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Camping RV Rental Information

Camping is a favorite form of vacationing for families all over the country. Sleeping under the stars, exploring the natural beauty of a state park, roasting hot dogs and making s'mores, swapping stories over the campfire and bonding with family - there's nothing quite like a camping trip.

However, more and more people are turning away from old fashioned camping in a tent, and instead, are opting for something a little more luxurious. How are they doing this? By camping in an RV! In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of camping in a recreational vehicle, and also explore how to find an RV for your trip

Camping With RV Rentals

Motorhomes give you all the benefits of camping, without losing any of the comforts of home. Imagine hiking during the day, eating dinner by the warmth of a campfire, and still getting to spend the night in a comfortable bed, leaving you well rested and refreshed in the morning ready to have another adventure in the great outdoors. Camping in an RV can give you that and more!

There's an RV for every person and every type of trip. Whether you want a more primitive camping experience, or would prefer to have all the modern amenities you're used to having at home, there's a camper for you!

If the latter sounds better to you, a class A motorhome would be exactly what you're looking for. These luxurious units include everything you could want and more fully working bathrooms, kitchens equipped with a sink, stove, refrigerator, and stove, roomy living and dining areas, and even a master bedroom!

If you're looking for a more authentic form of camping, a pop-up trailer would be the perfect match for your camping trip. These small, lightweight units are ideal for a comfortable space to relax in at night, while still allowing you to stay connected to the world outside.

RV Rental at Campsite

What's the best way to find an RV for your camping trip? The RV business has been booming in recent years, so there are quite a few routes you could take. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Some people may choose to purchase an RV, but most simply can't afford it. Motorhome ownership comes with monthly payments, maintenance and repair costs, and the added stress and expense of finding somewhere to store such a large vehicle. That's why many people choose to go camping in RV rentals.

Renting an RV allows you to enjoy the perks of ownership, without dealing with any of the disadvantages. Instead of making monthly payments for a unit you may only use a couple times a year, camper trailer rentals allow you to pay for the RV only for the duration of your trip.

Now you might be wondering, “Where can I find RV campers for rent near me?” Well, you might be able to find campsites that rent RVs. These might seem like a convenient choice, but they typically don't have a lot of rental options and can limit your freedom. Along with that, they may have hidden fees and long contracts.

The best option when searching for a camper rental is to check online. RVshare is the world's largest peer-to-peer online RV rental marketplace. This means that all over the country, there are thousands of campers for rent listed directly by owner.

Along with the numerous listings available, we also provide free 24/7 roadside assistance, just in case something were to go wrong on your trip. In addition, we have secure payments that are backed by a $10,000 peace of mind guarantee, as well as a rewards program that gives you 5% cash back towards your next rental.

How exactly does renting through RVshare work? It's simple! In only a few easy steps, you'll be able to browse through camping RV rental listings and reviews until you find your perfect match.

  • Start your search by entering your location. Whether you want to find a rental near your home, or near the campsite you plan on staying at, just enter the location of your choice into the search bar. You'll be provided with all the listings in that area.

  • Filter your results. To narrow down the choices, simply enter your price range, the number of travelers, choice of RV class, and length of your trip. This will help streamline the process of finding a motorhome by narrowing down the results to only units that meet your criteria.

  • Book the rental of your choice. Once you've decided on an RV, all you have to do is send the owner a quick email with a request to book their listing. Once they've approved your request, you'll meet them to pick up the keys and get a short tutorial.

  • That's all there is to it! After those simple steps, you'll be ready to start your casual, relaxing camping trip; just head to your campsite with your brand new RV rental!

Camping RV Rental Rates

So how much does renting an RV cost? That depends on a few factors, such as when you'll be traveling, what area you're renting from, and most importantly, the type of RV you choose. On average, these are the prices for the different RV classes.

  • Class A $175 to $275

  • Class B $100 to $200

  • Class C $150 to $200

  • Travel Trailer $50 to $125

  • Fifth Wheel $60 to $150

  • Pop Up Trailer $50 to $100

Remember though, that these are just the average prices. You can always find RV rentals for less, or more, depending on other variables. No matter what, there's the perfect RV out there just waiting to take you on the trip of your dreams.

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Camping trips are the best way to get closer to nature while spending quality time with your family and friends. And what better way to experience the joys of camping than from the comfort of a recreational vehicle?

RVshare is here to help you find the best RV rental deals in no time at all so that you can hit the road and set up your campsite to start your vacation without any stress or wasted time. You can be roasting marshmallows, swapping campfire stories, and sleeping under the stars in no time!