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"The Thumb" of Michigan


“The Thumb” of Michigan is one of the region’s most popular and visited tourist attractions, making it an obvious choice for an RV adventure. The state of Michigan is in the shape of a mitten and this area happens to be the thumb of that mitten, hence the name. The Thumb is a region of Michigan that is packed with incredible attractions such as shopping, dining, museums and galleries, and historical landmarks. In fact, the history gave it a hybrid culture with Europeans being the first to settle here due to its vast amount of fertile land for farming and easily access to fresh water sources. Today the area remains one of the Midwest’s most beautiful, attracting visitors from far reaches of the planet.
A visit in an RV rental to The Thumb MI is an adventure that you will never regret taking! Keep reading and see why!

Popular Tourist Attractions


The Huron City Museums

This museum complex is located approximately halfway between Port Austin and Port Hope, at the tip of “The Thumb.” The majority of the 11 buildings that make up the museums were built after the great fire of 1881 that wiped out Huron City. Today, they serve as a reminder and memorial to these historic events. The museums are open from July through August, every Fridays and Saturdays, offering two tours to its visitors. The Huron City Museums are a must see if you are in this area in an RV rental The Thumb MI!

The Huron County Nature Center & Wilderness Arboretum

The Huron County Nature Center & Wilderness Arboretum was opened in 1990, and has been a favorite tourist attraction ever since. Its aims to spread preservation awareness through education, and also shows the public that preservation can be fun and exciting as well. The Nature Center’s geography is something to truly behold as well. Alternating sand ridges and shallow shale are breathtakingly beautiful, making it a wonder world for nature enthusiasts and photographers. DO NOT forget your camera if you are coming here for a visit!

Sanilac Petroglyphs State Park

The only American Indian rock art is found at Sanilac Petroglyphs State Park, making it sacred and a cherished land in the state. The site is open Wednesday through Sunday in the summer. The one-mile trail is open for hiking year-round as well. Guides and interpretive programs are also available during the days when the park is open. This is a very special place located in The Thumb, as it preserves the remnants of a past culture, and making sure their art is never forgotten or destroyed.

Campgrounds for an RV Rental in The Thumb, Michigan

Lake Huron Campground

Lake Huron Campground is one of the most popular and frequently visited campgrounds in the entire Thumb area, definitely making it an option for you to check out in your RV rental. The campground consists of modern facilities and access to the area’s water, and all the activities that come with it. Some of the campgrounds amenities include a private beach, a heated pool, cable TV and wifi, nature trails, full hook-ups, a 20 acre private lake, and so much more. Lake Huron Campground is definitely a top class RV Park.

Washakie Golf & RV Resort

Washakie Golf and RV Resort is approximately an hour away from Port Huron. Washakie is the perfect stop for any RVer looking for a quality RV resort, and those who loves golf. You can kill two birds with one stone! But even if you’re not a golfer, Washakie is still a fantastic place to park your rig. Some of the resorts amenities include 100 modern campsites, cable TV, modern restrooms, a 15 acre private lake, a private beach, fishing, laundry, a nature trail, dump stations, a playground, and so much more!

L & S Camping & Storage

Located in Port Austin, L & S Camping is one of the smaller campgrounds in the Thumb, but a favorite of RVers. The campground is situated along the shores of beautiful Grindstone City and close to several attractions in the area. You will have easy access to dining, shopping, recreation, and more. Though the park does not have as many amenities as compared to others, it provides you the opportunity to explore the amazing surrounding areas!




Music festivals are some of the most popular festivals in The Thumb of Michigan. Thumbfest is where both locals and tourists, who want to listen to live fantastic music. Come and enjoy the amazing music, delicious food and drink, and overall good vibes of this favorite festival!

The Blue Water Boat Show

The Blue Water Boat Show is for both locals and tourists who love the water and a great show. Come watch boat races, take part in instructional workshops, check out antique and classic boats included in the show, enjoy live entertainment, and eat delicious food, while soaking up some sun on a beautiful day in the Thumb of Michigan!
The Thumb of Michigan is a peninsula that isn’t quite like any other on the planet. The combination of modern day celebrations and culture, its historical significance and landmarks, make it one of the most unique areas you will ever have the pleasure of visiting!
Safe travels from everyone here at RVshare!