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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for 1 in every 10 acres of land in the U.S.

All over the western United States, camping enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors regularly participate in BLM camping. BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management, a federal government agency in charge of federal land management. A diverse selection of the most inviting and scenic camping areas in the country are found at sites under the BLM's jurisdiction. Adventurous campers flock to these sites regularly to enjoy the affordable, well-maintained campgrounds and the wonderful variety of recreational activities and attractions found within or near their boundaries.

Although the Red Hill Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) in western Colorado doesn't feature a campground, it remains a popular destination for travelers, residents of the nearby towns, and all sorts of people who enjoy being active in the fresh air. The breathtaking site is located near the Rocky Mountains, just west of White River National Forest and 10 miles south of Glenwood Springs, CO. While you'll need to stray from the actual site to locate any "BLM camping near me," Red Hill SRMA does offer wonderful opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and climbing.

What to See and Do

What to See and Do

Hiking and BikingHiking and Biking

Lorax Trail Short Loop

The Lorax Trail Short Loop, located near Carbondale, CO, is a lush, forested trail that offers visitors quite a bit of quiet solitude. Excellent for both hiking and mountain biking, the trail features stunning views of the surrounding area, colorful wildflowers, and great opportunities to observe some of the local wildlife species. Feel free to bring your dogs along, but make sure to keep them leashed.

Length: 3 miles

Intensity: Moderate

Perham Creek Trail

The Perham Creek Trail lies within the White River National Forest. The out-and-back trail is popular with hikers and mountain bikers, but it's long enough that you'll only see other people sporadically. You can visit the beautiful trail at any time of year, but most visitors report that the ideal time lies between May and October. While navigating the trail, you'll walk through lush greenery and enjoy the pleasant sound of rushing water from the nearby river. The trail has quite a bit of elevation gain, so be sure to pace yourself and bring plenty of water.

Length: 8.8 miles

Intensity: Moderate

Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock is a unique and scenic out-and-back trail located right within the Red Hill SRMA. The trail features the same recognizable red-rock landscape as much of the area and offers stunning views of nearby Mt. Sopris. Mushroom Rock is a popular route for hikers, trail runners, and rock climbers, so you'll most likely be sharing the area with other visitors and adventure seekers. You'll probably have the best experience if you visit Mushroom Rock any time between April and November.

Length: 2 miles

Intensity: Moderate

Fishing and BoatingFishing and Boating

The clear water of Roaring Fork River flows only a few minutes west of the Red Hill SRMA, and you'll find it to be more than suitable for several forms of water-based recreation. If you're looking to cast out your fishing line, the river will offer a great chance to catch a few large rainbow and brown trout, averaging between 12 and 18 inches in length. The river, which features a strong current in some sections, also offers visitors fantastic opportunities for kayaking and floating.


With the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains so close by, the Red Hill BLM site has no shortage of nearby climbing opportunities. For one, many of the trails around the Red Hill SRMA, including the aforementioned Mushroom Rock, are popular rock climbing destinations of varying difficulties. There are also numerous mountains in the area that skilled, adventurous climbers can attempt to summit. A few of the nearby peaks are Sunlight Peak, Huntsman Ridge, Basalt Mountain, Flagpole Mountain, Sloane Peak, and many more.

Wildlife ViewingWildlife Viewing

The mountains of Colorado feature a unique ecosystem and a fantastic variety of native species for animal enthusiasts to observe. Around the forests and meadows, spotting elk is a common occurrence for visitors. Bighorn sheep are seen roaming near the Sheep Lakes regularly during spring and summer, and mule deer can be spotted just about anywhere in the region. Among the rockier sections of the area, you may get to observe marmots or pikas. If you monitor the sky and stay diligent, you may also catch a golden eagle or prairie falcon flying overhead.


You may find scattered picnic tables at the Red Hill SRMA. However, because the area is primarily used for hiking and mountain biking, they may be few and far between. Most likely, you'll find that the most pleasant option for a picnic is to stroll down to the shores of the Crystal or Roaring Fork River. Along the riverbank, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a perfect spot to set up your picnic lunch.


Bureau of Land Management Camping

RV Camping Caravan Icon

While RV camping is absolutely possible near the Red Hill SRMA, no Bureau of Land Management campgrounds are present in the area. Fortunately, though, with the towns of Carbondale and Glenwood Springs so close by, visitors will find RV parks and campgrounds in abundance. If you're visiting between May and October 1st, you can rent an RV campsite with full hookups at the Gateway RV Park. To the north of Red Hill, The Hideout at Glenwood Springs also offers RV campsites.

Free Camping Campground Icon

For travelers who have a passion for roughing it in the wild, dispersed camping is always an excellent option. In terms of Bureau of Land Management free camping in the area, it's challenging but doable. You'll need to choose your camping location wisely as the region is rocky and mountainous. However, much of it is also forested, meaning that there are quite a few private wooded areas where you'll enjoy pure serenity.

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Planning Your Trip

Credit: Vanna Mae, @vannamaeart

Planning your Red Hill BLM trip

Before you depart on your way to the Red Hill BLM site, ensure that you've checked the weather forecast for the area. As you'd expect, the mountainous sections of Colorado tend to get heavy snowfall during winter. Parking is very limited at the Red Hill SRMA and may be unavailable, so try to arrive with a backup plan. However, that backup plan shouldn't be the nearby county road as parking along it is not permitted. If you plan on mountain biking at the site, remember to bring your own gear and safety equipment with you as well as first-aid supplies in case of an injury. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about BLM camping.

Leave No Trace Leaf

Do you want to help preserve the Red Hill area? If you do, all it takes is being conscious of the impact that you're having during your visit. If you're producing trash, take it with you or dispose of it through the proper avenue. If you find something cool or interesting on one of the trails, you can take a picture with your phone, but leave it as you found it. Observe wildlife from a distance. Finally, treat your fellow visitors with the same respect that you'd like to receive.

Leave No Trace

Red Hill Location

To reach the Red Hill SRMA from Glenwood Springs, merge onto CO-82 southbound and follow it for about 10.2 miles until you reach the intersection of CO-82 and CO-133. At the intersection, turn left (north) onto Red Hill Road/ County Road 107 and follow it until you reach a parking lot. To reach the Red Hill Trailhead, continue north on County Road 107 out of the parking lot for about 0.4 miles.

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