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Juniper Basin

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Nestled along the Tanque Verde Ridge, this campground is accessible via a challenging day hike spanning 6.9 miles with an elevation gain of 3000 feet. The journey is a visual delight, offering breathtaking views throughout as the landscape transitions swiftly from arid desert scrub to the more verdant realms of oak savanna and pine/juniper woodlands. However, the availability of water is notably seasonal, with the likelihood of dry conditions during the spring and fall. For those fortunate enough to encounter water, sources can be discovered west of site 1 by following a footpath to pools of water, and north of sites 2 and 3.

Why You’ll Love Juniper Basin

Amidst this rugged terrain, visitors are granted the privilege of enjoying fires, but only from responsibly collecting dead and downed wood. The limited access to this campground and its commitment to sustainable practices contribute to the preservation of this pristine natural setting, making it a destination worth the effort for those seeking a harmonious blend of challenging hiking and captivating ecological diversity.

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