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Is it possible to Rent a Truly Affordable RV?

Hoping to rent an RV for cheap? You’re not alone; A lot of campers skimp out on luxury and go with something cheaper. This is a great way to get the most bang for your buck and spend time focused on nature and family rather than luxuries like big TVs or bathrooms.

That said, you can definitely find an inexpensive RV rental that still sports TVs and decent-sized bathrooms if you look hard enough! Just because you’re not paying a premium, doesn't mean you’re going to end up with a big rust bucket. RV owners on RVshare use their RVs themselves a few times a year, but don’t want them to sit in storage gathering dust when they’re not being used. So, they take great care of them and many owners take pride in how well-maintained their RVs are.

Finding and renting a cheap RV is nothing to be ashamed of. If you need a break from the world and want to go on a cheap weekend trip, you’ve come to the right place. RVshare offers tons of great RVs that are available to you 24/7. It’s time to do some research and find an affordable RV rental that you deserve.

Looking For A Cheap RV Rental With Unlimited Miles

Even though you’re only looking to rent RVs for cheap, you still have to be worried about the mileage! Some RV owners have customers pay based off of how many miles they drive. With RVshare, you’re able to not only rent a cheap RV, but also find RVs with inexpensive costs per mile traveled, or even unlimited free miles!

Don’t let the cost-per-mile scare you away, though. You can always find a cheap motorhome rental close to your travel destination to save on gas and mileage costs. With RVshare, you can find RVs in any area of the country with ease!

How To Find The Cheapest RV Rentals Near Me

Finding the cheapest RV rentals near you is super easy with RVshare. You can search based on area, including state, city, or zip code. You can also search for an RV near where you plan on staying rather than driving it there, which will give you more options to choose from.

Additionally, RVshare lets you limit your searches based on price, RV type, the number of travelers you’re bringing along, the year of the RV and even the length! It’s easy to get the exact RV you’re searching for at the right price.

There’s also another factor to consider when looking for a cheap RV: Roadside Assistance. At RVshare, we offer 24/7 roadside assistance for your entire trip. You can also rest assured as we have secured payment options and your payments are backed by a $10,000 guarantee! Finally, we offer a 5% cash-back rewards program you can use to book your next trip. How’s that for value?

Who Has The Most Affordable RV Rentals?

RVshare, of course! With RV rentals that start at just $9.47 a day, you’re bound to find the cheapest and best RV with us. The owners of the RVs we showcase take great care of their RVs and make it their personal goal to make sure that you have an outstanding experience dealing with them and their RVs. You’re able to create bonds with the owners that could last a lifetime, and continuously rent your dream RV from them!

Still on the fence about RVshare? See what these customers had to say about the affordable RVs on our site:

“Clean, comfy, camper. Great communication with owner. Polite and responds quickly.” - Alfia

“The RV was exactly what we needed at a good price. Jasmine was very accommodating with [pick up] and return. My only issue would be that it said it sleeps 7, but I would say it sleeps 5.” - Mackenzie

“Everything was as advertised. Went above to help out with any questions at most hours. Would recommend to any potential customer.” - Brian

Whichever RV you decide to rent, we’re confident that your expectations will be met. If you’re looking for the cheapest RV rental, go with RVshare.