drive down the famous west coast, stop along the beach, and enjoy the waves and sand, California is the perfect RV destination. Between San Francisco and Los Angeles, there is roughly 600 kilometers of empty beaches, quirky surf towns, and plenty of spaces to park and relax for as long as you want.

With nearly endless summers, friendly people and great beaches, the California coast is what RVing is all about. Towns such as San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Pismo Beach are perfect for the RVing lifestyle, and you would do well to start by renting an RV in Los Angeles and making your way up the coast.

America has plenty of gems in its national park system. One of the most well-known and beloved national parks is Yellowstone. With nearly four million visitors annually, you might think it's too crowded to enjoy, but it's so large that you can find your own little piece of nature with a little effort. In the northwest corner of Wyoming, Yellowstone has it all, including lakes, rivers, mountains, and plenty of flora and fauna. There are 12 campgrounds to choose from, and you can rent an RV in Jackson Hole and make the one to two-hour drive up to Yellowstone, stopping over at the equally incredible Grand Teton National Park on the way!

If you’re looking to visit the Northeast and explore cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, you’re in luck. While you probably won't want to drive your rig into the downtown areas of these major cities, you can easily find campgrounds and RV parks on the outskirts. This is a great way to enjoy East Coast cities, as you won't have to shell out a lot of money to rent a hotel room. This journey is best started by renting an RV in somewhere like Annapolis, Maryland, which is much less congested than D.C. Use the easily accessible public transit to move in and out of the city without the need to park your rig or a tow car!


Not only can you save money by getting an RV in America, but you can have a more authentic, carefree, and spontaneous vacation. With 59 national parks, over 6,000 state parks, plenty of campgrounds and world-class attractions, America is a great place to go RVing.